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  1. Oof, ignore me, I don't know what I'm talking about. (to be fair, this is the first season ever where the international signing period has been relevant to me)
  2. There are way too many posts on this subject and I'm not gonna read them all so I don't know how original this comment is, but I'm glad we won't be getting VVM. Theoretically at least, assuming we'll ever hire someone who'll spend all this money. No one seems to think VVM is a game changer, he's just close to ML ready. I've seen him projected as "Jon Jay-like". Definitely a good player to have on a contender but we're not gonna be a contender for most of the time we'd have him. I'd much rather we spend that money on contracts for every high ceiling 16 year old we can. And then spend more money revamping our development system so they actually have a chance to hit those ceilings.
  3. MLB is much less popular than it was in 1980 and it needs to compete with NFL and NBA. You don't draw in fans if barely any of the teams have a shot at the playoffs. There needs to be a balance between the postseason race meaning something and fans feeling like their team has a shot, and MLB is in the sweet spot right now IMO. I'll be bummed when it expands and we end up with 8 divisions though.
  4. One of these players will be picked up by a new team and molded into an All-Star by a beefed up analytics department and I'll be jealous.
  5. No one? Figured there has to be someone who likes to sit around there. I called the box office about it and the guy told me the overhang is too high to really shade you. Maybe he was just trying to upsell me more expensive seats. I've seen plenty of people claim they keep you shaded. Did answer my 2nd question though (there's one $5 fee, as opposed to paying the fee for each ticket like on the website).
  6. Had 2 quick questions I was hoping someone could help me with. Currently shopping for Father's Day tickets for my family and the #2 concern is the sun (#1 is money). I don't want everyone roasting all day if it's going to be sunny out. I'd go for the seats beneath club level but they're either too expensive for 5 people or too far back, so I was thinking upper reserve behind home plate, somewhere in 330-342. 1. Which rows does the overhang shade in a day game? I've seen some people say row 10 and back should be fine, is that a good cutoff? I'd like to get as close as possible while still being shaded for most of the game at least. 2. Do you still have to pay their "convenience" fees if you buy tickets over the phone? I know you don't if you go to the box office in person, but lugging myself up there from Silver Spring might not be worth it. Thanks y'all
  7. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/international-reviews-baltimore-orioles-2018/ You don't even have to look at Albies, Acuna, Vlad Jr, etc. Look at Miguel Cabrera. Adrian Beltre. Pudge Rodriguez. Vlad SENIOR. It's not like international signings are a new trend. These are HOFers. If Angelos doesn't care then he doesn't really care if the Orioles win or lose.
  8. Yeah, this is the real story. Even my pessimism is optimism in disguise. In reality, this team is probably boned for a decade or more. Back to the dark ages.
  9. He'd be a great player for anyone to have. But his major league clock's already started and you can't rely on an extension. Best case scenario he takes the mantle from Manny as the organization's one big bright spot as we flounder in 4th and 5th place and then trade him with 2 months to go in his contract. The team needs a youth movement, not one slightly younger star player.
  10. I'm sorry but this is sounding exactly like a carbon copy of the way we used to talk in the 00s. Every fanbase overrates its own players but O's fans can really make an art of it. "Roberts/Mora/Tejada is a solid core... DCab's gonna take that next step any day now... Brandon Erbe had a good start in Frederick last month..." Schoop and Mancini are good, young players but they're not the guys you build a team around. Sisco and Hays and Harvey are promising but every team has prospects like them and then some. The good teams are also capable of developing major league pitchers and spending more than pocket change on international signings. At this point it isn't a question of the firesale/tanking strategy that's been all the rage. That's not just a clever strategy; the only way this team is going to compete with the Yankees/Red Sox/eventually Jays juggernauts before 2025 is by getting the farm system where the Cubs/Astros had theirs 5 years ago, where the Braves had theirs last year and where the WS have it now. Sorry for derailing a rumors thread, I haven't vented about this sorry team in a long time.
  11. The potential trade partners matter a lot less than the kinds of players Duq and/or Angelos and/or Brady etc are targeting. They need to be targeting young guys who can contribute in a few years. 18-20 year olds, preferably. None of the teams mentioned are awash in that kind of talent, especially the Cards. Alex Reyes is not going to lead us to the next Orioles pennant. He'll be entering free agency the next time this team could possibly be back in the postseason race. Trading Manny for major league ready talent is a lateral move. This team is 1998-2011 level garbage without Manny. A couple good players might get us back to the current, sorry level. This team needs to be blown up for the youngest talent possible. But we all know Angelos thinks we're perennially on the doorstep of success. So back to the dark ages.
  12. I haven't posted in a while and I don't plan on starting up again, I just wanted to chime in to say this is one of the more ridiculous thread concepts I've ever seen.
  13. Picking up two bases on singles, three bases on doubles. Stretching singles into doubles. Getting to first fast enough to prevent double plays. The Orioles are in fact so good at these things that both B-R and Fangraphs considers them an above average running team. Just because the O's don't have a few players who've deluded themselves and their managers into thinking they're Olympic sprinters (they mention triples but what about outs made stretching a double that couldn't be stretched? they mention bags but what about times getting caught?) that doesn't mean they're "the slowest team in 50 years". They have a few real slow guys and a bunch of average guys who run hard and don't try to get fancy. Nothing noteworthy about it. Funny thing is we now have all this StatCast data that literally quantifies how fast players run and WSJ completely ignores it. But those numbers are probably too boring to get a sensationalist clickbait title so why would they. Who reads WSJ for baseball analysis anyway?
  14. The Orioles made him an offer with the intention of getting a draft pick and hurting his FA value. No player is under any obligation to accept or reject the offer. You can't offer someone a deal and then hold it against them for accepting it, especially when rejecting it carries consequences. Anyone who holds this against him needs to get off the computer, go outside, take a walk and rethink their priorities in life. Yikes. Don't offer someone a deal if you can't comprehend them accepting it. I'm glad he wants to play for my team.
  15. PNC is one of the worst parks for hitters, especially homers.
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