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  1. So all it takes is to be relatively young and in the Orioles system for you to hope on a guy?
  2. It's fine to hope for guys like AR, Gunnar and G-Rod, IMO. Completely different to hope for guys like Akin, Lowther, etc. Not worth the energy. It's a shame, I had hope for Diaz. That lasted almost a whole weekend.
  3. You still don't understand. Why are you quibbling over how he uses bad players? Why are you so worked up about Hyde using a D+ reliever when there was a C- option?
  4. Pretty sure AR was anointed the year before we drafted him as next years #1. But, fine, let's rephrase: How bad do you want the #1 pick next year?
  5. Alright, I'll bite. It's been two hours since you made this post, no one's replied, which is a rarity for this board. I'm assuming that's because you've brought these points up ad nauseam in the other threads and for some reason felt the need to make a third thread about it that brings nothing new to the table. So, again, I'll address your points that you, once again, brought up in your OP. Because no one here hasn't done that before. 1: We don't know what control he has over the roster. We like to think we do, but we really don't. I'd prefer to think he has some "input"
  6. This draft is all over the place. Anyone who thinks they have a bead on it is full of ****. There's no clear consensus top three, let alone a consensus #1. All the mocks look really different, save for some teams targeting shortstops, but that's not a stretch when 3 of the top prospects are at SS.
  7. It's not heartbreaking when you're expecting them to blow it. Pleasantly surprised when they don't. @Frobbyat least you saw some great performances from Mullins and Mountcastle.
  8. Yes, they're obnoxious. A good friend of mine can't fathom that they haven't won a World Series since 2009 and have gone an entire decade without winning one. I was born in Sept, '81. I have no recollection of our last WS win. He was born in '88, so he has practically no memory of when the Yankees were bad in the 80s and early 90s. The entitlement is real. I troll him hard by explaining to him that he has no idea what it's like to be truly miserable as a baseball fan.
  9. Man, that'd be fantastic. Considering that I think that we'll be bad for the next hundred years...misery loves company.
  10. Well just because OPS is on his baseball reference page doesn't mean it existed back then, SG. Sheesh. But alright, fine. Allow me to use your logic against you. From '56- '62, Robinson averaged a .961 OPS and wouldn't hit that mark in '63-'65. Those three years included a career low .821. So yeah, the Reds GM thought he was an "old 30." Now if we were evaluating a 30 year old player today to sign in free agency or swing a trade for... tell me you wouldn't be screaming from the rooftops that you'd be against acquiring that player when he hadn't reached his career OPS in th
  11. Think we'll stay in the AL East when we move to Nashville? It extends outside of sports, but it's most visible in sports. Baltimore's inferiority complex is there for most everything.
  12. Wrong, OPS didn't exist back then. That said, I don't necessarily disagree with you.
  13. I wonder if fans of other teams constantly whine about switching divisions or dissolving leagues or whatever. The overriding factor here on this board, as it has been for years and years, is that a lot of you guys (not me, I don't whine about this) are really whining about being stuck in a division with the Yankees and Sox and their unlimited resources. Some of you outwardly complain about it and other times you're looking for reasons why we should be in a division with the Nats, Phillies, Pirates and Mets, not coincidentally teams that are usually underperforming and when they happen
  14. Adam was a bigger guy. I'd seen him in person up close a few times. I was always surprised that he was bigger than he looked on TV, bigger than I thought he'd be. Brady, IIRC, wasn't exactly a big guy. Sure, he had some muscle and he was ripped, but IMO people confuse being ripped with being hyooooge. Brady's frame wasn't huge, Jones's was bigger. Thus, in my two player comparison, the obvious conclusion is that guys with bigger frames and more mass lose their speed more as they age. It's a very scientific study. Also, Jones gained weight over the years, his body transformed fro
  15. Damn, what a game. On his t-shirt night, too. Trying not to get my hopes up in regards to this being legit, but whatever. Just enjoying it. He's awesome right now.
  16. Oh well. No big loss. Eshelman is whatever.
  17. I don't disagree with you 100%. If anything, I'd rather swap the IL games out for more games against AL opponents, not necessarily just in the division. But I still think the last games of the season should be primarily against your division. It should be your division beating up on each other and seeing who comes out on top.
  18. I agree, I'm over interleague play. It was cool back in the 90s when it started and you could see teams that you normally wouldn't see like the Braves and their rotation. But with the advent of mlb.tv and other avenues, you can kinda see the players you want whenever you want. Even back in the 90s, the Braves were always on TBS, but at least you'd get to see them against YOUR team. I remember like '97 when they thought that the Orioles/Braves was a World Series preview. These days, I'm less interested in seeing National League teams. My level of interest drops when I see that w
  19. Vlad has a great chance at winning it, but I think if Ohtani keeps doing what he's doing, it's gotta go to him. Should be a close race though.
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