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  1. So then how do you know everyone else had him at 15 on their boards?
  2. Wow. Since you obviously know what everyone’s board looks like, please post them all here. We’d all be very interested.
  3. I think Valencia is the answer to the "who platoons with Rasmus" question. He can also play for Davis at 1B against lefties if Buck doesn't want Trumbo at first. I think that's more likely why they signed him than those of you focusing on how he's useful as a 3B with both Beckham and Machado over there.
  4. Just heard it from a buddy. Didn't see any post on here. Please delete if necessary .
  5. People are still falling for IncarceratedBob b.s. in 2017?
  6. Yes, correct, Trumbo in right against lefties, my mistake. While I like Mancini, where are you going to play him if not as a pinch hitter and full-time DH against lefties? He's very limited defensively, he won't be playing much 1B since we have a Gold Glover there in Davis, and he's never played an inning at any other position in the minors.
  7. So, are we pretty set on these as the lineups? vs RHP RF Smith CF Jones 3B Machaco DH Trumbo 1B Davis 2B Schoop C Castillo LF Kim SS Hardy Bench Joseph, Flaherty, Rickard, Mancini vs. LHP LF Rickard CF Jones 3B Machado DH Trumbo 2B Schoop 1B Davis C Castillo DH Mancini SS Hardy Bench Joseph, Flaherty, Smith, Kim I'd still like to see another defensive-minded OF signed and Mancini traded or sent to AAA as the first callup when somebody gets injured.
  8. Haha, thank you, I'm a professional lurker!
  9. I don't know who Sir_Loin's source is or where the info is coming from, but it can't be disputed that he has posted info in this thread hours and even days before media guys reported the exact same nuggets later on. Take the info with a grain of salt if you wish, but don't kill the messenger. He's been spot on the whole time, and I for one appreciate the insight.
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