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  1. He can spin his way off the team, IMO.
  2. Harvey is here on a one year deal, no one's confusing him with being a long term solution. His FIP is a respectable 4.24. It's been documented on here, he's been a victim of some terrible fielding behind him this year. Anyway, that FIP is the lowest it's been for him since 2018. I'm not saying we should sign him for another year, although it wouldn't be a terrible option if he continues to pitch well in the second half and he's our 4th or 5th starter next year. None of our young arms have stepped up this year, in fact practically all of them have been a collective disaster. H
  3. Kevin Brown noted during the game that he's steadily been climbing up in the order. With the way he's been swinging, Mullins and Urias could be a decent 1-2 punch here pretty soon.
  4. Good enough to keep Jones down on the farm, apparently.
  5. Pretty sure there was another Urias thread made recently but I can't find it. He closed out July hitting .303 for the month. 23 hits in 76 at bats. .354 on base percentage, 17 strikeouts, 5 walks. He's got about as much strength as an '85 Hyundai but the bat to ball skills are looking pretty good.
  6. Prayers up to Donnie Ballgame, I hope he makes a quick recovery. Certainly hope none of our guys have it, too. Weird times we're in.
  7. He does have some decent stuff. I dunno about having him come in as a closer, I wouldn't be opposed to it as we've got closer by committee going on right now. But I agree, the experiment of him in the rotation has run its course. They clearly like him enough to have kept him around this long and he does seem to have some decent raw stuff. The two-seamer is nice, as you mentioned. I know some people are going to cringe but I do believe he's in the plans, somehow, some way. They could have easily sent him down and replaced him with a Watkins type a month or two ago but they didn't.
  8. I wonder if they'll move Lopez to the bullpen and DFA Valdez when Zimmermann comes back. Lopez might be a guy who can come out of the pen and go through a lineup once or twice. I wouldn't want him to come into a game unless he gets to start a clean inning, but if he can come in for the 6th and 7th innings if a starter goes 5, he might have some value. Hopefully Zimmermann can provide some good starts for this team down the stretch, it would really help with the outlook of the team moving forward. Means stepped up big time this year...and dare I say it, Harvey is stepping up? If Zi
  9. 6k's and 1 walk. Looked really good tonight. The changeup was working.
  10. He's on a bit of a roll, but I don't think this is real. Granted his FIP is better than his ERA by a good stretch so the ERA was probably going to come back to earth. Not striking out enough batters for me to think this is real, but whatever. Totally happy for the guy, he deserves another day in the sun and to enjoy pitching well. He's been through a lot, it's great to see.
  11. Which means he'll be in 2023 at this rate.
  12. I think you're the gaming service time expert around these parts. Why don't you tell us?
  13. Gives Kevin Brown a run for the money in the goofy looks race. Well, whatever. Thrilling day for everyone else but us.
  14. Galvis to Phillies! What's our haul?!?!!?
  15. Annnnd it's 2 mins till 4. I guess a deal for us could trickle in but I'm guessing not. Standing pat. Awesome.
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