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  1. Yup, I'll say it again. Nats all the way. Downvote all you want. Matter of fact, I WANT YOU TO.
  2. Pulling for the Nats to win it all (whatever, don't wanna hear it) so I thought the Yankees represented a slightly better chance for them to win. But seeing Chapman getting taken deep to end the Series is very gratifying.
  3. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27798308/could-black-sox-scandal-happen-today Long article. Some highlights:
  4. I understand where you're coming from but these guys all have different situations that lump them in the dead money category. Ellsbury, for example, is Mr. Glass. He's perpetually hurt. Pujols has not aged well, his body is beat up and he's slowed down by a significant amount. Yet he still had a .734 OPS this year...I think we'd all take that from Davis. It's certainly dead money but it's not Davis dead money. Cano...probably the same as Pujols. Just hasn't aged well. Dead money but still gave .3 bWAR last year...again, it's dead money but it's not Davis dead money. As much as I'd like to make it a black and white issue when comping these guys, it's not that easy. It's math, but it's certainly very much baseball, too.
  5. I agree with @ShaneDawg85. No one would take on Davis. @OrioleDog I think you gotta put yourself in the shoes of the Giants in this situation. You've got some contracts that are dead weight but...would you be interested in taking on Chris Davis? Even if he was packaged with a better player, it doesn't seem to make much sense for you. Having Davis on your team would present the same problems that the Orioles currently have because of him, which is roster flexibility. Actually, it's more of a problem for you because you can't put him at DH. And if you're struggling to find a 1B type, you could call up whoever you have in AA/AAA or find someone in the Rule 5, waivers, etc...All of who would be significantly cheaper than Davis and most likely have some kind of upside. I'm as annoyed by the Davis contract as much as anyone else but, IMO, there's just no chance we'd be able to offload him somewhere else. It's my hope that Elias/Sig have a true plan for him this offseason and can get him back on track. But as I said towards the end of last year when it was announced he'd be back...why wait until now to implement some last effort plan? I can't imagine that whatever they're having him do this offseason is supposed to be better than anything they had him working on during the season. Anyway, we're going to have to get comfortable with the idea of another year of Davis, unfortunately. Maybe he makes it out of ST, maybe he doesn't. In the end, I don't see anyone taking the remaining contract on, the Orioles are going to have to eat it at one point or another.
  6. Mountcastle, Akin, Kremer. Diaz, depends on how well he's doing.
  7. No. We aren't. GTFO. Three or four years ago, OPACY was packed and rabid with fans when this team was good. Yeah, we're in the dark days now but there's some reason for hope up ahead. We all here know it because we follow every small detail here. The guy who goes to a game or two a year and still thinks Adam Jones shouldn't have been let go doesn't get it. And that's ok. I can't believe just because the Nats are having some success that people are afraid about the future of baseball in Baltimore. It's true that some fans changed allegiances but you can thank Peter for that. That's all his doing, IMO. He didn't do a single thing to make some people want to stay Orioles fans despite a newer team moving closer. There are still quite a few Orioles fans in Northern VA, it's not all lost. On the other hand I can't really blame St. Peter for doing his damndest to try and block the Expos from making the move. But you combat that with hiring the right people so they can put a good team on the field and getting the hell out of their way which he failed to do time and time again. Winning cures everything. Simple as that.
  8. St. Louis is always consistently good. Remains to be seen if Houston can do the same. I can see reasons for and against. Just win. I don't care what "model" is followed. And I doubt that Elias would NOT make a move he saw as a potentially good fit because it's not part of a "model."
  9. I'm looking for big contributions from Hays and Mountcastle. At least with Mountcastle's bat. I think Hays should be at an .825 OPS or so with good to great defense. If all breaks well, he could be on the bubble for an All-Star nod. Stewart, not expecting much.
  10. Put me down for McLemore, too. Used to call him Mac Attack. I liked Hulett, too.
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