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  1. It elicited a chortle. Yes, yes I did enjoy that.
  2. I know, that's why I said it.
  3. I guess. Kinda forgot he was on that team and there are bigger jerks (hey Pedroia, how's the knee?) that are before him in my mind.
  4. That author who wrote the McCann piece...kinda sounds like a kid that got picked on in the 3rd grade, and is now a senior in high school. And the kid that picked on him in 3rd grade is now running for class president, has grown up and matured, meanwhile the author's all like WHAT ABOUT THIRD GRADE?!!?
  5. I think you confused the joy that people got in seeing a guy like that play over his head for a few months...and the possibility that he COULD be turning a corner...with the idea that people thought he was really that good.
  6. Not many people like being right more than you.
  7. Dude, CoC loooooooooooooooves DSJR. Couldn't get enough of him last year, remember? I want to get a bunch of DSJR baseball cards and mail them to him. Maybe a big box of them all at once or a steady drip campaign of one card per day until the season starts.
  8. What are you brain trusts looking for out of Rutschman this year? What are you expecting?
  9. Expecting Akin and Kremer up at some point this season.
  10. Whoa. It's like....a well thought out, measured response that deals with reality. What a concept. Well done, LookinUp, well done!
  11. I suppose. I mean, I wouldn't get my hopes up but it could be cool. With Elias, Sig, etc, for once I feel like a signing like this could actually have some upside.
  12. I think it's pretty great when a low level signing slips past wildcard. Kinda made my morning.
  13. Nah, there shouldn't be any leniency, no staggering. Team's gotta deal with how to fill the gaps, too.
  14. I was expecting to see some of the players getting suspensions. I thought after the managers getting in trouble, that would come down next. I suppose it'd be hard for them to suspend practically the entire team but...it seems that some players should go down, too. I dunno how to quantify how many games they should lose but it's a bit ridiculous that they won't be getting any penalties.
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