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  1. Thats why investigations are held. It's not like these players took roids and are the only ones that knew about it.

    I see where you're coming from and I agree to a certain extent. However, if you get 10 people on the stand saying 1 guy did something, who are you going to believe?

    Like I said before, paper trails, trainers, teammates...there's more than one way to skin a cat on this.

    It will be a he said/she said thing, but there are ways to fight those battles as well.

    It's going to be an interesting offseason outside of the Soriano sweepstakes...

    Nobody is more obvious than Bonds. He has the longest paper trail and the most people pointing fingers. Why do I think he's not going to jail?

  2. The science isn't really in on any of this stuff. Yes the old crude versions of steroids were very harmful and were outlawed. But these state of the art drugs the players are using now, haven't been adequately studied or tested. In the case of HGH in particular there are many experts who believe it may hold a lot of therapeutic value.The jury is still out. As with the case of all drugs there is a political component. Marijuana is a prime example. It illegal but many who have used it find it to be less harmful than Alcohol. It may be that the players are better informed about the real dangers of these drugs than the general public is and see using them as, while officially illegal, no more harmful in reality than using pot.

  3. Jason did what others haven't, admitted to it. I don't think he is a hero but I definately hold him up higher than the other guys. If this turns out true, man does this destory baseball.

    He never admitted to any thing in his apology. He just said in effect, I'm sorry for what ever it is you think I should be sorry for. And then he went right back to doing it again. Look at the size of his head. He did admit to it to the grand jury I believe, but I think he had some kind of immunity.

  4. Sometime during the middle of the season some guy posted that these very names were to be mentioned in connection with Grimsley on Sportscenter that evening. I recall every one waiting for the late night edition and posting that nothing had been said. Then the guy was flamed. He claimed his source was reliable and that he wasn't trying to pull peoples chains. I guess he was right.

  5. Everyone is a suspect.

    Pujols' trainer or whatever was named in this too.

    It is what it is. Players have always found ways to cheat or had some kind of advantage throughout the years of the sport. Steroids and HGH are this generation's advantage.

    Steroids and HGH can be seen as this generations spitballs. grease balls Greenies, corked bats, sharpened spikes or extra balls hidden in the un cut OF grass. Except that they can kill you and kids can take them in emulation of the pros. I really don't know what to think. I think that Brian Roberts is an upright decent human being and if he's juicing I'd really like to know what he thinks. I can't believe it's something he would do lightly or that he would do without a clesr conscience.

  6. 4 years 40 million for Zito

    Plug him into the rotation with Bedard and that basically solidifies our rotation.

    Throw in Soriano in the middle of our lineup and 2 more bullpen arms and you've got yourself a competitive team.

    Now if you add a 1B (preferably a young 1B who's been blocked by another player) and this team can compete in the AL Wild Card.

    Is making $8 million now. You think he's coming here for 4/$10mil. when the Mets, NYYs and Bosox will offer him at least 5/$14mil.?

  7. Spoke with my guy this evening. Read into this as little or as much as you want. Everything he's hearing says we will be very aggressive this offseason. Not may trades as we really don't have much to trade with. He said he would wager there could be 7-8 new players acquired this off season. I thought it interesting that he said again Olsen will be given a look at making the 2007 rotation. He also noted we would like to move Gibbons but it will be tough. He thinks Benson stays due to his relationship with Duquette. He also said again we will not spend over $10 million on a starting pitcher.

    In order of priorities:

    1.LF-Soriano,Lee, Sheffield, LGonz, Delucci/DeRosa type platoon

    2.1B-Trade for Tex, Nomar, Sheffield,Wilson, trade for Young Blocked 1B, Millar/Gibbons

    3.Back up C-Zaun,Barajas

    4.#3 SP-Padilla, Lillly

    5.4th OF/DH Catalanotto, Burrell, DeRosa

    6.and 7. middle RP- crap shoot.

  8. With all due respect to your "guy", all that means is that's what the Orioles staff THINK they want to accomplish. It takes two to Tango -- and in this case three when you throw in Peter Angelos having to sign off on every deal. I seriously doubt we will get anything significant accomplished:

    1. Baltimore is now radioactive to good FA's.

    2. The FA pool is thin and there's plenty of competition

    3. We [Pete] will not be willing to "overspend" to get top talent. Which means we won't get top talent in a thin market.

    I have zero confidence that this front office will do anything smart this offseason. Since we have very little to trade and very little to attract good FA's (and too many holes to fill besides), the smart thing to do would be to jetison the rubbish players for whatever we can get for them and play as many young guys as possible, get good draft picks (and sign them) and rebuild the proper way.

    The Orioles simply refuse to see reality. The approach they're taking will lead to years more mediocrity. I guarantee it. They don't have the cajones to buy themselves out of this mess.

    I never would have thought FA's wouldn't be attracted to B'more, PA wouldn't spend a lot of money or that this years FA market is thin. Mind bogglingly new caoncepts for me to wrestle with and from you of all people.:D

  9. Let's say we want Schmidt. He tells us he would sign here if we offered him a 4/56 deal.

    We are prepared to offer 4/40.

    If we have all of this money to spend, are they really going to let 4 million a year effect them?

    I mean, if you give him a signing bonus, you can pay more of it up front for his better years.

    We have all this MASN money and we are going to allow a few million a year to stop us from getting the guy we want?

    That my friends is lunacy.

    Can get you how many middle relievers or platoon type bats or 4TH OF's or back up C or what else? Besides he'll get a better offer from the Yankees. Or go to Seattle for the same money because he lives there.

  10. Doesn't matter if we're not gonna pay more than 10 a year.

    Based on this info and Peter's terrible assessment of how much a starter should get, is there even any point in mentioning Schmidt or Zito anymore?

    It seem like a lot of people think we can just go get him like he's dying to come here when realistically he will require at least $15 mil. for 3 years and PA is right not to pay that.

  11. I'd get Schmidt for 3 years/35 million. I wouldn't commit more years than that for him, but I'd go more on the money. I'd love to put a #1 at the top of the rotation.

    Somehow, I still see someone coming in and giving him more than this, though. I could definitely see someone offering a 4/55 deal for him.

    Schmidt makes $10.5mil. now He's going to want and get a lot more per year from the Yankees or the Mets or the Red Sox. Probably at least $13mil. per. What will we have to offer to get him to not pitch for a contender.

  12. Amen! I'd rather sign starters than sign someone not named Schmidt. 3/30 would probably get us someone like Padilla, and - I can't believe I'm saying this - I'd rather have Lopez and the extra 25 mil.

    Keep all the top arms and focus on the offense. Agreed with SG about getting guys like Burrell or Ensberg, though.

    Padilla $4.4mil. 1.34WHIP .405 ERA career. RLo $3.7mil. 1.41WHIP .483 ERA career. You shouldn't have to pay him $10 mil. per but even if you did your only saving about $5 mil.per and RLo is only here for another year. You want to pay at least 3/$50 mil. for Schmidt?

  13. Some of it has to do with pitching. With Santana and Liriano striking out every third batter the Twins stats are skewed. Just like the O's walking every third batter......

    My point is the Twins should have a better defensive rating than the Yankees who have poorer pitching as well as defense IMO.

  14. The 10 million number BB brings up is the type of thing that has been hurting us for the past 9 years...We set limits that make absolutely no sense, and this is before the market is even set. Unbelievable.

    The three "aces" are Matsuzaka, Zito and Schmidt. The MFY's the Red Sox and the Mets will be after all of them. How much more would we have to pay them to pry them away. Wouldn't that money be better spent upgrading the bull pen and adding some bats and an innings eater. Think a minimum of $20mil. per for Matsuzaka, $15mil. per at least for Zito and Schmidt.

  15. The Orioles could already HAVE an ace in Eric Bedard. If the bullpen was respectable he could have easily flirted with a 20 win season on a sub .500 team. Benson is the same, he should have something around 14-15 wins right now as he has pitched a lot better than his win-loss record states.

    We might not need to invest in an overpriced ace. Now, you can NEVER have too much pitching and signing one of those guys makes our rotation SICK. But if we improve the offense and bullpen in key areas we could be fine.

    Barring any major regressions like Chen and Rlo this year. Thats why I wouldn't be against getting Padilla.

  16. I would be shocked if Mussina isn't a Yankee in 2007. They have plenty of problems in their current rotation (used 12 different starters in 2006) and more so if Mussina isn't with them in 2007. The free agent class of this year is not nearly deep for them to just grab a replacement for him.

    I'd venture to say, by come January, Mussina/Yankees will have a new 3 year contract that will have him finishing his career in New York.

    The Yankees are a sure bet to sign at least one of Matsuzaka, Schmidt or Zito. And renegotiate Mussina's contract. Even if they do let him go, isn't he practically on record as saying he wouldn't come he, he would try to get on another contender.

  17. If I were the GM, no. But given the Orioles peculiar circumstances he might not be a bad option.

    They're a bad team with obvious holes. Let me rephrase that. They're half of a good team, and half of a terrible team. Meaning that the holes are obvious, and a real solution to even one of those holes is likely to be a 5-8 win improvement. Soriano, even at his career averages, along with a good first baseman would probably make this an 85-win team. Add in some improvement out of the starters and some bullpen help, and they'd have a legitimate chance at competing for the wild card.

    Down the road the forecast might get murkier, as Tejada and Hernandez and Soriano age. But - if they can get to the playoffs in '07 or '08 then revenues start to trend upward, ticket sales trend upward, fan apathy starts to reverse. If they can keep the farm system churning, then they have the basis for a team that can support a $100M+ payroll year after year. Soriano (or whoever's) bad contract looks much less bad for a 90-win team with a growing fanbase.

    If they don't sign a guy like Soriano (and don't blow up the team with trades) then competing rests completely and totally on big, big improvment out of Loewen, Cabrera, Penn, etc.

    The chances of competing before Miggy and Hernandez get old with a Soriano are greater than without.

    You make it sound almost hopeful. But what would you do if you were GM?

  18. Get back to their winning ways of the 70's and 80's, and gentlemen that was by no means through free agency. It was through player development.

    When you look at the track record of high priced free agents that have come here it's not very good. What makes anyone think that Soriano wouldn't be more of the same? This team needs a serious attitude adjustment first and filling holes with numbers would only mask that problem.

    Suppose we do sign Soriano, Schmidt, et. al. that still won't stop them from swinging at pitches in the dirt when a pitcher is struggling, throwing to the wrong base late in the game to allow a runner to advance, walking lead-off batters late in a close game, losing after outhitting and opponent. Are we just going to ignore that?

    You guys watch the games, how many teams are playing that kind of baseball against us? Not to many (maybe the DRays).

    Basically getting that sure fire, first ever, 100% first ballot Hall of Famer Alfonso Soriano and putting the team payroll closer to $100 million is going to magically make the O's a playoff contender? I doubt it. If you want to compete that way with the Yankees you better start thinking about a payroll closer to $150 million. I for one love this team bacause of the way they beat teams with pitching, defense, and timely hitting years back and that formula is still effectively being used today by the Twins and the Braves.

    Lets put a solid team on the field first, then worry about overpaying for the Soriano's of the world. When he goes on one of his strike out binges and boots a few balls out there in left with his boards as hands will you forgive him as easily as a player like Markakis because his OPS is over .800?

    Given the apologists for Tejada here, you probably will.

    ...and 2 years down the road when they've gone 11 straight seasons under .500 will he still be considered part of the answer?

    If you'll remember (and I still have serious doubts you do) began in fact with Pual Richards taking over the team and came into fruition under the minor league tutalage of Cal Sr. and Earl. It took 6 years to bear fruit in the Majors, and 11 years to get a WS. The O's don't have another 10 years.

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