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  1. I watch till it looks like they are going to lose, then switch to gameday, and check in occasionally.
  2. According to UZR he's actually played a better SS than 2B this year.
  3. Who else makes this plat=y? I miss him he was fun to watch. https://www.mlb.com/video/machado-s-awesome-diving-play
  4. Checking the schedule and my original March 25 prediction I'm revising to 56.
  5. Just for S's & G's what do you think their final win total will be? I say 52.
  6. If not calling up Mountcastle is all it takes then fine. But deliberately trying to lose will have it's costs.
  7. Are the odds so great as to be worth tanking the month?
  8. What's the difference between the # 1 and #3 picks? Worth demoralizing the players?
  9. Great: article: “If they had given me just three of these baseballs back in January,” Dr. Meredith Wills is saying, “I could have told them in five minutes that home runs would go up and that pitchers would have problems. It’s that obvious.” “Well, first off you have to understand something,” Dr. Wills is saying. “Until the home run committee last year, there was no such thing as aerodynamic testing for baseballs. Now you tell me: How in the heck are you going to make a baseball with no aerodynamic testing?”https://joeposnanski.substack.com/p/juiced-baseballs-a-history
  10. Those Bowie SP look very promising And Means, Bundy, and Wojo look like decent MOR SP's. need more solid RP's plus the SS and CF.
  11. Add a good fielding SS and CF who can hit 750 OPS and that's a decent starting line up.
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