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  1. Are you kidding me; he won't fetch much now? How's this for a trade D Cabrera and Markakis for M.Cabrera. You get a OF, franchise player to go with Miggy and they get two cheap prospects with huge upsides. Then of course you suck it up when FA comes around to land either Mulder or Zito. But with Mcab here I don't think you'll have problems getting either to sign. If you pay them they will come.
  2. Sign Mulder as a FA next fall and trade Bedard or Cabrera for Dunn.
  3. Bottom line, whats a good at bat. 1: Take as many pitches as possible to wear the pitcher down; 2:Put the ball in play so as to advance the runner(s); 3:Walk; 4:Hit safely ;5: Put the ball in play so as to cause the runner(s) to score. Right now who is better equipped to do one of these things consistantly, Conine or Nick?
  4. It seems to me that the conflict is between the guys that say we have no chance to do anything this year; play for the future and Perlozzo's position which has to be win now. How could Sam in his first year as manager say we can't win. His job is to win as many ballgame as he can. That means go with who's hot now.
  5. Nick should be getting more at bats than Conine period.!!!
  6. The O's need a number 2 hitter. Conine is producing so far. Patterson needs playing time. He's showing some progress; you have to go with that. Where do you play Markakis? So Conine could play 1b or Dh but Javey is starting to rake. So it's Markakis vs Millar until Javey, Conine, or CPat start to decline.
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