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  1. I see he only had one at bat before being pinch hit for. Was that the plan, or was there an injury? Hope he's ok.
  2. linedrive

    Toby Welk

    I'm with you Luke-OH, I'd love to know the model too, but didn't ask because I figured that was proprietary. My guess would be the same as LookingUp, who mentioned bat speed, which can be measured. I'm sure you know there are other aspects to a bat swing that can be measured too, such as launch angle and exit velocity, no matter what college division a player plays in. Maybe they also have charts for the ability to recognize pitches, foul off pitches, and take walks. It would be neat to have a better understanding of all that when it comes to scouting. But I'm sure some of this played into the two 17-year-old's we just traded for.
  3. linedrive

    Toby Welk

    I asked Sig Mejdal back on June 14 which player drafted after the tenth round he was most excited about, and, without hesitation, named Welk. He thought the analytics pointed to this guy, and figured other teams would have seen the same thing, but held back because he came from a smaller school. And so far Welk has lived up to that billing.
  4. Was fortunate to be at the game Tuesday night and watch this outstanding performance. It was fun watching the batters take so many bad swings against Baumann. They were off-balance and couldn't commit, and it was great to see the last batter called out on strikes.
  5. Nice debut in the GCL. The 17-year-old went 1-3 with two walks and a run scored.
  6. This is great! Looks like we signed all of our first 33 picks. Hopefully we can still sign some of those late high school picks!
  7. Most pleased with DJ Stewart, Ryan Mountcastle, and Chance Sisco. All three have played well this season at Norfolk, and it's great that two of them have already been called up to the O's and have contributed to some degree. Now I'm looking forward to seeing Mountcastle being promoted at some point, although it doesn't look like there's room for him on the current roster. I'd think there would have to be an injury or trade for that to happen. Most disappointed with Ryan McKenna, Cedric Mullins, and all 15 prospects we received in the 2018 trades (ok, except Bruce Zimmerman. And Zach Pop, Dean Kreamer, Dillon Tate, and Rylan Bannon haven't been that bad). And I'd say that Mason McCoy has been my most pleasant surprise this season.
  8. Ok, just for fun I'll comment on the guys mentioned at the beginning. The only players I've actually watched are Tanner Scott, Tyler Erwin, Ademar Rifaela, JC Escarra, Ofelky Peralta, and Willy Yahn. I don't really consider Jace Peterson, Mason Williams, Christopher Bostic or Zach Vincej to be prospects. They're 26-29 years old and haven't had much minor or major league success. I see them mainly as minor league depth, and possibly being called up to the Majors if someone on the O's gets injured or sent down. But I still like Tanner Scott and consider him a true prospect. I think he just needs more time to figure out how to pitch at the Major League level. He throws hard and has had minor league success the last three seasons at AA and AAA. Glad to see he was promoted to the O's, and hope he sticks. I also like Tyler Erwin and think he may have a future in the Majors. He's had success everywhere he's pitched. Tom Eshelman is young enough, drafted high (2nd round), has plenty of AAA experience, and is pitching decently, so I could see him promoted to the O's sometime this season. He could possibly help out the bullpen this season or next. I haven't given up on Brian Gonzalez or Brett Cumberland, but haven't been impressed with either one. Neither have I been impressed with Ademar Rifaela or Doran Turchin, and I don't think Escarra will hit enough to break into the O's lineup (or anywhere else). Out of Francisco Jimenez, Luis Perez, Ofelky Peralta, and Hector Guance, I like Perez the best. He's had the most success, but I hope the O's take their time with all four and give them a chance to develop. As for David LeBron, it's too soon to tell, but he's looked good so far. Zach Muckenhim has also looked good, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him promoted to the O's by the end of the season now that he's been promoted to AAA. I think it's worth keeping an eye on him to see how he finishes the season. WIlly Yahn is certainly a fringy prospect, so he'll have to keep proving himself every step of the way, but I don't see him getting much more than a cup of coffee in the Majors, if he hits at AA and AAA. I think he's an extreme long shot. Both Tim Naughton and Zach Matson are having nice seasons, and they're relatively young, but neither has pitched very long at Frederick, so let's see how they finish. They have time to turn themselves into prospects.
  9. Much better outing tonight. 5 innings, 3 hits allowed, and only 1 earned run. But the 4 walks are still a concern.
  10. Yes, and I'm a little worried about him. He looked like a great pick, got off to a hot start, and now... an injury? I'm hoping it's just a blip or a hiccup, and not something more serious.
  11. Very disappointing tonight. 3.1 innings, 6 hits and 5 walks, ugh! Looks like he should have spent more time in Delmarva. Starting to remind me of Dietz. Hope he can turn it around; still has time...
  12. Just noticed that ESPN has Adley Rutschman on the Orioles 26 man roster with uniform number 35. Has he been signed yet???
  13. Glad he finally made it! And a very nice start to the season. Hope he can stay and prove that he's a solid Major Leaguer. Seriously, I like this guy, and I'm looking forward to seeing where he finishes in the ROY voting. Just for fun, I'll predict he finishes 6th overall 🙂
  14. I don't think it matters much, although it has increased. Velocity is nice, but if it's straight, or poorly located... wham! it's outta here... unless it's outside of course, and then it's a walk.
  15. Based on how they're defined, I agree with Moose: Command Movement Velocity Then Spin rate and Control. Without command, you're not going to have much success in the Majors, and we can see that with our guys who throw 97-98 MPH and have trouble getting outs. But with command, an average fastball can be very effective, especially with movement.
  16. As much as I'd like to have seen Hess pitch a no-hitter, I'm happy with Hyde's decisions and results. I don't like Araujo being on the team, but it was a good time to use him. There's no need to abuse Hess this early in the season. It was smart to pull him, and I hope it puts him in position to have a strong overall season. There are only 4 teams with a better winning percentage than us (at the moment), so I have nothing to complain about. Honestly, I'd be okay if we end up with the worst record in baseball for 2019 so that we get another #1 draft pick, yet I'm thrilled with where were at and what Hyde is doing. This could turn out very well for Hess in the long run.
  17. You know, I've never seen a no-hitter (or perfect game) before. I've seen Mike Mussina come close a couple times, and wasn't fortunate enough to see that 1991 no-hitter, but that's one thing I hope to see someday. Nonetheless, I think Hyde made the right decision by pulling Hess in the middle of a no-hitter. This isn't 1980 where pitchers are expected to go 9+ innings. It's early in the season, Hess is a young pitcher, and I'm hoping he has a nice, long career with the Orioles. Perhaps this will be a launching point for his career. Rick Dempsey even made a good point after the game, saying pitchers never look good after being extended for the sake of a no-hitter. As much as I want to see a no-hitter, I think this was for the best. I really didn't like seeing Araujo being called on, but it wasn't a bad time to call on him. I'm just glad we pulled out the win. I'm very happy right now 🙂
  18. I'm happy we haven't named a closer yet. The 9th inning was overly suspenseful, and Hyde could have extended Givens, but he turned the ball over to Bleier and Wright, and it turned out well. I like that a lot, and I can't help but wonder what analytics tells us about which pitcher to use to end a game.
  19. Dwight Smith will be the Orioles Player of the Year
  20. I'll agree with your last point, but not your first or second. I think releasing Davis will help the club in a number of ways. 1: we can move on. 2: he'll no longer be a distraction. 3: the club will be better with Trey Mancini playing first base. 4: it will give other players an opportunity to prove themselves at the Major League level (Mountcastle). Either way, I expect the club to finish last. But I can't imagine the front office going through another season or two of his futility, pretending that he's going to turn it around eventually. Sooner or later they're going to grow weary of giving him chances, and he's going to be released, and we're going to have to eat the rest of the salary (unless he can be bought out). On the other hand, if he's hitting .220 through June, then I fully expect him to remain on the club. My prediction is predicated on him hitting below .190 and whiffing 4 times a game without making contact. We have guys at single A that would make more contact.
  21. I'm not sure how I implied that. Of course we can't escape his salary by releasing him. Nonetheless, it doesn't make sense to keep him on the team if he's not contributing. At some point we have to bight the bullet. And I don't think he'll last long if he continues to embarrass the club.
  22. True, you could say that about half the team, but none of them are being paid the salary Davis is, and they aren't as old as he is. They can be released at any time with little consequence. So many of us think it's a possibility for Davis to be released because, if he can't help the club, at some point it becomes pointless to keep him around. It doesn't make sense to keep him if he's blocking other players that can contribute and gain valuable experience. Sure, we could find ways to keep him on the roster just because we're screwed, but how much longer do we want to be embarrassed by him day in and day out? At some point we've got to say, "Enough is enough".
  23. I don't think he'll last beyond June. At that point they won't be able to hide him any longer... unless they can place him on the disabled list (for as long as possible). But if he's healthy, and he's blocking future prospects, and he's embarrassing the club, they will have no choice but to release him. I really can't imagine him lasting beyond June if he's batting under 200 with two or three home runs. At some point the team has to realize he has nothing more to contribute as a Major League player.
  24. I love all the information available, especially on prospects. There's a great wealth of knowledge among everyone who contributes, and I appreciate that.
  25. If Givens struggles during the season, I'd like to see Hyde use a bullpen by committee. Just go with the best match-up on any given day. I wish Buck would have done that when Britton was injured.
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