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  1. You forgot his second book “ Base running tips”
  2. Ben’s been hanging around too much with Mike Bordick
  3. Got 5 out of Leblanc, maybe more, that’s a bonus
  4. I subscribe and it’s actually worth the cost. Brit’s Series on the Orioles was incredible.
  5. Timbuktu’s are good but they prices have skyrocketed. The the Olive Grove which is right up the street from G&M. They are comparable to G&M in size and lump meat but have a little more zing to them.
  6. Has anyone heard how moving players from the roster to the taxi squad works? Do they go through waivers? Does it count against they times waived? Will anyone be released if you can just store them on your taxi squad?
  7. I hate the runner on second proposal. I know I am a dinosaur in age but typical if you make a change for good I may not like it but will accepted it over time. However, as unlikely as this is to happen answer me this question. A pitcher takes a perfect game into the 10th inning. The runner on second advances to third on a bunt, scores on a sacrifice fly and the third out comes via strikeout. His team doesn’t score in the bottom of the 10th. He loses 1-0 , but hasn’t given up a hit or a walk, faced the minimum 30 batters , yet loses. Would this be a perfect game?
  8. How do we develop the new and recent talent with no minor league season this year and big changes coming after 2021? How do we evaluate this first and second year players? Standouts will be able to show some growth at Sarasota but is there any plan or teams to play each other in the Florida like the summer league? i am hoping this doesn’t derail our prospects growth because we are starting to see some real talent in our system for a change?
  9. I am a little perplexed. He does fit the Orioles though, strikes out a ton
  10. I played up to when I was 16. Couldn’t hit a lick but caught everything hit closes to me. Turned into a pitcher and could throw the ball up into the eighties at 16. The coach I had was more interested in getting to the bar after the game so everything I learned was on my own. My junior year in high school my buddies talked me into playing lacrosse where i dislocated my right shoulder and could never throw a ball over 50 mph after that.
  11. Keith Law has an article on this in the Athletic today. He talked of having a combine, like the NFL in May but that wouldn’t allow for game action which is really needed. Maybe some tournaments prior to the draft. He also brought up shortening the draft to 20 rounds.
  12. This isn’t my story but a friend of mine, he was in St.Louis for business during the World Series. He over slept, packed hurriedly and getting off the elevator when his bag sprung open and all his stuff fell out. As he scrambled to pick he stuff up someone bend over to give him a hand. That person was Jim Palmer who was there to do the color commentary on the the broadcast.
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