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  1. 3 hours ago, Aristotelian said:

    Last night was our 10th loss in a row, and 15th loss of the last 16. Winning % down to .276 puts us on track to finish even worse than last year and in the top 10 all time worst MLB seasons in the modern era. Last night was particularly frustrating, as we blew a 3 run lead, go down 10-3, then come back only to fall one run short against a sub-.500 SEA team. This after a frustrating game in which Bundy was staked a small lead but the offense missed opportunities to pad and Bundy and the bullpen fell apart in the 6th.

    After signs of life, Davis is back to his under .300 SLG. The bullpen top to bottom has been absolutely atrocious despite guys with some MLB success.

    Are we really this bad? I say this is the bottom. We are bad but not this bad. Means would be a huge story if this wasn't a lost season (let's hope he is OK). Bundy is looking at least decent. Severino has been very productive (I still say he deserves an All Star reserve spot). I say Cashner gets us a win tonight and our winning % will not drop below .276 again this season.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Frobby said:

    I’m glad Santander has played well since his call-up, but his longer term track record in both the majors and the minors since we acquired him is not that good.   I’d send him back down when we need to.    

    Me too.

  3. C Gus Triandos

    1B Eddie

    2B Robby Alamar/BRob

    SS Blade/Cal

    3B Brooks

    LF  Don Buford/Brady

    CF Blair

    RF Frank

    DH Jim Gentile












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