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  1. yes but my point is in over half of those "long relief appearances" of at least two innings he has given up at least a run (that is true for last year and this year). Also, because he gives up way too many hits -- and the goal of the long man and mop up guy is to keep the game within reach and not give up runs and give the offense a chance to scratch their way back into things -- Buck took him out well before that two inning plateau. His hits/innings pitched are way too high. He expect a long reliever to hopefulyl go 1 time through the lineup. That gets you to 2+ innings. He gave up too many hits and couldn't do that. And by the way, for a left, he can't get lefties out.
  2. Last year, he gave up 83 hits in 74.2 innings. Garbage for a reliever. He pitched in 38 games. That's fewer than 2 IP per appearance. That is not a long reliever! Plus he has now given up Earned Runs in four of his six appearances. His only two appearances without an earned run were one inning appearances. That is not a long reliever. And that is certainly not a major league reliever. Garbage. Is it time that the Eddie Gamboa experiment finally gets a chance in the big leagues?
  3. If a guy can't pitch on back-to-back days every once in a while then does he belong in a major league BP? Tommy being used on back on back days is not the issue. It was just bad pitch selection (and the lead off HBP by Matusz followed by the walk by Hunter didn't help.) Truthfully, guys are in the BP for a reason. If they are overexposed, they get burned. Feldman battled tonight, but going only 5 1/3 (after Norris only going 5 IP yesterday) the BP is going to get used a lot -- and abused.
  4. Worth taking a shot with him. Truth is, I think Theo is overrated as a GM. Most of the deals that led to the '04 WS Champs were Duq's doing. Theo has made some really bad bad moves (i.e. Crawford, AGon, Dice-K, etc.)
  5. any email address can vote up to 25x. I voted with four email addresses today. Let's keep in up. Markakis deserves to go because it is crazy that in all those years where the O's had only one token All Star, he never repped the team. Ty Wigginton was an Orioles all star but Nicky wasn't?!?! Let's make it happen. We have until midnight on Thursday. Let's vote him in!
  6. Assuming Hammel is healthy and starts Friday and Gonzo will be back to start Saturday, I'm fine with Britton starting Sunday. Truthfully, I think Garcia is better out of the BP anyway because he brings such a different look from a SP. The problem is when hitters see him more than one time through the lineup
  7. Tillman has been impressive tonight, not just because of his pitching line. He started off rough and was up to 40+ pitches after two. He got the last out of the first on a play at the plate! Yet, he settled down. It reminds me of how Hammel pitches. He is able to forget about getting into trouble early on. That is what Arrieta needs to learn in order to be lights out
  8. Freddy Garcia starting vs. Angels on Saturday as per Ken Rosenthal via Twitter: Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal 3m Source: #Orioles planning to promote Freddy Garcia from Triple A and start him Saturday against #Angels.
  9. yes, but we can make the same argument about Arrieta at points. He isn't that pitcher right now.
  10. he actually was. In the Third after being given the lead, he proceeds to give it up. He bent but did not break. He waited until the 6th to actually break. He only had one 1-2-3 inning. That sounds pretty horrible to me, especially given who was in the M's lineup and getting hits: Bay, Andino, Ryan, etc.
  11. the need to rush these guys is because there are no other guys. An attempt to not rush these guys lead to Josh Stinton starting a game for us...
  12. Well, it is clear Britton isn't the answer. I know that some will call this post too reactive, but he hasn't looked comfortable or confident on a big league mound since 2011. Arrieta isn't the answer and Britton isn't the answer. Stinton was a joke. If not Johnson yet, then bring up Garcia now before moving him to the bullpen.
  13. also: Steve Johnson tonight for Norfolk: Steve Johnson goes 5 2/3 innings at AAA Norfolk. 4 hits, 2 runs, 2 walks, 8 strikeouts, 1 WP. 87 pitches, 59 strikes
  14. I say it is time for the merry go round to continue. Britton did nothing tonight to warrant a second start. He didn't look comfortable out there. I'd say Steve Johnson is next up. Bring up Garcia as well, but not as a SP. I think he is much more effective in the BP. We need an extra BP arm any way with the way our starters have been going. I like Dickerson but he hasn't played. Send him down for the extra arm in the BP.
  15. According to Dan Connolly on Twitter: Things we are hearing: LJ Hoes is here; Kevin Gregg has left the stadium with his suitcase -- we'll be down in the clubhouse soon Glad we are giving Hoes a chance (though with the Triple A season ending he hasn't played in a while) and glad we are finally getting rid of dead weight in Gregg
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