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  1. What?!?! Why would we have only 8 MIL left for this season? Aren't we significantly under last season's payroll? This is MADDENING!
  2. Oh man, the infamous Matt Riley. Blast from the past there.
  3. I like Cobb because he is AL East battle tested. Career splits vs AL East: Red Sox: 14 games, 3.43 ERA in 81.1 IP, 1.254 WHIP, 6.4 K/9 Yankees: 14 games, 2.99 ERA in 90.1 IP, 0.996 WHIP, 6.5 K/9 Blue Jays: 8 games, 3.23 ERA in 47.1 IP, 1.056 WHIP, 7.2 K/9 Orioles: 12 games, 2.70 ERA in 73.1 IP, 1.200 WHIP, 8.2 K/9
  4. I want the Nats to get swept by the Cubs and then, similarly, the Cubs to be swept by whichever team comes out of the West. I would prefer AZ or COL to be playing, but the Dodgers don't move the needle for me one way or the other. I simply don't care about them, possibly due to proximity and the fact that I know exactly ZERO Dodgers fans. For the AL, it's Houston or bust. Can't stand the others.
  5. Murray's 500th HR anniversary also carries a bit of a numeric curiosity. He hit his HR in section 96 of the bleachers on 09/06 in '96. 96-96-96. Always thought that was cool.
  6. Come on Adam, just a single.....
  7. Oh Good! I haven't seen Felix in ages! Oh, PIES.....
  8. Kyle Seager - damn you. We still haven't seen a no-hitter since the 1991 joint effort.
  9. At 56-56 we have 50 games remaining in our season. What does everyone think our record needs to be in order to nab that last wildcard? Let's take a look at the Wildcards since the 2nd WC was instituted in 2012: 2016: O's and BJs = 89 wins; Giants and Mets = 87 wins 2015: Yanks = 87 wins, Astros = 86 wins; Pirates = 98 wins, Cubs = 97 wins 2014: KC = 89 wins, A's = 88 wins; Pirates and Giants = 88 wins 2013: Rays and Indians = 92 wins; Pirates = 94 wins, Reds = 90 wins 2012: Orioles and Rangers = 93 wins; Braves = 94 wins.
  10. Debatable. "You are what you record says you are," to quote Bill Parcells. Still I wouldn't call teams with .568 and .571 winning percentages "lousy." I sure WISH the O's were that lousy.
  11. Colorado (64-48) and Arizona (63-48) hold the 2 NL WC spots right now, so I'm not sure about your comment. Colorado has more wins than every other team save LAD, HOU, WAS - same with Arizona except they are tied in wins with BOS.
  12. Tim Beckham: 345 PAs; 24 BBs; 110Ks Should ft right in
  13. Well, Ruzious did say "arguably the O's MVP." I still think it is Bundy myself solely based on performance but I think Miley garners some votes simply due to the "shock factor" of his performance thus far. I think most of us were hopeful/optimistic that Bundy would become a number 1 starter and we've been treated to an All-Star performance. I don't believe any of us expected much from Miley and he has vastly exceeded what most predicted. So, maybe Miley's not the O's MVP, per se; maybe he falls in the "Most Improved" or "Most Surprising" category.
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