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  1. Thorne says it's an unbelievable loss but...I dunno, when this team loses there's nothing unbelievable about it.
  2. Mancini, the maharaja of meh, @Can_of_corn
  3. I don't know why they'd pitch around Stevie to get to Villar. Sets up the double play for sure but Villar is certainly the hotter bat and overall better hitter.
  4. Maybe I'm wrong about DJ Stewart but I don't think I am. He does look good at times though. Oh man, Stevie...
  5. We've got two on, none out and I've got absolutely no faith that the Orioles get this done.
  6. New Rambo movie comes out Friday night. Might go see that instead of watching this dreck.
  7. Right in the nuts. A victory for us after all.
  8. Cool, see ya in the next game thread.
  9. Was there any doubt the Jays would hit a grand slam?
  10. You're wearing Birkenstocks. I ain't worried about much in regards to you homie.
  11. Hey, look everyone! Corn is banging his "Elias isn't really in control cause ownership wants to keep Davis" drum!
  12. K, cause for a second there I thought you wanted to keep Davis on the roster.
  13. Deivi Cruz, right now, at age 46 (if that's his real age) would be a better hitter than Davis. No doubt in my mind.
  14. You campaigning to keep Davis on the roster for next season is one of the weirder things I've seen on here lately.
  15. If there's anyone on a ML roster right now that looks like they'll be smoking meth in a trailer park within the next 5-10 years it's Bucholz.
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