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  1. I much prefer this to 1998 -2011 C Severino/Caleb 1B Mancini 2B Hanser SS Hechevaria 3B Ruiz/Nunez LF Mountcastle CF Hays RF Santandar DH Nunez/Davis Team looks more interesting than last years.
  2. Love to see them sign Holt he can play every where.
  3. Playoff contenders every year Elias is here after the "rebuild" is done.
  4. C Severino/Sisco 1B Mancini/Davis 2B Alberto/Wilkerson SS Hechevaria/Martin 3B Ruiz/Nunez/Wilkerson LF Mountcastle/Stewart CF Hays/Wilkerson RF Santantar/Maancini DH Nunez/Mountcastle/Davis
  5. I did see Killroy's 500 K but it was in a prior life. In this life I saw my first game in 1955. Willy Miranda was at SS, Gus Triandos was at 1B, Hal Smith was catching, Dave Philly was in LF, Brooks was at 3B, and RF Hoot Evers hit a HR.
  6. Just need to hire Sweat and Tears and we're on our way. Reminds me of the beginnings of the Oriole Way.....back in the day.
  7. I like the MFY just fine.... as long as they lose.
  8. I think Diaz needs to hit in Norfolk first.
  9. Two suggestions: the Mounty or the rook.
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