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  1. It's forever. The ownership stake changes over time. Of course, the tv rights fees were not expected to jump the way they have. It could cost more than MASN receives in cable fees at some point. Of course if Pete sells and the stipulation is O's get the same rights fees as the Nats, he makes out again. I think he got $75 M from MLB for the Nats "share" back when the network began. Now the network is worth more than is was in 2006.
  2. you don't even have to call security over; you could text them with the issue. Any one of the fans around them could have as well. I've done it at ravens game when some people have gotten out of control. Never with me, but I was in the line of fire and did not want a drunk falling over seats into me.
  3. Has anyone tried to access their tickets electronically?
  4. The game atmosphere was great, loved how much orange was there and how much the fans were into it. Orioles fans should be proud. I must admit that I am in an extremely foul mood today.
  5. Ok, I've forgiven throwing to the plate now. Nice hit Chris!!!!
  6. No. The pre-sale site was a seating chart where you click on the desired section.
  7. 29 game plan holder presage started today. I was able to get tickets for the games not in my playoff package. System was really easy, it showed each section and when you clicked on a section, it showed a map of all seats and if they were available or not.
  8. Apparently It's available for season ticket holders in their electronic accounts. Hadn't tried that yet.
  9. Has anyone seen the playoff package yet? I have a 29 game plan so I believe I get one game to each series. I do know that the Nats have offered full playoff packages to full and partial holders and a chance to order 2 additional seats per account. Perhaps the orioles will go something similar? The current STH base size should result in having extra tickets available.
  10. Great game last night, went and had a blast. I think Holtby will be the #1 goalie within 2 years.
  11. Maybe Big Ted can buy the O's - every team he buys gets a little luck. The Caps won the lottery to get Ovechkin - jumping over Pit and Chi.
  12. I have enjoyed these last couple episodes! Jack has not killed any federal agents and he is right that no one would do what needed to be done. Prez Taylor has become everything she was against at the start of her term and has no one to blame but herself. If Jack taped the call between Logan and Suberov, then he has evidence to release. I'm guessing he gets it to media or Chloe to end the cover-up.
  13. Will miss this show when its over!!! Can't wait to see what happens and read the various recaps and analysis tomorrow!!
  14. I liked him until this season. BTW, nice move by Ruppert to pick up and body slam a woman (even Jerri)... real HERO. I actually cheered when she hit the basket to win the challange after getting slammed. With the exception of Colby, I'm cheering for the villans. BTW 2 - Yes Candice is hot, but Danielle lloks nice in HD as well.
  15. His contract was too big, and I think he had another year or 2 left. Money that we need to resign our young talent. Last night was fun, I hadn't been to a game since before the blizzard.
  16. A 2 month wait for new episodes ... ugh. As you guys said this was another great episode. I think Jo was the only woman that Dean truly loved - my wife went on and on about the sadness of it all. I hope they have a season 6, but if the shows does end this season, its been a joy.
  17. Loved this show since day 1. The TV show gags were great. Next week's "convention" show should provide some humor.
  18. Certainly overpaid, however since there is no mlb salary cap, you can overpay as long as ownership does not have a hard and fast budget. (And I love BROB, so no flaming please) In hockey and football. you cannot pay extra for longevity and thanks for a long career. If the ravens overpay for Ray Ray, the rest of the team suffers.
  19. Who is this team mentioned in the boston article? "Roche says Teixeira is still talking with the Angels, Toronto Orioles, and the Washington Nationals. " Did the mayflower vans come to OPCY while I was at the Caps game?
  20. IF we get Tex I will be so excited that I will call my ticket rep and try to upgrade from 29 games in 338 to full season in the club box section ... then try to explain it to my wife and franticly start looking for plan partners.
  21. Nice, 2 outs and 2 runs. I'll take it! BTW - Go Rays, keep Empires 1 and 2 home for October!
  22. No, we're here just hoping for a hit/walk/hbp/wp/pb. Anything for a run.
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