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  1. Carl Pavano, top end pitcher? Sheesh, that must have been a rough offseason.
  2. Playing big payroll teams? What about playing small payroll teams like Tampa who also beat our brains in? I don't know if FA pitchers really don't want to play in Baltimore because it's my personal belief that the Orioles haven't tried. I don't think the Orioles have made giant efforts to sign any quality free agents in the past few years. Now if there were constant reports out there saying that the Orioles had equal offers on the table to other clubs and the player decided to go elsewhere, fine. It is easy to say that FA pitchers don't want to come play here because we haven't s
  3. Yeah, I don't really get this either. Sure, there's the argument for getting hot at the right time, but as SG said the team that wins the most games rarely wins the whole thing...in any sport. Your division is your division...but who had better records that didn't get in? The Braves won 88 games. The Brewers and Cardinals won 95 and 90 games, respectively and they made it in. If your gripe is that the Cardinals won two more games and had to play the Wild Card game, I kinda get that. It sucks to have your entire 162 game season come down to one winner-take-all game but at som
  4. I went with Cowser, too. The sneak peek we got to see this year vaults him this high. I know some are worried about the lack of power but I'm not. He's got a chance to be a high average hitter and it looks like he could be in the 1:1 ratio for walks to strikeouts. IMO, he's got a chance to rise faster than anyone else in the organization. Barring CoC's favorite topic of the labor dispute, I think he can get up to Norfolk by season's end and Baltimore in 2023.
  5. I think the ranking is a bit aggressive but I understand it, especially after all that's been covered in this thread. I think I'm excited about Mayo more than anyone else. Including AR and G-Rod.
  6. I think another reason is that the NBA and NFL promote their players better. And the nature of those sports is that one guy can take over and dominate a game. I don't watch Tampa Bay because of their team, I'm watching for Tom Brady to go 30/40 for 350 yards and 4 touchdowns. I watch the Bucks for Giannis getting 30 points at 15 rebounds. I could watch the Dodgers to see Mookie Betts but what if he goes 0-4? Same with Ohtani. The game I went to this past summer, I went to go see him and he was relatively disappointing.
  7. I went with Mayo. More excited about him than anyone else outside of AR and G-Rod, really.
  8. Yeah, I can't imagine that any of the players would want to understand the damage of the '94 strike. Kids these days. They only think history starts in their lifetime.
  9. No, no...milk the pandemic AND the work stoppage. I think cooler heads will prevail. Both sides know what's at stake. MLB and the MLBPA have to be aware that baseball is declining in popularity, lagging behind the NFL and probably the NBA. They know that a work stoppage would be a huge, huge black mark on the game and it would dig a deeper hole, maybe one that they could truly never recover from. There's really not much they could do. They can't rely on Cal chasing 2,130 to gain fan interest, there's nothing like that on the horizon. They can't turn a
  10. Well if you don't have cable (are satellite dishes still a thing? They are the WV state flower, I suppose) or a streaming service and consider TBS, TNT FS1 backwater channels...That sounds like a @waynebugproblem. My parents are old and tech adverse, they still didn't have a problem finding the playoffs. Baseball is losing in popularity because people these days have the attention span of a gnat. That's one of the reasons, anyway. KC won a World Series a few years ago. Tampa is always, always competitive. Small markets are able to do just fine in the MLB.
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