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  1. Hit the snot outta that one
  2. The shirt is the MLPA players association Strikeout Cancer shirt. The player is Wojo
  3. Nobody but us bit on Cobb when he was a free agent. What has he done here to change peoples minds?
  4. OZY has an article today where they compare MLB abandoning the MILB small markets to NASCAR leaving the small mostly east coast and Southern Tracks. The jist of the article is that it causes your fan base to shrink. They show a correlation to how cup races were moved to larger venues like Las Vegas from North Wilkesboro , and now 10 years later they are playing to half empty tracks. They believe the minors are a feeder systems that draw fans to the game and by abandoning these area’s they lose the growth of the game they promote. https://www.ozy.com/the-new-and-the-next/will-mlb-make-nascars-mistake-in-cutting-off-its-minor-league-roots/253990/
  5. Baseball reference has Carroll as a -0.5 war for 2020.
  6. Severino, Wynn and Sisco thank you
  7. Trade him to Houston for a ball of ball’s?
  8. We bought a flex pack this year through the Orioles spring Training site. We got great seats in 213/214 behind home plate at greatly reduced price. Cost for two seats were 249 for 5 games one being prime against Boston. That cost was significantly cheaper than single games. Still trying to find out out how to get my free ticket though the season ticket plan. I lost my ticket rep over the offseason and when you talk to ticket representatives they seem to be in disarray.
  9. Who’s going to Spring Training. Me and the Mrs will be there from February 22 through March 3rd. Ed Smith Stadium is 10 years old this year, the refurb. Always enjoy our time there.
  10. Best Damn Oriole site on the internet. Thanks Tony all because of you
  11. Mine would be Woody Held,” swing hard just in case you hit something.”
  12. 4th round Joey Ortiz SS, New Mexico State
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