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  1. For people that liked what the heard from Angelos:

    Did you read the part in which he basically blamed us, the fans of Baltimore, for his inability to compete with Yankees and Red Sox? How can anyone be happy about what was said?

    "They are so far ahead of us, I can't do it in my head without writing on paper, but I would simplify it by saying in order for us to match what they take in [during a game] where they have a sell-out at 35,000 at $45 dollars [a ticket], we would have to have a ballpark that would hold 70,000 and sell that park out.

    They are doing this day in and day out. And they are selling out and have a rabid fan base. [The] strongest baseball fans are, I think, the Boston fans. And they went 80 years and didn't win a damned thing but they were supported and they are fortunate to have that kind of fan base. Our problem has been [an inability] to generate the kind of revenue that is needed to compete in the AL East. "

    How does this not anger everyone on this board? If Oriole fans are not outraged by this than the apathy is far worse than I ever believed.

    His evasive langauge about putting 'Baltimore' on the road jerseys is obnoxious.

    He attributes a lot of Oakland and Minnesota's success to good luck and the Orioles failures to bad luck and poor decisions from the front office. Guess what Pete, you put those people into place and interfere with their decision making - it is YOUR FAULT. Placing any blame on "bad luck" is so ridiculous I don't even know what to say.

    From 1950 to 2000 the O's won more games than any other team in base ball including 3 WS. Boston won one in the last 52. So where is the insult to O's fans? We have been a better team until recently, but Boston has drawn more $ in attendance despite an inferior record.

  2. Except he said that $13 million per for a top-flight pitcher is reasonable' date=' but $16 million is INSANE! If he's going into the FA market with that attitude, he surely won't be able to land the guys that would push the payroll up that high.[/quote']

    Arguably the best pitcher in ML base is J. Santana. He gets less than $5mil. a year. The best position player is arguably A. Pujols. He gets $11mil. per.

    So why isn't it absurd that a pitcher should be worth $15mil and a position player be worth $13 mil.? Why should I pay Zito $15 mil. per or Soriano $15 mil. per when I can upgrade the team at 1B, LF, and bullpen for less than $30 mil?

  3. Was it because he used a cork bat for a number of years? He certainly wasn't a great outfielder.

    I have often thought Soriano used a corked bat but after a number of years watching him I think he is another player with quick wrists like Frank Robinson had. If you remember Frank was very thin when he joined the Orioles and I remember when he hit the home run completely over the left field stands and out of the park. Friends of mine wondered how he did it. Everyone in the media and the pitchers he faced all commented on his quick wrists.

    Belle put up big numbers during his abbreviated career but how many of those home runs were with a corked bat?

    Soriano swings one of the heaviest bats in the majors. How could it be cork?

  4. If we looked at simply the glamour stats, we should of kept Tony Batista and let Mora stay in the OF... 30+ HR and 100+ rbi. But as we all know 30+ HRs and 100+ RBI or runs doth not necessarily a great player make.

    How can one assume otherwise given the history of big name free agents signed to long term contracts after their 30th birthday?

    Certainly is, no argument there whatsoever. It's much better than what we have. However, if you are thirsty and need a drink, does it make sense to pay Dom Perignon prices for a Budweiser?

    Whose to say that I won't wake up on Wednesday morning with the winning Powerball numbers and be $102 million dollars richer than I am today? It could happen... Look at past players who have had a season that stands out as an aberation and tell me why you think Soriano is different?

    The odds of Soriano putting up similar numbers next year are a lot better than those of you winning Power Ball. Bad analogy.

  5. I would think TB would do Benson/lopez for Gomes or Dukes in a heart beat. For Dukes you may have to add a prospect, think JJ. May have to add some cash. I would not be interested in Gomes but I would do Dukes. I know he has issues but he can hit and He can be put right in he is ML ready.

    Why is everybody so high on Dukes. The guy is a certifiable head case. Bad news.

  6. I am not ignoring Santana. I would love to have him in the O's rotation. But he is not worth trading Miggy for.

    My conclusion on the Tejada for Santana & Aybar proposed trade is that it should not happen if the O's want to compete in the next two years.

    Shortstop is a key position and Aybar looks to be any unfinished 22 year old that will cause many infield problems.

    His error rate is alarmingly high with 22 errors in 77 games or a 46 error pace for 162 games.

    He is reported to have good range and a strong arm, however I have not seen the word accurate anywhere.

    His offense is spotty. Though he hits for a good average, as a switchhitter he does not appear to hit lefthanders well. He is described as a free swinging, slap hitter who has limited power, who rarely walks or strikes out and who uses his speed to get on base.

    Once on base he does not have good judgement. He has a high number of caught stealing and the problem has stayed with him throughout the minors inspite of much coaching.

    I don't know how the O's, who have problems hitting lefties, can turn over an important role like SS to a high error rookie who can't hit lefties and except to compete any time soon.

    Aybar as the starting SS would put the O's development program back at least two years. Long term (3-5 years) he may turn into a decent SS.

    You make entirely too much sense to convince people who read box scores but don't watch the games.

  7. What? I didn't diss him. Just stated a fact. Guillen got to more balls than Ripken did.

    You need to read the rest of his plan.

    Yes, this i a concern but again, more experience and better coaching will help this.

    His OPS has been well over 800 for most of the year. He shows good power, great speed and good defense. I guess he is slumping now and that could be because the Angels keep bringing him up and sending him down.

    BTW, i love how you keep focusing on him but don't even mention Santana, who has accomplished more than any pitcher on the team.

    And, Tejada's offense is easily replaced by Burrell, Kotchman, Aybar and ARam.

    You need to open your eyes to the fact that there are other ways to build this team, other than trusting the so called plan by the Orioles.

    Just a little pompous don't you think? Ripken was the master of positioning. How do you know it wasn't that Guillen had to run farther to get to balls because he wasn't in position for them. And why trade a guy when it takes four guys to make up for his offense. I would much rather add to it. Aybar doesnt sound like that much of an upgrade over Fahey. Santana would be great but if I'm the Angels I don't want Tejada in the offseason because he cost me too many prospects and doesn't want to play 3B. I can upgrade my offense much more cheaply. And am I the only one who has noticed that Tejada's defense is greatly improved now that he's past his knee injury?

  8. Probably becuase he's one of the best hitters in baseball and its silly for him to look to hit a weak ground ball the other way, especially in less than 2 strike counts. You're also overstating Tejada's apparent inability to hit ground balls the other way.

    It isn't when that one run could tie the game. What good does striking out do? And how was I overstating his apparrant inability to hit ground balls when I was saying he had the ability but didn't choose to do so?

  9. No, every situation is different. You don't have to come across this way in your posts.

    I was a smaller guy, when I was up, I could focus on hitting the ball hard and hitting the first pitch I could handle (if Runner on third and less than 2 outs). Thus this normally would result in a fly out. I never said it was easy to get base hits. Yet it is faily easy to produce a run with a runner on third and less than 2 outs.

    It is if you are willing to give yourself up.

  10. Try to hit a fly ball and you're just as likely to hit a popup or miss the pitch completely. It amuses me how people think it's so easy to hit a sacrifice fly ball. I watch the Yanks & Mets and as good as they are, they fail all the time with runners on 3rd and less than 2 outs. Every team does. I'm not sure what our statistics are but it's not a matter of situational hitting. It's a matter of not having enough good hitters. I'm sure Markakis is trying to drive the ball or hit it hard somewhere. If he actually tried to hit a fly ball he'd be getting out of what he does best as a hitter and lessening his chances of driving in the run, IMO.

    Great point. But some guys like Tejada wont put the ball in play to move the runner or score a run on a ground out when they have the ability to do so.

  11. This is a key point. The fans have rationalized their own versions of "the plan" that the team occassionally appears to be on.

    But in reality I believe the Orioles will need to treat this offseason with much more of a "need to win now" mentality. Granted, they should already be under way with such a plan, but still.

    It's too soon to speculate about next years rotation. It all depends on what we see from DCab, Penn and Loewen the rest of the way. By the end of Sept. we'll know what we've got. If they all do well then then we stick with them. If they are inconsistant then we probably look to get another innings eater Benson type pitcher to give us consistancy while the threesome works things out. I think we have to forget about a Zito or a Schmidt, they just aren't going to come here no matter what we offer. But we definetly have to uprade the offense as much as possible and I think that's what the FO will be focused on.

  12. No, i would not trade Tejada for Jeter because of defense and salary. But that doesn't change the fact that Jeter has been a more productive offensive player this year than Tejada has. That really can not be denied.

    You don't believe the lineup around a player has any effect on his numbers?

  13. What trade? I wouldn't trade Tejada for Jeter, if that is what you mean.

    Well, explain to me why Tejada has been better every other year in worse lineups? This is a ONE YEAR ANOMOLY. I am NOT sayign JEter is always better...IT IS THIS YEAR!!!

    This years numbers so far are better than last years. This year's line up seems in no way better than last year and is not better tha Oakland's lineups of 2000-2003. My question was would you be willing to trade Jeter for Tejada this year because of his slightly better numbers. And if you don't think a player benifits from the line up he's in just say so.

  14. Sorry but who they play on is meaningless. Tejada has ben on bad Oriole teams the last few years and has clearly been better.

    Jeter is just the better player this year. There really is not an argument in yoru favor on that one.

    Normally Tejada is the better player but at this point, that goes to Jeter. Maybe by the time the season is over, Tejada will once again have the title but as of today, it belongs to Jeter.

    Lets make the trade now. You don't believe a player benifits in any way from the lineup he's a part of. If this is the case why should we be looking for another big bat, it's not going to have any effect on the production of any of our other players. You honestly believe that hitting behind Damon and in front of Abreu, ARod and Giambi, has nothing to do with Jeter's numbers this year and that it would have no effect on Miggy's performance if that were the case for him?

  15. Jeter has been better than Tejada this year. Tejada' VORP is just over 50...Jeter's is almost 55.

    It is close but Jeter has been the better player THIS YEAR.

    Tejada is the best offensive player on his team by far. Jeter is one of many on the Yankees. What kind of numbers would Jeter put up on the O's and what kind of numbers would Tejada put up on the MFY's if you switched them. If the Yankees were dumb enough to make the trade would you be in favor of it because of Jeter's 55 VORP?

  16. I posted this the other day:

    Gibbons had a 3.6 WARP last year..Lee's was 4. A healthy Jay Gibbons gives you a 320-340 OBP, 480-520 Slugging....He can give you 25-35 homers(projecting out his stats to 600 ab's shows you this..again, injuries have stopped him from doing it) and 100+ RBI's.

    Lee will give you a 330-360 OBP, 480-520 Slug....He can give you 25-35 homers and 100+ RBI's.

    If you look at Lee career stats, you only see a career 830 OPS. We are not talking an elite offensive player here guys.

    Both him and Gibbons average an XBH every 9.2 ab's throughout their careers.

    Each player strikes out once every 7 ab's....Gibbons walks once every 13 ab's...Lee walks every 12.4 ab's.

    Really, when you analyze their stats, you see just how similar both guys are with one difference...Health.

    Other than that, they are virtually the same offensive player. Lee will give you a very slightly higher OBP and that's it.

    So, let me rephrase what i asked earlier...Would you guys pay 5/65 for a HEALTHY Jay Gibbons..If God himself came down and guaranteed Gibbons would stay healthy for the next 5 years...Would you give him that contract?

    Gibbons has had an OBP over .320 once and 100 RBI's once. LEE does it with regularity. Lee hits for a higer average consistantly, and he stays healthy. This year his numbers are better than Guerrero's and I think you would consider him an offensive force.

  17. OPS measures how good an offensive player is...Homers are important but Lee is not a slam dunk for even 30 homers, although i admit it is likely he would hit that for the first 2, maybe 3 years he is here.

    So you would agree that Jeter is more valuable than Tejada offensively becuase he has a higher OPS?

  18. Why do you consider Lee an offensive force?

    Do you consider Jay Gibbons an offensive force? They are very similar players, except Lee stays healthy.

    You really think a guy who has never hit 30 HR's and is a career ave..317 OBP, .786 OPS, and .263 BA, is similar to a guy who averages 30 HR's and has a career ave, .338 OBP, .830 OPS and 280 BA? They are similar defensively except that Lee would play a better LF in OPACY than Jay would. I think those are distinctions worth making.

  19. Zito is not going to want to come to Baltimore. They should not waste seconds of their time offering a contract. Make Schimdt our number 1 guy and offer him 3 years 36 mill.

    What gives you the idea that Schmidt would want to come here any more than Zito. He's clearly indicated he prefers Seattle.

  20. It always cracks me up when the old "the O's don't NEED to trade him" rationale come out in these Tejada discussions.

    Nor do they NEED to finish above .500. And recent history indicates they won't, either, until some major roster changes are made.

    JMHO, but there's no realistic way to achieve major roster changes without making a Tejada trade the centerpiece.

    The reason we won't finish above .500 is because two pitchers we expected to be at least league average weren't and one we were hoping would improve regressed. If they had met reasonable expectations we'd be above .500 even with the likes of Millar and Conine. That doesn't seem to me to warrant a complete overhaul.

  21. This whole argument about Tejada being a top 5 player in baseball is for the birds or should it be Orioles?

    Do it this way if you are starting a franchise and you can pick any player. I'd say at least 5 guys get picked in front of Tejada.

    And the first name to come to mind was Pujols, then as much as I didn't like it, the next name was ARod but only if I could play him at SS. Then I thought of J. Santana. After that I kept thinking what's the most important position to fill? SS came to mind at once. Right now Tejada is still one of the first names I come up with there, along with Reyes. He mignt just be 5 or 6.

  22. There are rumors about a lot of things. I saw a rumor the other day that Muhammad was coming back in 2009 and bringing an army of flying monkeys with him.

    I'll continue to hold my judgment until I see some reasonable evidence.

    What?!! You mean it's just a rumor about the Flying Monkeys? We may still be in Kansas Toto.

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