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  1. He's on a tear, for sure. Next season will be really interesting.
  2. To piggyback off @weams, we've got some exciting guys. Mountcastle, Santander, and now that Stewart's bat has cooled, every flyball to him in RF seems to be an adventure so that's exciting, too. These young international signings are essentially lottery tickets. IIRC, Ronald Acuna was signed for something like 100k. Sixto was signed by the Phillies for like 25k. You pick up a lot of these guys and hope you get a hit like that. Odds are that you never hear their names again and that's ok. I'd rather have that than a 27 year old AAAA type pitcher, we've had plenty of those. If you can get a Sixto or an Acuna or an Altuve, well, that's what it's all about. That's what Koby Perez is working hard for. It's what the Orioles have been missing for...well, forever.
  3. @Philipkinda did, he hoped that other PTBNLs are more exciting than this. And then said Bleier looked like a character from the Dick van Dyke show. No doubt he was listening to Chopin, wearing a smoking jacket (with an ascot) and drinking a vintage cab sauv when he made that astute assessment.
  4. Also not a fan of Kevin Brown trying to jam in pop culture references wherever he can like he's a poor man's Bill Simmons. I love pop culture but give it a rest. The game a week or so ago when he mentioned a band (can't remember who) that Ben McDonald wasn't familiar with and then he feigned being incensed about it was obnoxious.
  5. This is a good breakdown, specifically the barrel rate and the hard hit %.
  6. Behind a paywall, but here, Top MLB rookies of 2020: https://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/29894934/top-mlb-rookies-2020-made-biggest-splash Wouldn't have figured an 86.0 average exit velocity.
  7. Considering that Fat Pete didn't let him scout and sign in international markets, he did decent (not spectacular) job. Much like MacPhail had fingerprints on the playoff teams of the 2010s, he'll have some fingerprints on these teams, too.
  8. He's a guy that maxed out his abilities, made the most of his opportunities, too.
  9. Well, he'll certainly be one to watch next year, I'm assuming he gets promoted. Not gonna lie, I love seeing guys like that fall flat on their face though and prove the writers wrong. Last year they were practically ready to hand the RoY trophy to Vlad Jr. before the season started and he's done nothing to back up any of the hype. Mountcastle has over half the career WAR Vlad Jr. has so far in his career with 560 less at bats. Now Vlad Jr. is still young but it'd be great to see Mountcastle live up to Vlad Jr's offensive potential despite not having any of the hype.
  10. Probably not as high as we'd expect because he's an Oriole and there wasn't a lot of hype around him before the season.
  11. Oh, it's about a RoY campaign for 2021, I'm all in. And wildcard will get to remain calm (if he can) about maintaining a top 10 system.
  12. He was great to watch last night. Two starts left for him, maybe 3?
  13. I'm not a huge Stewart fan, but he gets on base and that's something this team really needs. I'm not sure what the defensive metrics say about him but he's one of those outfielders where every flyball looks like an adventure.
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