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  1. I'll be at game 2. Surprise weekend trip from my better half. Let's go O's. :2yay-thumb:
  2. I do, and you should too. Here's why. Womens basketball is a throwback form of basketball that in my opinion focuses on the best things about team sports. It's the anti-NBA, all heart, hustle and defense with a smattering of terrific individual athleticism. The MD team specifically plays really selflessly, making the extra pass, passing up the opportunity to pad stats in an effort to get a better shot. Everything as a coach I try to teach my kids to do. Outside of that, the MD girls ran the table in the Big 10 this year against everyone's prediction. They have won their last 28 or 29 games and are really playing inspired basketball. They also have the chance to knock UConn off of their perch as an added bonus. Give them a shot. You might be surprised.
  3. I could swear that Gary mentioned in a game earlier this year that there has been a rule change and every game must be played. I can't remember the specifics but I distinctly remember that being the gist of the conversation.
  4. Was in bozeman last weekend for a soccer game. Went to the football game too against Central Arkansas. Cats won, tailgate was awesome, and the weather was perfect.
  5. In state rivalry. They've dominated my alma mater for quite a while and every inbred ahole in the state is draped in their God awful colors. Their players are smug, their coaching staff is smug and I choose to look blindly past my own schools transgressions and point out how half of their football team is being investigated for one thing or another. Don't get me started.
  6. It was pretty easy to sell low on the team earlier this year. I certainly didn't see this coming. Glad I was wrong.
  7. Yankees, University of Montana, Steelers, Manchester United, Patriots, Red Sox
  8. Boy did I get what I asked for. Awesome night.
  9. http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/standings/probability.jsp?ymd=20140915
  10. Better than Balfour. Crap name for a pitcher
  11. When they show a right handed batter. Next to the lady with the orange shirt and goofy headband.
  12. Is anybody watching the drunk Yankee fan behind the Yankee dugout. Drunk as ....
  13. I just hope it happens at home with a win so the guys can celebrate properly. I feel like they were cheated out of a proper celebration in 2012. IIRC they found out on the plane that they had won the wild card and didn't get to really celebrate until they beat Texas in the play-in game. A clinch at home where their win puts the over the top would allow them and the fans to really appreciate it together.
  14. Yeah, don't get me wrong. Fandom, like grief is personal. We all do it differently. No right way, no wrong way. I don't even have a problem with the pink hatted Red Sox fans. I just don't understand it.
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