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  1. I'm pretty sure I read Martin wanted $8.1 even though slot was $7.8 and Kjerstad was $4.9. My backup Gonzalez was $5.4 or $500,000 more.
  2. desmoinesregister.com. Go to sports !
  3. The value of the Baumler pick was $422,300. It's believed we paid more. It's in the Des Moines Register. Story by Tommy Birch. Baumler did not disclose the terms.
  4. The value of the pick was $422,300. It's believed we paid more. It's in the Des Moines Register. Story by Tommy Birch. Baumler did not disclose the terms.
  5. Mayo $1.75 million and no terms disclosed for Baumler.
  6. No financial terms disclosed. Orioles and Baumler agreed to terms.
  7. Grade C ! The Scott Boras factor was at play here. I cannot ever see Elias and Boras having a decent conversation. Each thinks they are the smartest guy in the room. Would never work. So we passed on Nick Gonzalez to apparently save around $500,000. We passed on some quality pitchers between 30 and 79. Why? Why? Only Elias knows why. Kelley, McMahon, Bleeter. Cecconi. etc. The Dodgers took Bobby Miller at 29. Would we have taken him with our 30th pick if they passed on him? Remember that name Bobby Miller. Future star for the Dodgers. We'll never know if they passed on him.. Our 2nd and 3rd round picks left you breathless or want to break a window. They rallied with the Mayp (signed)and Baumler picks. I'm staying with a C grade. I just heard they have agreed to terms with Baumler.
  8. So is Elias leaving soon to work for the Yankees or Red Sox?
  9. Elias has lost his mind, 219th ranked player at 39. Can't wait to hear his reason for this pick. I know ! He's leaving the Orioles to go work for the Yankees or Red Sox and is sabotaging our draft. I just made that up. Maybe he is leaving?
  10. If available at 39 We should pick one of the following; Kelley, McMahon, Montgomery or Wilcox.
  11. If it was about saving money they could have taken Gonzalez at $5.4 million with Kjerstad $4.9 million. Martin was $7.8 million. The Boras factor was definitely behind passing on Martin. Most of the GM's detest him.
  12. A site that reviews the draft last night gave us a B for Kjerstad and a C for Westburg. Not acceptable ! I've been listening to 105.7 for almost an hour with no discussion about the draft. Any one of us could have gotten an A and a B or possibly and another A with our 30th pick. Elias is not the smartest guy in the room in spite of what he might think.
  13. Value ? not enough value for these picks so far. I'd call Eric up and ask him for help. He is a great talent evaluator.
  14. Talk about a downer draft so far. I think we should let Eric DeCosta make the rest of our picks.
  15. Elias is the smartest man in the room. That has been obvious from day 1. Strike 1 Strike 2
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