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  1. I'm holding out hope for him. He may end up being a pleasant surprise this season. It's sad that he hasn't been healthy for us, but it's not too late for him to turn things around. I'm not overly optimistic, but he has the stuff to bring stability to the rotation, and perhaps bring in a better return than what we got for Cashner.
  2. Bummer. This was the first I noticed this post and thought it was a good idea.
  3. Very nice- congrats!!!
  4. I was hoping one of our teams from 2012- 2018 would have won a World Series, but, as good as they were, we didn't have the starting pitching, and it didn't happen. Now, with this rebuild, I'm expecting at least one Championship by 2030, and it would be nice to have a few Cy Young winners to boast about too...
  5. Like 2019, I'm realistically expecting a last place finish. However, if a miracle happens, we could have a worst-to-first season. But even to finish .500, a lot of things would have to go right. Truthfully, I'd be ecstatic if 5 or 6 players end up exceeding our expectations in 2020. Last year Means, Villar, Mancini and Alberto were the ones to exceed my expectation, and I'd be happy if two of them (Means and Mancini) were to repeat or improve upon last year. So, if we have 7 or 8 players finish with a strong season, along with trades to bring in more talent, and we don't have too many injuries, we could finish .500 or above. Aside from repeat seasons by Means and Mancini, I'd like to see Hays, Givens, Cobb, Akin, Harvey and Mountcastle have breakout seasons, and also see more improvement from Santander and Stewart. Maybe Brandon Bailey or Michael Rucker will make the opening day roster and one of them will be a bright spot for us, and perhaps we'll sign another free agent infielder or sign a pitcher off waivers who will pan out. I'm a little reserved about Alberto repeating; I'm sure the league will be better prepared for him next year, so he'll have to work hard to have another successful season. And I'm writing off Chris Davis, although I predict (if he remains on the team the entire season) he'll hit better than 179 and hit more than 12 home runs.
  6. This season I found the ushers to be more hospitable and accommodating than usual, and I'd like to see that continue. There were two occasions where an usher offered us a seat upgrade rather than our usual spot. That was unexpected, and very welcomed! Another time we complained about some rowdy fans behind us, and we were upgraded. Things like this definitely make the ballpark experience better in times like these.
  7. I want another World Series victory at the very least. But I'm greedy. What I really want is a dynasty worthy of making Yankee fans envious!
  8. Very disappointed with this move. We can't keep our best player because he's too expensive, and we can't get rid of our worst player because he's too expensive... Sure, Villar has his faults, but he was exciting to watch, and it seemed like he wanted to stay. I guess this is another reason why they cancelled FanFest. They knew moves like this would deflate fan excitement.
  9. I was hoping for a better showing from him down the stretch, but I can understand how the season may have worn him down. However, I really like that he grades high on make-up and hope he's ready for a full season next year and moves himself up on this list.
  10. I get your point, but I'm assuming there won't be many better options, and I'm sure they want to give him every opportunity to prove himself.
  11. I’m expecting a lot of moves this offseason, and I’ll assume Villar, Mancini and Alberto will be traded, and that Martin, despite having a strong spring, will start the year in AAA. It should be no surprise that Davis will start at 1B. I predict Ruiz won’t make the team out of Spring Training, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see players not on our current roster start the season at 2B, SS and 3B. I think Sisco will have a strong spring and start at C, and, lastly, Mountcastle will have a hot spring and start at DH. 1B: Chris Davis 2B: Player to be named SS: Player to be named 3B: Player to be named 😄 Chance Sisco DH: Ryan Mountcastle
  12. I think it depends on who is considered a prospect, so I’ll only consider those listed on the current O’s top 30 prospect list. And among those not mentioned, I’d expect Austin Hays, Hunter Harvey, and Dillon Tate to spend considerable time on the roster. Possibly Ryan McKenna, Brett Cumberland, and Alex Wells, if they have a solid season in AAA. And if he's healthy, I think Zach Pop gets called up.
  13. I'm sure there will be plenty of movement before Opening Day, but for now I'd like to see: LF: Santander CF: Hays RF: Stewart Ideally, I'd like to see Davis released and Mancini traded before Opening Day, giving Mountcastle a chance at 1B. I think it's about time for Elias to make a blockbuster trade and bring in some true talent.
  14. I see he only had one at bat before being pinch hit for. Was that the plan, or was there an injury? Hope he's ok.
  15. linedrive

    Toby Welk

    I'm with you Luke-OH, I'd love to know the model too, but didn't ask because I figured that was proprietary. My guess would be the same as LookingUp, who mentioned bat speed, which can be measured. I'm sure you know there are other aspects to a bat swing that can be measured too, such as launch angle and exit velocity, no matter what college division a player plays in. Maybe they also have charts for the ability to recognize pitches, foul off pitches, and take walks. It would be neat to have a better understanding of all that when it comes to scouting. But I'm sure some of this played into the two 17-year-old's we just traded for.
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