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  1. 4th round Joey Ortiz SS, New Mexico State
  2. 3rd round Zach Watson , LSU, outfielder
  3. Maybe as a left fielder. His arm isn’t strong enough for Center
  4. This year they threw in a free subscription to MLBTV which is a nice perk. You get reduced price on the plan and any additional tickets you buy, but with as empty as the Stadium might be that may be mute as bargains will be had at stub hub. I do fit in the old guy category.
  5. He wasn’t friendly with and in Palmers and some others he was confrontational with them, but he definitely interacted with. The makeup of today’s players is much different than those in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s
  6. Meant Standard of a good manager, need more coffee
  7. Oops crewed up. Can’t blam spell check for that.
  8. What has always been the nadir of a good manager was how he built relationships with his players. How he communicated there roles and prepared them for the upcoming game or series. This was Buck’s biggest asset. I don’t believe Elias and the front office will do anything to hamstring the manager from building this relationship with his players. I believe with Hyde , Elias believes he has an individual who can balance information up and down the chain without damaging those relationships. Time will tell.
  9. I believe he has delegated that to Hyde. I heard him say he wants Brandon building the major League and minor league coaching staffs
  10. Play in something called Pony league up to junior year in high school. I couldn’t hit but had a big arm throwing around 80 mph at 15 and was getting some attention, but tore a should muscle playing Lacrosse and could never get over 60 after that.
  11. I thought I had read that Elias had stated his first order of business was hiring a manager. He stated he wanted the manager to pick his staff and the minor league mangers, which at the time sounded funny to me . A Bell hiring may bring a wider role than the typically MLB manager where from top to bottom all the staff’s are on the same page. Sounds like a good plan
  12. If a team is giving you half the field and you can’t hit the ball to that side you shouldn’t be in the major leagues (grumpy old man post)
  13. His sinker seems to me to be consistently high in the zone. Shouldn’t a sinker start waist high or lower and fallout of he zone? I see his curveball seems to have that lower trajectory.
  14. Woody Held


    Agreed but the catch Devo made going over the fence in Camden Yards left center was one of the best plays I ever witnessed
  15. The Buck stops with Mike on all baseball decisions, John A.
  16. Getting to know each other period, when asked about currently people in the organization, dodge of cloaked Brady question
  17. Actions are being made to increase international market
  18. I wish someone would ask about if he has made any staff decisions
  19. Plan is to build an elite talent pipeline from the lowest rung of the Dominican rookie league to the major league club
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