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  1. Really enjoyed Ben doing the game today hope we hear a lot of him.
  2. JJ was the best defensive SS in the game from 2008 to 2016 according to fangraphs.
  3. Sorry but this was the first thing that came to mind. But maybe that's a good thing. If it works he's productive. If he's caught he's gone.
  4. No Hunter in the booth?
  5. I didn't think vampires could see their shadow?
  6. Great taste, these are all classics Silver Linings Play Book is a personal fav.
  7. Ah yes like Bush's mystery bulge
  8. It would help to restore some of Houston's lost respectability as well. Buck's as straight an arrow as there is in the game. And if the Stros can't use him the Mets can.
  9. I think it's too harsh. Sign stealing isn't that big a deal it doesn't have that big of an impact on the game. This is mostly PR. The suspensions were appropriate but the loss of draft picks was piling on IMO.
  10. Na, his career has kicked the bucket.
  11. He'll be gone when his roster spot blocks a promising young player,
  12. Here's the final list: C Clint Courtney, J.R. House, Paul Bako 1B Mark Reynolds, Walter Young,Walt Dropo, Calvin Pickering 2B Ryan Faherty, Robert Andino SS Willie Miranda, Freddie Bynum, Casar Izturis, Louis Hernandez 3B Wilson Betemit, Mark Reynolds LF Felix Pie CF Corey Patterson, Louis Terrero, Lous Matos RF Jim Pyburn, Jeff Fiorentino DH Jack Cust P Art Ceccarelli LF was tough: Jon Knott, Lew Ford, Hyun Soo Kim, Henry Urretia, Val Majewski, Lous Montanez, Larry Bigbie, Brandon Fahey, etc,
  13. C Clint Courtney 1B Mark Reynolds 2B RoBert Andino SS Willie Miranda 3B Wilson Betemit LF J
  14. Ho, ho, ho merry Christmas to all!
  15. These to have to happen for anything Rosy. If they do my best case scenario is we lose less than 100.
  16. Only if you're looking into the dugout.
  17. I much prefer this to 1998 -2011 C Severino/Caleb 1B Mancini 2B Hanser SS Hechevaria 3B Ruiz/Nunez LF Mountcastle CF Hays RF Santandar DH Nunez/Davis Team looks more interesting than last years.
  18. Love to see them sign Holt he can play every where.
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