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  1. Speaking of George Sisler, this was supposed to be the franchise. Other teams have franchise players, but George Sisler is not on the Orioles roster. He is in the top 10 all-time in most of the orioles franchise batting records.
  2. Let's see...I hear all these people saying that they want Givens in the closer role. Some on here say that he is better in the pressure situations. Am I missing something here? Is this the Givens that has zero, let me say that again...zero career saves? I am not saying that I am against Givens closing and "given" the chance he might be a great closer... but let's be realistic about Given's experience in closer situations in the majors. He doesn't have any experience yet. Brach also only has about half a year of closer experience. Brach is the closer for now.
  3. Hey, one ESPN "expert" agrees that the O's will win the east. I guess that makes the O's a semi-superteam. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/22919123/2018-espn-expert-predictions-which-superteam-rule-baseball
  4. On the O's, he now needs to focus on wins, not saves.
  5. The Cobb signing indicates that the O's will go for it this year, so I don't see them trading Machado any time soon. The big questions is, what will the O's do if they are out of the running at the end of July? Will the O's decide to rebuild or will they continue to keep their current course and not be active sellers? If the O's decide to rebuild, then they would not only have Machado to trade, but Cobb could also be traded for some prospects. The Cobb signing does two things: it takes care of a major hole in the rotation or it could also net us some prospects if the O's collapse.
  6. For the November issue, Reader's Digest asked their readers to nominate their nicest place in America. This was not a best stadiums article, so it was surprising to see Oriole Park on the list. Oriole Park finished in the top 10. Very nice article that discusses how Oriole Park is a fan friendly place to watch a ballgame. Readers Digest 10 Nicest Places in America
  7. But on May 14, 2016, we were 23-12 or 11 games over after a 7 game win streak and then went 5-10 the rest of May and let Boston pass us. Hopefully, we do not repeat that weak performance and we continue to be strong throughout May and into the summer.
  8. Good point. I find it amazing how people try to turn things racist that are not. Do you really think that Dan was intentionally making a racist remark. He mentioned one name (Trumbo) and the person happens to be white and people want to turn it into racism. If he used Adam Jones, people would have probably figured out a way to turn that into a racist statement also. I think the comment had to do more with people of Balt. identifying with a "hard-working, get the job done as a team" type of guy. Bautista is not that. He may have worked hard to get where he is, but he is pompous and arrogant. That is why Oriole fans don't care for him. His contract demands were not that of a humble working class guy. It was more of the attitude of a spoiled rich guy.
  9. harp6

    OH Bracket

    0 for 1 already. Princeton was one of my first round upsets.
  10. Nice find. Bookmarked this site. Thanks
  11. Would most people have the same impression as Brady? Do you think Rickard started strong and then faded. I know I did, but the numbers don't back it up. He did not have a strong May as Brady stated. Actually, Rickard hit very well only to April 21. Then he faded through June 9. Then he picked it up the rest of the way to his last game on July 20. So he had a strong start, poor middle, but ended well before he was sidelined. This, of course is a small sample size, but overall, I think that he has some potential.
  12. Did you look at previous years home/away splits. They were not good. Blackmon had his best year in 2016. It was also his best home/away split. I don't like to place a players value on the previous year only. I would still like Blackmon, but not at a high price. His numbers will most likely come down after having his best year of his short career and his best year away from Coors.
  13. harp6

    MLB Bans Rookie Hazing

    I find it interesting that they now include all kinds of groups out there that could be offended. They even include groups that wouldn't have been considered just 5 years ago. But the one that used to be on most list, but is not included anymore is religion. I guess it is OK now to offend religions or does that get put down to the "other characteristic."
  14. No. This ump has just been bad. Most of the umps do a good job now of days. This ump has been calling against the O's all game. ' At one point the commentator said the strike zone was in favor of the pitcher earlier in the game, but now the ump is calling a tighter game. He made the comment when the O's were pitching. The ump had a wide strike zone when the Blue Jays were pitching earlier in the game.
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