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  1. I was told a few years ago Comcast was trying to buy the team. Doesn't this make sense?
  2. Pick up Iglesias's option and you can trade him later if you want. What is ME waiting for?
  3. For 2B how about bringing back Jonathan Schoop or Jurickson Profar. Todd Feazier one year deal for3B.
  4. Happy Birthday Jim ! My favorite Oriole and the greatest of all time. Your pitching stats are incredible. When discussing the mlb greatest pitchers of all time you are not discussed often enough. I would pay $500 to have lunch with you sometime. I know you like Little Italy. It could be there or Harbor East somewhere. Just let me know if possible.
  5. Over the years he's had Sale, Buehrle, Danks. Giolito, Garland, Contreras, Garcia, Kopech, Peavy, Floyd, Thigpen Gonzalez, Keuchel, etc over the years hes ha over the
  6. The White Sox let go Renteria their manager and pitching coach Don Cooper today. Cooper is 64 and always had a good reputation. 18 years as their pitching coach. He's helped develop some fine young pitchers over the years.
  7. Over by a little. Probably around 70 wins.. 3B and 2B improvement will determine how many over 68 wins.
  8. I'm surprised about Brocail. There must be somebody at Bowie they like or somebody became available they like better. Maybe somebody from the Cubs Hyde knows from when he was there.
  9. Not in his fan club. He lights up the dugout with his smiile. Everybody seems to comment on that quality. Not enough ! Let him go.
  10. He is definitely not the same pitcher this year. Very disappointing! I don't think he is being open with the staff. I think something is wrong.
  11. The 17 yr old infielder has been added to our 60 man player pool. Completes the Castro deal with the Mets. Chandler Shepherd has been released to make room. Part of the Mets International 2019-2020 signing class. Has a good first step and strong arm and they feel he will stick at SS. Has yet to officially start his professional career.
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