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  1. Nice that fans are dong the wave while the season slips away.
  2. They already have this in the mlbballpark app. I've up graded to the club level for 6 to 18 a seat within 30 minutes of game time.
  3. I got it too. Not a bad idea - it moves up the finishing time so that's a good thing in my book.
  4. Whew, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good
  5. Wow no walks ... I happen to put put my daughter down for a nap and this happens ... Time to work on the to do list.
  6. Maybe if Alverez's ball wasn't caught in the first inning, none of this happens.
  7. I think it's more the late renewal following an offseason without really helping the starting pitching. Usually renewal is around the holiday so maybe people spent their cash on other tthings. Personally, the late renewal payment was tough - I have a four seat 29 plan and a club pair on Sunday.
  8. Yes it's a big increase, but I'll renew. Also with the dollar for dollar exchange and ability to trade tickets, I'll upgrade to some good seats for a few games
  9. This is also impacting ticket sales - no prices set for 2016, no renewal information sent out yet - so no dates or prices for season ticket holders. It's risky to miss the holiday shopping season and now people are getting their bills at the same time as renewals.
  10. I wonder if they are waiting for the rule 5 draft?
  11. What time do the stadium parking lots open? I couldn't find that online.
  12. The other complication is 2 LA teams and Os/Nats on the same day. They may not schedule the same metro area games back to back. The would mean one or seven for us. Maybe Lerner gets a 1pm game on the 3rd
  13. You could use different emails for each plan as a workaround
  14. <p><p><p>Roy - I'd like to bid $400.</p></p></p>

  15. Am I missing something? I followed the link to west coast sports but can't find the auction. Help, please?
  16. That really puts things in perspective. The promotions don't seem very important right now. God Bless her indeed. Heard her speak at the first Lungivity event at Oriole Park.
  17. I took upper box, 2nd row!!!!. I like club levels for opening day, but there wasn't an option for them. In the past other seats got released closer to the game, so I'll probably check in a few weeks.
  18. yeah, the season tickets haven't been activated yet. I'm waiting to post on stubhub.
  19. in and out, pretty quick and easy. Wish they would have had club seats.
  20. Or the Chicago Blackhawks with rocky wirtz.
  21. While an increase is never welcomed, as a 29 game plan holder, I do like the notion of an expanded exchange option. We have always had to option to buy extras at the season ticket price.
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