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  1. Shoulder issues seem way harder to come back from than an elbow. I mean, Tommy John surgery is practically an afterthought, it's a given that anyone having TJ will be back. The shoulder is a whole different beast, IMO. That said, I wish Tillman well and I hope he gets to have another day in the sun. One should be so fortunate.
  2. i think he's just stating facts and making an interesting observation. Not all of us are constantly drunk on the orange kool-aid, wc.
  3. Don't forget the changeup, too. It's pretty much elite fastball, I'd argue borderline elite changeup and a fantastic curveball. It's three quality pitches.
  4. Someone who's a Holt fan, I'm assuming.
  5. Just tuning in. Apparently the return of the Dark Knight hasn't gone that well, it seems.
  6. Now leads the league in ERA at 1.21. Also leads in WHIP at .712
  7. I don't see how this is a surprise. He didn't exactly dominate in 2019. He had a hot stretch in Aberdeen. 2020 doesn't mean anything to me. I know the reports out of the alternate site were glowing and people were raving about him but I don't see how facing the same pitchers over and over again is a telling sign of future success. No one can convince me otherwise. This is essentially the best competition he's ever had to face. I'm not surprised that he's striking out this much...or that he's struggling so far. Hopefully he just needs to get his feet wet a little bit and get a bit more comfortable and we'll be able to laugh about that time we freaked out that AR had a slow start in the minors.
  8. Fry is doing well this year. He'd probably be the one to replace Valdez. Didn't realize Valdez had blown 3 in 11 chances this year.
  9. First of all, Valdez has been solid so far. Yes, small sample size and all that. But no closer converts 100% of save opportunities. I don't think Tanner Scott is ready to take over the closer spot, there's also not another really valid option at the moment. Valdez wasn't sharp tonite and it remains to be seen if he can close at a consistent clip. I don't see the harm in letting him keep getting save opportunities until he shows he's not the guy for the job. This year, anyway.
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