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  1. Reading some things from fans on a Rockies board leaves me to believe that the Orioles and Rockies are perfect matches...I think this should get done.

    The best pitcher being offered is a JJ Johnson type player...Apparently the Rockies do think they can win the division this year so i think they woudl take Javy but you probably need to pay some salary and offer up another solid pitching prospect.

    Personally, i think we can can get Shealy without giving up any of the big 6.

    If the Rockies are in the thick of things at TD they'll go for Javy for Shealy. They have crapola for catchers and Javy's bat assuming he continues to hit will be irrisistable.

  2. He originally wrote, "Several team sources said they have noticed Tejada sulking some of late, perhaps stemming from his name being linked to the investigation into an affidavit from former Oriole Jason Grimsley . . ."

    Read this more carefully; he is not saying several team sources have linked Tejada's name to the Grimsley affidavit. He is saying team sources have noticed that Tejada is sulking of late, and then either the writer himself or the team sources are SPECULATING that the reason for this behavior stems from his name being mentioned in the Grimsley affidavit. The only published mention of Tejada with Grimsley that I've read is the Deadspin article that alludes to Tejada using amaphetamines. That has never been confirmed and Deadspin did not claim that they had confirmation. So in my opinion this is just an ambitious writer trying to stir up a little interest on a slow news day and boy has he succeded. It's been some time since the Grimley affidavit hit the press and no names have yet to be confirmed. My take on this is, the legal ramifications are too risky for any one in the press to try. No one has come up with sufficient multiple sources to back any claims. Rumors continue to fly but I doubt if anything will come of them.

  3. Yes, i think it is stupid for BP to compare Shealy to Derek Lee based on a very limited number of ab's in Colorado.

    I think that they just project out his stats(that he had in the majors last year) for the same age and that is how they come up with it...Hardly scientific.

    Bottom line is, over a full season of ab's, Lee was putting up near 900 OPS's in a pitchers park in the majors.

    Lee is a great defensive first baseman and steals 15-20 bases a year.

    Shealy is not any of those things, so therefore, i see the comparison as total BS.

    On what information do you base your assessment of Shealy's defense or lack there of ?

  4. I don't know either. I know a guy who lived in Colorado Springs, and he says the weather there is *way* different than in Denver. I don't know if that means baseballs act differently there.

    I've performed in both places and Colorado Springs is 7000 ft. compared to a mile at Denver. Believe me you can feel the difference when you try to breath. I imagine that the effect on a baseball is noticeable as well. At Denver, balls that looked like pop ups suddenly turned into home runs. Never saw a game in Colorado Springs

  5. Right...He came here, eseentially, to use Mazzone.

    In his mind, he can use MAzzone, get fixed and then get some other stupid team to sign him long term again next year...The Orioles could be that stupid team.

    I like the signing when you look at in the context of low risk/high reward but i am not sure i sign him without an extension unless Rlo is going to be dealt within a week.

    In another thread BB hinted that the O's might be looking for something better than Shealy. Could there be a trade of Roddy and Javy to Texas for say Botts and Barajas? That gives Texas a back up C/DH and a mid rotation guy and us a blocked 1B prospect and a back up C to replace Javy. Of course we would have to include some cash for Javy's salary.

  6. Do you know something that we don't know? Come on, you can tell us.

    I smell a move involving Roddy for a bat but what bat? Someone mentioned Broussard from Cleaveland on another thread. What about the Mets? They have a surplus of young OF. Diaz or Nady?:confused:

  7. I don't know if you're talking about today or in-general... but either way, I think the kid did more than fine, assuming you don't have crazy expectations of him... pretty much all he has to do is quit walking people and fine tune some things... and the stuff he does right includes important things that you can't teach... I think he pitched *very* well considering he was supposed to be in AA... even with his flaws, he general left the game up to the BP, and we've had guys do way worse than that... the kid's a pitcher, and in my book he goes in the category of "Very Pleasant Surprises"...

    If Loewen is sent down, and in the best of all possible worlds he should be, who do you want to see pitching the the next time the no. 5 slot comes due, next week? Chen? Ortiz? Aaaaaggghh! I'd rather see Loewen.

  8. Does that mean someone else gets him instead of us, or that COL thinks they can get more at the deadline?

    I've given it a lot of thought, and I would do an Olson for Shealy deal. Not that that means anything.

    I was all for Shealy as well as long as he could play a decent 1B. We don't need another DH type unless they unload Javy but someone who can hit and play better D than Millah would be a God send.

  9. Two ways to look at this:

    - Mazzone knows what makes him tick and thinks he can get him back to being a sorta, kinda league-average pitcher.

    - We just signed a guy who's been every bit as bad as '05 Ponson or '05 Jose Lima over the last year and a half. Nearly historically bad.

    And Mazzone liked Brower as well.:eek:

  10. I could be very well wrong, but is WARP position specific? In other words, for example, is Tejada's value over replacement in terms of the average player at his position? Considering that shortstop is an overall lower production position than leftfield than that would account for the difference.

    I was thinking VORP not WARP. My bad. However VORP is not position specific and Miggy is ranked 7 with 26.2 and Manny 23 with 19.4, whatever that means.

  11. You're right about expectations. Traditionally, the power guys were in left field, right field, and first base. Having a power guy at shortstop would ordinarily be an advantage assuming you also had power at the traditional positions as well. That's not the case with the Orioles in terms of the "traditional" power positions.

    If you have an above average hitting shortstop and a below average hitting outfielder, you are not any better off from an offensive standpoint than by having a below average shortstop and an above average outfielder. More to the point, will Miggy/Conine produce more than Manny/Gonzalez?

    The bottom line is Manny has a higher OPS and hits for more power than Miggy.

    If this is true then what is the meaning of WARP? Why is Miggy's higher?

  12. I'd be happy to swap Cabreras, and to throw in a couple more top prospects to boot. Miguel Cabrera might be the best young hitter in baseball.

    Me too in spades:SuN033:

  13. Well, Escobar is having a very solid year and i would think they need to see Javy doing alot more than he is now to do that trade.

    BTW, i think the idea to get MCab is done now. With the unfortunate extension to Mora, MCab is likely not a possibility anymore because he would complain to much about going ot the OF. He already has a rep for having a poor attitude(although he is young) and since he wants to be at third, it may cause an issue.

    Melmo would move to LF and not complain.

  14. ok, I like Jay too, but this is promising. If true, is there a way we can set all things in order, by-

    1. Moving Markakis to right;

    2. Acquiring a legit top of the rotation pitcher,

    3. And packaging enough to add "another" Cabrera to play left?

    Who knows, we could be a wildcard contender THIS YEAR if we pull that off.

    We're not adding another Cabrera unless we give up another Cabrera. All our other prospects together won't get it done without him.

  15. If you mean top talent in the league, then only Tejada qualifies ats "top talent" on this team.

    We have some good ball players and some players who can be good, but as far as "top talent" is concerned, we're sorely lacking in that area -- hence the failure against the top 3 teams in the AL EAST thus far.

    Maybe you should have chosen a less vague term than "top talent."

    The Yankees have the best 3B the game. Who else on that team is the best at their position? Matsui? Shefeild? Damon. These guys are top 5-10, but not number one. What about the Bosox? Ortiz is the best DH, is Manny the best LF? one of the top 3-5 maybe. Varitek the best catcher? I think you could find some arguements. Tejada, best SS? close. Roberts, 2B? One of the best. Mora, 3B? top 5-10, Hernadez one of the best.

  16. Please tell me which power hitter and pitcher available will suddenly make this team a contender.

    If you stuck Carlos Lee and Barry Zito on this team today are we suddenly contenders?

    Yes, but I would prefer Mulder to Zito. Of course if none of our pitching prospects pan out we wont, but I'm not worried about Cabrera and Bedard.

  17. I would agree wholeheartedly with this statement in the past...but not now. Our farm system was recently rated number 10 (I believe, may have been 13, not sure) by BaseballAmerica...according to John Sickles' ratings the O's have some very good top prospects although organizational and positional depth is an issue.

    By all accounts, Bedard and Cabrera were tabbed for breakout seasons by several sources. Chris Ray seems to be a top-end closer. Brian Roberts has solidfied himself as a very good major leaguer. Nick Markakis is a top prospects getting playing time. Loewen and Penn are top 100 prospects slated to join the club at some point this year. Rleal has upper-end bullpen potential. Erbe and Liz are absolutely dominating in the minors. Olson has pitched well and with his college experience should be an O sooner rather than later. In fact, I would say that the Orioles pitching system is one of the brightest in baseball. Between the aforementioned, I think a lot of big league clubs would love to have 5 potential front-end starters waiting in their minor leagues.

    Trading Tejada is a different issue. I was pro trading Tejada during his first trade demand, but it was obvious that the prospect package we are all looking for was not available. At this point, there is no rush to move Tejada, IMO. But I understand the argument.

    Nevertheless, we now have three legitimate starters developed from within. A good bullpen arm in Rleal (possibly others as Birkins and Britton have showed promise). Two very good prospects who could make their way into the rotation by '07. And three other pitching prospects playing exceptionally in the minors. None of his includes Reimold and Snyder, two good positional prospects. No mistake; we are not the DBacks or Angels, but I think a very strong argument could be made that we have one of the better farm systems in the division- and most importantly we are stockpiling young pitching, i.e. the best commodity in baseball.

    Obviously, not all of these players will pan out. But at least we are not banking on just one prospect as we did in years' past....

    The key here is patience and perspective. Again, new pitching coach, new pitching system, new catcher. These things take time- not two months. Furthermore, even if this team signed Byrd, Millwood, Weaver, Burnett, Washburn this off-season they would still be struggling to make a playoff push. Sure the record might look nicer, but none of them are true top of the line starters....

    Again, we must, MUST, develop our own pitchers to compete in THIS division. We are trying to do that, these changes do not happen overnight. IMO, if run correctly and developed correctly, this team should be in the wildcard hunt in '07. And be serious playoff contenders in '08.

    If this does not happen...well, then blow the thing up...

    P.S. If we don't start seeing competitive games in August/Sept '07 I will be very worried about the state of this franchise....not that I wasn't already but at least now I see a plan...here's hoping they don't f it up.

    Tejada is the centerpiece of this club now. We have him Mora, GIbbons, Hernandez, BRob, to be productive for the next 3-4 years at best. After that we have to look to replace them. Why wait 2-3 years for prospects to develop when we can spend money for a power hitter and a top pitcher and win now.

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  18. I hope not.

    Why not? We need a big number 4 hitter. Who's better on the FA market. Is he worse than Konerko? If we don't pay big bucks for a power hitter we're going to have to trade Prime pitching. Why are you suddenly so concerned for the state of PA's wallet?

  19. I just can't accept the proposition that trading Cabrara could possibly make sense. We've put a lot of resources into him, and he is being groomed to be a major part of the Orioles' future. He won't fetch much in a trade now, but he has a good chance of being a real phenomenon down the road. You've got to leave these young up-and-comers alone!

    Are you kidding me; he won't fetch much now? How's this for a trade D Cabrera and Markakis for M.Cabrera. You get a OF, franchise player to go with Miggy and they get two cheap prospects with huge upsides. Then of course you suck it up when FA comes around to land either Mulder or Zito. But with Mcab here I don't think you'll have problems getting either to sign. If you pay them they will come.

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