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  1. I think Randy Johnson, if he were pitching today, would have a 400 strikeout season.
  2. I really liked him. Fun to watch and was a key contributor to the 2012 team. I was there on 9/6/12 when he socked two homers against the Yankees. Great times.
  3. Yikes, the 1989 Draft wasn't that good. I've never looked at who the Orioles COULD have drafted if they didn't take McDonald #1. Tyler Houston, Roger Salkeld, Jeff Jackson, Donald Haris, Paul Coleman, FRANK THOMAS, Kyle Abbott, Charles Johnson round out the top 10. Mo Vaughn and Chuck Knoblauch went later in the first round. I'm assuming had the Orioles been scared off by McDonald's usage and gone in a different direction, they wouldn't have had the foresight to draft Frank Thomas.
  4. What, you didn't disagree with the "he knows the ways of the world" part of the quote?
  5. Man, I don't envy sportswriters at all during this pandemic. Trying to come up with new content has to be getting old. I'd imagine they're going to run out of things to come up with at some point. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29003518/the-most-hyped-prospect-ever-all-30-mlb-teams#BAL For some reason, Jeffrey Hammonds was the first one that came to mind. I was 8 when they drafted McDonald, certainly remember how good he was supposed to be but I have more vivid memories of people saying Jeffrey Hammonds was going to be, like, Rickey Henderson.
  6. @#!% %[email protected]#! %@!$ &%[email protected] In my sim, Hunter Harvey is already hurt. Thankfully it's not the arm, it's a leg injury. But he's out for 5 weeks. So I scoured my minors, Marcos Diplan is actually performing well. So I bring him up. And what does he do? First appearance, he drills Tim Anderson, touches off a brawl and gets SUSPENDED FOR NINE GAMES. Apparently the league felt that Diplan was at fault because Anderson only got 4 games. At one point I was 5-5 and thinking...hey, this team might not be that bad. Now I'm 10-24 and wondering how my staff will make it through the season. In other words, it's feeling like the real thing.
  7. Are you saying his comeback attempt soured voters?
  8. I agree. I brought up Kohl Stewart who's listed as a starter. But he's my "Oh crap, my starter can't make it out of the 3rd and my bullpen is tired" guy who can mop up a game that's gotten out of hand.
  9. I am learning that if a starting pitcher like Wojo or Milone can get through a lineup 3 times, that's damn good and don't press your luck.
  10. I'll take this bait. It took him until 1996 to get there. Yes, he's there, but clearly he wasn't viewed by some as a manager who was a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame.
  11. Also in my '86 Mets season, I traded for Ozzie Smith as I didn't like Rafael Santana at SS. I traded George Foster and my hotshot minor leaguer, Gregg Jeffries. When STL asked for Jeffries in the deal I laughed and gladly threw him in there. Jeffries never amounted to much in real life. Then I remembered this wasn't real life.
  12. Didn't know that, I thought he'd signed later than that after the Browns had moved.
  13. Yeah, it was. But as soon as the first two Yankees got on in the 14th, it's exactly like real life. You don't know how it's gonna happen, you just know it's gonna happen.
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