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  1. Harvey misses his targets, too. Maybe his stuff is good enough to get away with it at times but he rarely seems to be able to hit the catcher's glove where he's holding it.
  2. Bundy is a decent comp, but he's been able to log innings at a consistent rate since his Tommy John. Harvey seemingly can't go 10 innings without having tightness in his arm or something and having to be shut down. He had to be shut down last year, he had to be shut down this year. I'm too lazy to look up his entire injury history but I don't have any confidence that he can throw a lot of innings out of the bullpen without having issues. But Bundy's arm isn't Harvey's arm. They're two separate entities and should be treated as such. Comping injury probability is tricky because everyone has different DNA, everyone has different issues.
  3. Sums it up perfectly. As tantalizing as he is, as good as his stuff is, I really don't see the need to keep giving him chances. And I'm sure that the trade value is low, it's not like we're the only ones who understand what's going on with him but we need guys that can stay healthy. Unfortunately, he can't.
  4. Who's this "we," homie? I agree, it's wise not to speculate on what he's done or not done in the offseasons. But even there isn't a full season next year and they don't have to pay him the full amount, it's still extremely hard to justify him being on the roster. I'm sure it's hard to put an actual dollar value on at bats and playing time for younger players that need it to develop, but that's essentially what they'd be doing if they kept Davis on the roster for any reason for any length of time. Except it doesn't have to be that way. They're spending the money no matter what (I'm assuming they'll have a full season with no fans or limited fans next year) so it's high time that they cut him and let more deserving players have a spot, 162 games or not.
  5. He got squeezed on some more pitches tonight, specifically in the first inning. I don't know if those would have made his start any better as he got hit around a bit but he didn't get some obvious strikes. And I'm not one to usually complain about umpiring.
  6. You're discounting his injury in 2018. Came back pretty strong from that in 2019. That doesn't play into your concern that he can't come back from cancer so it's not worth mentioning. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/i-am-so-lucky-trey-mancini-orioles-cancer As mentioned, plenty of athletes have come back from cancer to regain their form. Mike Lowell, Jon Lester, Andres Galarraga, Eric Davis, Mario Lemieux, Lance Armstrong. You can quibble about Lance but he doped in a sport where everyone doped. All those athletes came back from cancer and excelled. And there are a lot of others, I'm not bringing up Olympians and WNBA players because...WNBA. I'm not worried about Mancini returning to form, I don't see why anyone really should be. He's got access to incredible doctors and trainers and the Orioles will do everything to make sure he's ready to go next year. If there was a correlation between cancer and losing hand-eye coordination, I'd be inclined to worry along with you. But there's not.
  7. In fairness, the poster who started this thread doesn't care about loyalty in baseball.
  8. I remembered his K rate was really low but sheesh. But he was able to strike Mattingly out three times in a game, that's a fun story.
  9. If you want to get rid of him, you've gotta let him play some next year to show that he's playing at a good level before shipping him off. WHICH I KNOW YOU WANNA DO, SG!!! YOU LOVE THE TRADES!!!!!11 Like I said before, I think this team has had a harder time cutting bait with Davis and I won't believe it until I see it. I felt at this time last year that there was no way Davis would be back for 2020. And here we are. So Davis obviously has to go. I'd look to move Nunez and Rio Ruiz, too. They're both a bit redundant. And I'd have Mountcastle/Mancini between 1B/DH with an outfield of Hays/Mullins/Santander. I don't think Mullins is a long term CF solution by any stretch and it's only a matter of time before Hays goes down with an injury.
  10. Where's SG 1.0? Not this watered down 2.0 version where he's afraid of stepping on toes and not saying what he really wants to mean. C'mon, SG, let it rip! You want to get rid of the cancer guy so Diaz can shine.
  11. They gotta get rid of Davis first. Everything really revolves around that, IMO. I'm not worried about Mancini coming back. A lot of athletes have come back from cancer to play at high levels, Eric Davis being one we're all really familiar with. Not worried about him "blocking" anyone, either.
  12. Did Stewart drop a fly ball last night? I gotta say, he looks to be a terrible defender. He's had quite a few muffs in the outfield. Last week there was a play where he had his back up against the outfield wall and obviously didn't know where he was, the ball clanked off his glove. Every flyball looks like an adventure for the guy. I'm not saying he's a bad athlete because he's not. But he's had his share of blunders out there.
  13. I'm assuming we'll be picking anywhere between 5th and 8th. But it sucks because the Sox are picking in the top 3.
  14. It's gotta be Mountcastle. Too bad Santander went down with an injury and Iglesias can't stay on the field.
  15. I received an autographed Ryan Mountcastle rookie card in the mail today, he better be wrong about him.
  16. Although we picked this kid up, it still won't stop some people from complaining that we traded an international draft slots.
  17. I like him too but Tony's post summed it up well. But I'd rather have a utility guy be a great fielder, I don't mind if they're light with the bat.
  18. Mountcastle hitting a couple homers. Hays still hitting well. Good starts from Kremer and Akin and Means.
  19. Tate looks good, @Can_of_corn
  20. He's on a tear, for sure. Next season will be really interesting.
  21. To piggyback off @weams, we've got some exciting guys. Mountcastle, Santander, and now that Stewart's bat has cooled, every flyball to him in RF seems to be an adventure so that's exciting, too. These young international signings are essentially lottery tickets. IIRC, Ronald Acuna was signed for something like 100k. Sixto was signed by the Phillies for like 25k. You pick up a lot of these guys and hope you get a hit like that. Odds are that you never hear their names again and that's ok. I'd rather have that than a 27 year old AAAA type pitcher, we've had plenty of those. If you can get a Sixto or an Acuna or an Altuve, well, that's what it's all about. That's what Koby Perez is working hard for. It's what the Orioles have been missing for...well, forever.
  22. @Philipkinda did, he hoped that other PTBNLs are more exciting than this. And then said Bleier looked like a character from the Dick van Dyke show. No doubt he was listening to Chopin, wearing a smoking jacket (with an ascot) and drinking a vintage cab sauv when he made that astute assessment.
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