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  1. Yeah, I don't think you were totally clear, @Philip
  2. Yeah, @Philip, which is it? He may turn out fine or he's not going to succeed?
  3. Might not have been the best to the left and right, but could he pick it?
  4. I think Mountcastle looked decent in LF last year and I was very vocal about his defensive shortcomings. He's not a bad athlete. I'm not sure why you think he's not going to succeed anywhere except first.
  5. Yes, because they're typically the best athletes and can pick up a different position. Adam Jones started off as a SS before moving to CF.
  6. Mullins probably isn't on the radar for anyone. I know he's not on the radar for SG. He's a 4th outfielder. We're obviously going to get into his sample size for 2020 because that's what we do around here. He hit .271, which was respectable and a .315 on base percentage which is not good. We also need to factor in that a fair amount of his hits were bunts. And is that sustainable? I'm assuming not. It's not a plan for moving him forward. Vavra could be a good get if he can hit and play the position, I have no faith in Hays.
  7. A thread on a baseball message board that's delved into dictionary definitions for verbs is pretty sad.
  8. Good for that guy. Glad he found success somewhere.
  9. Santander: .265 batting average, .325 on base percentage, 25-30 homers, 90-110 RBI. Hays: .270 batting average, .340 on base percentage, 18-22 homers, good defense. Hays staying healthy is the most important thing, though.
  10. Are we spending all the money we can here? I feel that's the most important thing.
  11. Ahhhh, there's the vintage Sports Guy! Seems like a nice 2008 version.
  12. Wieters was fine. I was hard on him at times but from a defensive perspective he was great. It would seem like he'd have to have a hot September to reach the stats that he would each year, but whatever. His cold spells were abysmal but when he was hot he was a joy to watch.
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