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  1. I'm sorry, but I have to be in the "please send him down to Triple A" group. Yes, his stuff was impressive, however, it took the Jays 2? innings to figure him out. Now of course, this is a small sample size of one game and its up to debate whether it was him or Wieter's game calling, that's not good. It took the AL East an entire rotation through Britton to finally guess his number. Britton first got called up, he was lights out. My point is this, kid has the stuff, no doubt, but he has not faced selective and skilled hitters on a regular basis. Sure he did in Spring Training for an inning or two and last night, but not on the regular. Pitching is a different beast than hitting. I never understood this Oriole philosophy to rush pitchers, especially given our track record. Britton, Arrieta, Tillman, and Matusz alone in recent years. I don't know, maybe its just my hesitation with the failure we've had rushing pitching talent to the bigs.
  2. I still don't like this move. I agree that Manny Machado has been a success making the jump, but pitching is a lot different than hitting. Especially starting pitching. If he gets bombed, he's got 4 days to let it bother him. I agree that this move was seen as best for the team because you have nobody else who can be a quality starter right now and there is noone on the market, but we haven't had success with top pitching prospects making the jump and having long term success. I expect him to do well his first performance because there won't be much scouting done on him and the first time pitchers will be seeing what he has instead of hearing about what he has, but look at all our top pitching prospects we've forced the jump on and how they've struggled. Again, hope it works out because I like Kevin, he's a good kid, and I'd rather be wrong than right, I just don't like it.
  3. Agreed. Batting .354, especially playing the competitive ACC with a 16-12 BB to SO ratio and the 35 SB, this kid I would think gets drafted somewhere. Small and scrappy, with no power may hurt him, but I'd think he is selected between rounds 10 and 20. Again, never seen him play, but getting onbase can get you drafted.
  4. I don't know if he was bad at evaluating talent, I think he just took a lot of risks and that's understandable, at least to me considering we had no depth at all when he took over. If his risks had paid off, we'd be wondering why we let him go. Draft is a huge crapshoot.
  5. Charlie White was 5 for 12(.417), 2b, SB(28), BB, and SO. Only went hitless against Kent Emanuel, a lefty(albeit a lefty expected to go in the first round) Thanks for the scouting reports. Agree there isn't too much prospect wise on this team. Kiene interested me too but he's been plagued with injuries alot in his career. I kind of think the only guy that has value and gets drafted is Jimmy Reed. Reliever forced into a starting gig. I can't imagine Hagel gets drafted for it looks like he has been forced out of the lineup as a Senior.
  6. I will be real curious to hear your take. As he has yet to hit a home run in his college career(though he was hampered by injury last year with a broken hand I think) he did lead the team in batting average his freshman year and seems to have done well against UVA this past weekend.
  7. Being a Maryland fan, I try to follow their baseball team. Being stationed outside of Maryland and minimal college baseball coverage in general, I have to rely on box scores. I couldn't help but noticing this kid has 18 stolen bases in 15 games. In a few games, he's stolen 3 bases. Has anyone seen him play? Its still early, but as a redshirt Sophomore with a .407 avg and 556 OB percentage, has anyone seen him play and is he a possible draft pick? Kid has wheels and can get on base.
  8. Were you watching the game last week where Jim Palmer was talking about them having started Minor League camp too? I thought the same thing and thought, man that is way too early.
  9. I agree that they should add in A Ball, at least in Road to the Show mode. In Road to the Show at least you should have all levels of the system from rookie ball(maybe just a GCL team) to Low A and then High A. To start you should have to do some drills or something to set your attributes and you get drafted and placed at one of those levels based on the attributes. Beginners who are learning the game like me would probably start at Rookie ball while others may start at A or AA. Sometimes you might not make it to the Majors and get cut. My guess is they took out the rungs either due to licensing fees, which can't be that much if MLB 2k has A Ball teams or because people want to make it to the Majors quickly. I just think it adds a level of realism. And thanks, I might try MLB the Show, and I was referring to Franchise.
  10. Can you edit players in this game? Like their names. I know for me, I normally make the rosters based on the spring training roster when I get the game, but as I'm playing the season if someone like Miguel Gonzalez pops up, I like to be able to "add him" to the game. Also, why don't they put all the minor league teams in there. Am I the only one who doesn't get the Road to the Show when you start in Double A? I understand less rungs for a game, but rarely any draft picks start in AA or AAA. I guess I'm also sore about this issue because they do not include the Frederick Keys, Delmarva Shorebirds or Aberdeen Ironbirds. I'm debating on picking this title up because I'm frustrated with MLB 2k(that does have the Keys).
  11. Somebody needs to mention two words to Alex Len. Jordan Williams. If Len wants to make an instant million, by all means, leave, but I gotta ask, where is Jordan Williams now? I think he lasted half a season in the NBA. Alex Len looked horrible last night, granted I'm no basketball expert or scout, but he just got dominated by guys smaller than him. Heck he got dominated by Justin Anderson, a 6'5" or 6'6" guard. I agree he will get drafted if he leaves, but the kid is far from ready.
  12. Maybe disloyal to the conference in a way, but Maryland got it right in being loyal to the student athletes. The reason I am okay with this decision, and I know your question was directed at Tony, is that Maryland has been in the red and staying in the ACC projected in the red for another decade with the revenue sharing of Pitt and Syracuse into the conference. Maryland would have had to cut more athletic teams. Of course I understand that Football and Basketball are the "money makers", but I still believe in the other sports as a way for student athletes to compete and earn a good education. Moving to the Big Ten will allow Maryland to maintain their sports and hopefully add some of the 7 that they cut this past year. I think we lost a good lacrosse conference but we can still schedule games against ACC teams and will be dominant in the Big Ten and I think that we will be a bottom dweller in football, but every other sport Maryland is involved with I think will benefit more from this move. And I agree that being in a stronger football conference will help us in recruiting, especially in bringing in top talent from the surrounding area(North Carolina and Virginia) and stealing those potential recruits from ACC teams.
  13. Jarman8675

    Tyler Kelly

    I don't think the issue is that he hasn't earned the promotion, I think the issue is simply space. And since he is an organizational guy right now who probably won't get much more than callup/utility in the majors, he has lower priority over guys in Bowie and with Britton and Barfield doing well and Machado and Schoop with top prospect types, the Orioles probably would prefer keeping Kelly in Frederick where he can play everyday than sit on the bench. My guess is as soon as there is space, he will be the first called up.
  14. Sorry, I don't think this draft comes anywhere close to the worst compared with our late 90's drafts at least. 1995 we had two guys make the majors, David Dellucci and Calvin Pickering. 1998, we had Rick Elder who, did he ever make it out of extended spring?? Now I will say, I think this is the worst draft in the information era where you can pull up video online of just about every high school and college player in the US, but still, not one of our worst drafts....yet.
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