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  1. If we were to trade Mancini, Davis would be blocking Mountcastle.
  2. h He's worth more on his couch than on the bench.
  3. So what's with the unis? Is it MD day or something?
  4. El Gordo

    Casey Sadler

    Why'd they release him?
  5. If they had a half decent bullpen they'd be watchable.
  6. The MFY don't need Bundy, they need someone who can pitch in the playoffs.
  7. According to Fangraphs he's #3 in the AL for 1B and #5 for RF. Why does he have no value?
  8. SS requires the stronger arm as well as greater range and agility. Brooks never had the arm for SS and he was the best 3B ever.
  9. I hear uh ROW oo HO https://translate.google.com/#view=home&op=translate&sl=es&tl=en&text=Araujo
  10. Mychal "Givens it up in the 9th"?
  11. If I WERE that GM I might if I had a number of them like TB.
  12. If we can get a promising SP prospect trade him.
  13. One in three would an improvement, that would be 54 W.s. We are currently on pace for 50,
  14. C Gus Triandos 1B Eddie 2B Robby Alamar/BRob SS Blade/Cal 3B Brooks LF Don Buford/Brady CF Blair RF Frank DH Jim Gentile Palmer Cuellar McNally Flanagan Moose Hoyt Stu Olson Tippy Myers Zach Flat Breezy Koji
  15. So what are the odds of our pick at 1188 making it to the bigs?
  16. Been watching since 1955. Can 't stop now. https://tenor.com/view/scott-disick-keeping-up-with-the-kardashians-cant-quit-gif-4038796
  17. If I had to choose between 100 mph FB and Maddox like command I'd choose Maddox.
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