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  1. St. Louis is always consistently good. Remains to be seen if Houston can do the same. I can see reasons for and against. Just win. I don't care what "model" is followed. And I doubt that Elias would NOT make a move he saw as a potentially good fit because it's not part of a "model."
  2. I'm looking for big contributions from Hays and Mountcastle. At least with Mountcastle's bat. I think Hays should be at an .825 OPS or so with good to great defense. If all breaks well, he could be on the bubble for an All-Star nod. Stewart, not expecting much.
  3. Put me down for McLemore, too. Used to call him Mac Attack. I liked Hulett, too.
  4. My goodness. I used him as an EXAMPLE. As evidence of something that COULD happen. Not WILL happen.
  5. Jeez, Drungo, not everything has to come down to "Well when so and so was this guys age, he was playing here in this league while this other guy was wildly successful over here in this other league." No, the comp was that when Kevin Mitchell was young, he was in shape. And he had an MVP season. And when he got into his late 20s, he couldn't stay away from the buffet line and got out of shape and everything quickly eroded. It had nothing to do with what age Soto was and where he was in his career vs. what Mitchell was doing at the same age in his career.
  6. I can see this. I can also see him going full blown Kevin Mitchell, getting fat and not taking care of himself.
  7. There should never not be a busy time for Elias.
  8. Their website is interesting from what I can tell. I'd like to see the stuff in action but I'm not about to request a demo so I can have some salesguy call me only to learn that I'm an Orioles honk and just want to see what the big fuss is. From their site: Nowhere does it talk about pitch recognition and bat to ball skills. So in regards to Davis standing there looking at strike 3 all season...I'm not sure this can help. In the event that he does decide to swing...maybe this helps. I'm also curious to know how heavy handed the new regime is going to be in dispersing this technology to the big league club and minor league teams, too. Like if you're Mountcastle and you're hesitant about using it...are they going to MAKE you? Are we going to hear guys whining after they leave Baltimore that this tech was pushed hard on them by the FO?
  9. I can't believe she's still around. And I can't believe Gurgi is back on here. Whoa.
  10. So do any of you geniuses want to come up with a number? Or are you gonna just talk about Cobb and deferrals and whine about Davis?
  11. I've got a hard time watching NL ball. Watching pitchers hit is insufferable. And then listening to NL fans talk about a double switch like it's the absolute zenith of baseball strategy is terrible, too. I'd prefer to stay, really. I want Elias and his group to do really well and be able to build a team that can compete with Boston and NY. I don't want to take the easy way out. That said, if it happened...wouldn't really complain.
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