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  1. My first game was in 1979 with my uncle versus the Milwaukee Brewers. Mike Flanagan started and Eddie Murray ended it. It was my first taste of Ed-die Ed-die Ed-die. O’s won 3-2.
  2. They haven’t lost the “I give a D——— factor” which is important in this process of rebuilding/competing. When you have a group of young players that didn’t have this opportunity in the past, they are going to go balls to the wall to show that they belong on a 25 man roster. I get frustrated with the boneheaded mistakes like throwing to the wrong base or missing the cut off man, but they are making aggressive mistakes that will police themselves up with time. As long as they stay aggressive and learn from mistakes they will be fun to watch no matter the outcome. Fighting thru the low times makes the winning times that much sweeter!
  3. I don’t remember that particular story but he and Thorne shared quite a few Rickey Henderson stories of Rickey talking in the third person all the time. The funniest one was when the team (A’s or Yankees) was boarding a bus and rookie or a young player sat in the seat Rickey normally sat in. One of the vets yelled out, “Hey Rickey you have tenure you can sit anywhere!” Rickey responded with “No, Rickey has twenty years!”
  4. I know you didn’t write it but it should be corrected to read St Michael’s High School.
  5. What can be mind boggling at times is a case like Tyler Wilson- pitched 4 2/3 solidly and doesn't qualify for the W. A reliever can come in and pitch 1/3 inning and get the W. Oh well, as long as it's a win that's all that really matters.
  6. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  7. shoriole

    Giants vs. Royals

    I was hoping for an Orioles/Cardinals series to cap the 60th Anniversary St Louis to Baltmore move. I'll root for an I70 rematch for now and if that doesn't happen I'll just hope the Giants bring down the Royal Scunion on KC!
  8. I thought I read that DD said he was closer to 18. But I get the premise of what your saying. We don't sign sophomores but we certainly scout them. Response to Nadecir's post
  9. "Scouting a high school student is something that the MLB doesn't do to players of their own country," said Park, refusing to comment on Duquette's statement. Obviously the KBO is not familiar with the MLB scouting system in the states. maybe he should check our 40 man roster for a pitcher with the last name of Bundy,D
  10. His swing reminds me of Wade Boggs. Looks like he makes a lot of line drive contact with the occasional homerun. I think he would fit nicely at the top of the line up without Roberts or the 9 hole with Roberts. Either way I think he would definitely improve our line up.
  11. The O's could potentially have 4 lefties in the starting rotation. How many teams have ever had that many?
  12. So, is this the Orioles way of leveling the playing field in a convoluted sort of way? We can't hit lefties very well so we go out and sign as many lefty SP types to throw at the opponents (no pun intended).
  13. Based off of Joe Jordan's comments on tonites pre-game I would say he is destined for Delmarva. Said the attraction to him grew last year watching him against international competition and wood bat showcase leagues. Impressive pick.
  14. He talks like a young Jaime Walker with good stuff. He seems to fit the breed of Berken, Hernandez, and Bergesen as far as mental make-up.
  15. http://baseballanalysts.com/archives/2009/06/interview_with.php Zack Wheeler interview. Sounds very confident throwing any one of his pitches- doesn't mind throwing a 3-2 curveball.
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