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  1. Not having Bundy is addition by subtraction, IMO.
  2. You guys wanna keep stroking yourselves over crabcakes or talk about Servideo?
  3. I watched the video intro, there's some good info there.
  4. Cool, he's a natural righty, switch hitter through all of HS.
  5. Would have been nice to have kept him if it meant we couldn't sign Davis to the contract we did.
  6. Would like to hear more of Richard Justice's thoughts on why he thinks Kjerstad is that advanced.
  7. Beat me to it. Another CoC post ahead about service time! Oh boy!
  8. I think it's more about how you're presenting things, hombre.
  9. I get it, but if they left 300k or so on the table, how much better talent could they have afforded? Or are you talking about going over the pool allotment? I agree with your take on being owned/run by the Angelos family.
  10. Spending every last dollar is silly. And it's probably pretty hard to understand what these guys will want and to work within your budget to get it done. I'd be inclined to agree with you if they did something stupid like spent 6 million with a pool of 12 million...but leaving a few hundred thousand dollars on the table isn't the worst thing in the world. At the end of the day, do you like our draft picks? That's what matters. By and large, I do.
  11. Just happy that they're going to get all their guys signed. Don't care at all if they left some money on the table.
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