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  1. This is a great idea. Problem I see is moving the jumbotron over to the left to mask the Hilton abomination is persons on the 3rd baseline and in left field will not have a view. But I still think the idea of moving it over is great.
  2. Wow Tony great write up. Sounds like the idea of LaRoche is not there since he spoke so highly of Davis and his ability to play 1st, wouldn't make sense to bring in Adam. Did he make any kind of indication as to whom he is considering for that MOO bat? Thanks for the write up great stuff.
  3. I downloaded Hearthfire last week but have not had a chance to check it out yet. Dawnguard was good, I really enjoyed the storyline and some of the new characters.
  4. I believe if the Orioles were not in playoff contention that we would have made the trade for Headley giving up Arrieta and Matusz. With the Orioles being where they are now and September being so important, I think we could not have afforded to trade away two starting pitchers for a 3rd baseman due to potential injuries, dead arms, etc., that may occur. The Orioles seem to value depth at a premium right now.
  5. Not calling you out on this in any way Olehippi, it is just I have seen this argument made by other posters since the announcement last night and some saying that Machado is the SS of the future. I may have missed this announcement but I have never heard the Orioles brass say anything along the lines that he is only going to be playing SS and is our future SS. From when he was drafted in 2010 experts and others have been saying that he has the skills to play SS but that he may be best fit for 3B. The Orioles in turn have tried him at 3B during spring training, they tried him a few times dur
  6. And then Bowa made the argument that the Mets need to trade and make moves bc the team is overachieving and the GM needs to show them that management is behind them. The logic of these analysts amaze me.
  7. When was the last time Matt had a homerun? Dude is due!
  8. I still think this all started from that first pitch ball to Youkilis...:angryfire:
  9. 30 pitches so far this inning...ouch
  10. Brian has been pretty consistent throwing 92 MPH fastballs so far
  11. According to MLB.com's pitch tracker, that first pitch to Youkilis was basically dead center of the strike zone and called a ball.
  12. Wow, Buchholz holds a record of 5-2 with an ERA of 6.58???? I wonder which stat is more deceptive? Regardless... GO O'S!!
  13. Thank you guys for all of your responses. This is one of the many great things about this site. I am not able to follow our farm system as much as I should and like, but I can come on here and have great responses to any inquiry I have about a player. Thanks again.
  14. To be honest, I haven't really been able to follow our MiLB that well this season. I have read a few things about Machado and Schoop and heard some very good things about Delmonico, but also heard some question marks about Delmonico's fielding at 3rd. Is this true about his defense?
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