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  1. Did this game remind anyone of the Colts loss to the Jets many years ago? This was Harbaugh's worst game as a coach. He looked like a high school coach most of the game. Roman was at his worst tonight. Terrible play calling all night. The best running team ever? We hardly ran the ball. Nobody is talking about Lamar's stats tonight. 365 yards passing and 143 yards running. Total 508 yards. To only score 12 points is amazing. Harbaugh seemed relaxed in his post game interview. Surprising!
  2. The Ravens are the only team in football that can blow out another team and can still keep a TV audience. Why? Because of Lamar Jackson. MVP !! The announcers and media have finally gotten on board with the Baltimore Ravens. Nothing against #52 but while he was here the media never seemed to accept our team. They are on board now and I think even the officials are starting to like us.......maybe a little bit? What can you say about this team? There is no falling asleep watching Lamar. Just AWESOME ! We will be an entertaining team in Miami at the upcoming Super Bowl February 2, 2020.
  3. Where is the Hot Stove Show this week? Still at the radio station by invitation? Givens and Mancini are next and then Davis calls Elias and asks for a meeting to negotiate a buyout. Part of their plan. Millions more saved. Davis will not want to stay. We'll be under 40 mill pushing 30 afterwards and Elias can start over. It appears the days of trading major league players for at least one major league player coming back with prospects is over. I guess they'll stop selling jerseys in the Oriole store with names on the back. That will probably be ending soon.. Will fans buy shirts with Alberto and Ruiz on the back?
  4. I think it's time to raise the fences and deepening them where possible at Oriole Park. It would not be a major expense and would reduce the number of home runs that fly out of the park during the summer months. This would obviously benefit the pitchers and team. There are a lot of cheap home runs that make it just over the fences in all parts of the park. We benefit as well as the visiting teams but I think it would be a huge addition and would help lower our team ERA after it's completed. Lets start working on it NOW. It's an easy job for any contractor.
  5. With higher and deeper fences he could easily have won 10-12 games and with a better pen I can see him winning14-15 games for a number of teams. He is a very underrated pitcher who will excel with the right team. Hopefully Elias won't give him away.
  6. Elias has said they will listen to offers for anyone. Mancini is not going to be happy playing for this team after they deal Bundy and Givens and Elias will want to go to an all rookie outfield next year. Mancini and Bundy are both at $5.7 million. Cobb is next at 14 million and he hopes he gets off to a decent start in 2020 so they can deal him. Cut the payroll down to 36 million and take on Davis. He will do this with the hope Davis calls him and says he wants to negotiate a buyout. Is the draft supposed to be good in 2020? No # 2's for Mike. He wants number 1's. and big profits. Tare down the team and Davis will want to leave. Millions more saved........maybe?
  7. Now what will we get for Bundy, Givens and Mancini? They will be dealt in San Diego at the Winter meetings the week of the 8th -12th if not sooner. Count on it. Maybe we can bring the Norfolk team to Baltimore in 2020.
  8. I posted Olney's comments yesterday on here. Not reading everyone's posts?
  9. Arbitration-eligible Orioles ahead of Monday’s deadline include infielder Hanser Alberto, outfielder Trey Mancini, starting pitcher Dylan Bundy and relievers Mychal Givens, Miguel Castro and Richard Bleier. Anyone else leaving by Monday? Bundy, Givens and Mancini a longshot.
  10. It appears the White Sox and Padres are interested in a deal for Bundy. If memory is correct the White Sox have the best farm system. Any team with a larger park will help lower Bundy's ERA and reduce the number of HR's he gives up which will also hopefully increase his number of wins. I can see any of the larger park teams being interested in him. Seattle?
  11. I don't think this appeared yet; Buster Olney - ESPN Jonathan Villar led all Orioles in WAR last season with a solid season - 24 Homers, 111 runs, 40 steals and according to this metric, he was the best baserunner in MLB by far....and he's put on waivers. Good for O's bottom line, a soulless baseball move.
  12. The Astros originally acquired Villar — along with Anthony Gose and J.A. Happ — from the Phillies in exchange for Roy Oswalt in 2012. The Brewers acquired shortstop Jonathan Villar from the Astros in exchange for minor league right-hander Cy Sneed in 2015. Villar was reunited with former Astros assistant GM David Stearns, who is now the general manager in Milwaukee. "I had the opportunity to watch him play over the last three years in Houston," Stearns said. "A very talented guy, a guy who came up as one of the better shortstop prospects in baseball. As he's matured and gained additional skills, he's proven that he has the ability to move around the diamond." Stearns added: "He's a guy who opens up options for how we construct the roster in the remainder of the offseason." Nothing negative ! Releasing him doesn't keep him from talking to MLB and exposing the Astros if the cheating was going on when he was there from 2013 to 2015. Currently Manfred has expanded the investigation and it now includes 2017 through 2019.
  13. We can all speculate the reasons why Elias has chosen to take this route but other sites and writers like Connolly are trying to figure out why you just let arguably your best all around player last season walk out the door with no return. As one announcer said yesterday trade him for a couple of single A players if necessary but don't just let him go. It's not like he has been charged with DUI's or domestic abuse in his past or something because he has always been a positive in the clubhouse and on and off the field. Nothing bad ! Does this really go back to Elias's Astro days? It appears he is holding a grudge against him for some reason. The Astros organization that is now under investigation for cheating basically for several years. Are the Astros the greatest thing if stripped of their cheating ways? The Yankees stepped up again yesterday and said they were cheating in the playoffs with blinking lights used. Is this a big deal ? YES !! Do all teams try to cheat? Probably but maybe not to the extent the Astros do. How their players and coaches can celebrate and smile saying they are number one in postgame shows is difficult to watch sometimes and is compounded with these revelations that continue to be revealed. I remember talking to Jim Palmer at his book signing a few years ago and telling him I thought teams were stealing our signs the way they were hitting home runs against us. I believe Mookie Betts had just had his 3 HR game at OP and everyone was shaking their heads and laughing as was most of the Red Sox dugout including Betts after his accomplishment. When a pitcher who throws in the upper 90's throws a changeup and the hitter is sitting and waiting for it you know the pitcher is either tipping his pitches or the other team is stealing our signs. Palmer looked at me when I said it and said it looks that way. We talked for a few minutes and I hated to walk away from him as he seemed to be enjoying our conversation but there was a line of people waiting behind me. Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do in sports.as we all know. I remember when Tim Wakefield was in his prime watching him throw butterflies to us at OP and watching our hitters flail away and seeing him throw his lame low 80's fastball and striking out our hitters making them look really bad. They were sitting on his knuckleball almost every pitch trying to hit it. Finally teams figured him out and he left the game. Were the Astros cheating when Villar was there and they were losing? Does Elias worry he may expose them sometime? MLB is not happy about the Astros story with fines and punishment on the way. There could be more to this release than is being talked about. It may not be just about the money.
  14. I think Elias thinks he is smarter than everyone else. Sorry to have to say this but I have been thinking this way for more than a few weeks. If he dumps Bundy and it looks like he is getting closer to dealing him it better be for something decent. If he cannot trade Villar it's because he lacks the skills to trade with another team. It's not Villar's fault. The Red Sox, Angels, Cubs and others will quickly line up to sign him next week. I would like to hear what Dempsey and Palmer think of this move. If Weaver was still managing this team he would be in Elias's office yelling at him at the top of his lungs. Maybe worse! The Winter Meetings are in San Diego December 8th -12th at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel. Maybe there will be a sell off. It's interesting the due date is December 6th for renewing season tickets. Two days before the meetings. .Don't renew and wait to see what happens in San Diego. They always give ticket renewal extensions. Do they have season ticket people they want to get rid of or want to fail so they don't have to pay them salary increases or bonuses based on ticket sales? I don't know why anyone would renew if this move becomes official. My ticket rep in todays email says they expect several younger players to have an impact in 2020 and names Hays, Mountcastle, Akin and more.
  15. Now I know why my season ticket rep contacted me today.. Why would I renew after releasing one of our best players instead of trading him. If they are going to use the money to sign Mike Moustakas on a short term deal for a little more money (probably $11 million per year) I'm okay with it. Villar will be a Red Sox 2B before you can say No Playoffs for us for a few more years.
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