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  1. It looks like Lawler had heart surgery. He had a stint and a balloon put in. LINK
  2. According to reports that I read this morning, Lawler is in stable condition and breathing on his own. His life was saved by the EMT's backstage before taking him to the hospital.
  3. Born in Baltimore, MD. Grew up in Pasadena, MD. Moved to Glen Burnie, MD around 9 years ago.
  4. I currently have: 2012 Ford Escape V6 Limited (my daily driver) 2008 Honda Accord EX-L sedan (my fiance's daily driver) I have previously owned: 2004 Chevy Colorado Z-71 4x4 2003 Chevy Cavalier 1994 Honda Civic DX sedan 1992 Chevy S-10 Cameo 1983 Ford Fairmont Futura (first car piece of junk) I used to be into modifying my vehicles (stereos, lowering, paint, speed accessories, etc.), but I have gotten away from that in my older age!
  5. MPK76

    McKinnie no shows

    It looks like the Ravens will garnish half of McKinnie's net compensation. Link
  6. MPK76

    McKinnie no shows

    Looks like McKinnie has shown up. Link
  7. It's part of the CBA. If no deal is signed, Rice plays under the franchise tag this year. The ravens cannot start long term contract negotiations again until next off season. Here's an article with various scenarios: Link
  8. The Ravens and Ray Rice have a 4pm deadline today to get a long term contract done. I'm guessing right now the odds are 50/50?
  9. I have been reading this site most every day for years..... and I never saw this before? I'm glad I just found this now..... been laughing all morning!!
  10. Happy Birthday to scOtt and odogs101!!!! Enjoy your day!
  11. MPK76


    I just found out that I will be going to the O's game on July 14th. The Jim Palmer sculpture game. I will be in my company skybox. :2yay-thumb:
  12. MPK76


    My (future) step daughter's 10U softball team won again last night to improve to 7-0 for the season! :clap3:
  13. Happy Birthday justD!!! Have a great one!!
  14. Happy Anniversary to you two!! :beerchug1:
  15. This is the place I go to daily for all of my Orioles news and analysis. I post very little but I read the board continuously throughout the day. I have learned a lot about the Orioles, baseball, football, music, and even life in general from this board. I found this site back in 2005/early 2006 and I never looked back. I have no problem spending the little bit of money each year to post on here if I would like. In fact, as I was going through a divorce a couple years ago and money was tight, I cancelled my membership. Once money was good again, I signed back up. That?s not to say that I don?t look at or read any other sites as well. I have signed up for Chris?s board and I think I?ve posted 3 or 4 times. I still do read that board occasionally. I never got a PM about joining his site, but that?s most likely because I do not post enough or get into many discussions on the OH. I actually had heard about his board through Facebook and signed up a couple months ago. I have read both board?s thoughts and responses on what had happened with Stoner, Tony, SG, Scottie, etc. I will only say that I do not have a problem with any of them. I have never met Chris before, but I have enjoyed the work he has done. I have met SG a couple times and I had just bought my girlfriend a ring from him (although I haven?t given it to her yet!!). I have never had a problem with him either, although I could see how some people would get offended by his ?tone? and remarks. I have met Tony at least once (maybe twice at Hangout nights) and he seemed like a very nice guy. As far as I know, I have never met Scottie either, but I have enjoyed his posts and he seems like a good guy also. I guess what I?m trying to say is that I am going to continue to do what I?ve been doing. I will post occasionally. I will not be getting into message board arguments. I will do my best to not offend anyone. I will read the message board constantly. I will continue to hope for a winning baseball season in Baltimore.
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