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  1. Definitely time for Jake to go down. Way too inconsistent. We need to trade for a pitcher and hope Tillman can be average or passable.
  2. Does his 7 days between starts effect his velo? It was pretty crazy high today, sitting at 95 and touching 97 in the ninth.. Any reason to think he will be less sharp on the usual 5 days?
  3. Fantastic from Tillman. Just what we needed. Keep it up!
  4. What a huge boost he could be.. Not banking on it, but his stuff is very very good and his command is so much better than it ever was. He has painted the outside corner tonight and he has been down in the zone. He was rarely down in the zone previously in his career.
  5. Which will be key IMO when his curve isn't great, (a la Arrieta)
  6. This is good. If we can somehow split with the Angels after this, I will actually feel pretty good going into the all star break.
  7. Tillman is looking real nice right now. FB is down and great velo, curveball is actually being thrown consistently for a strike (never happened in the past).
  8. I was too. I think we all were. Pretty weird for Brian to look solid in 6 straight starts, only to fly off the handle again.
  9. I think those of us that hope he can still be great look to the back half of 2010. And it's not just the numbers (like Bergesen), but the way he dominated as a crafty lefty. He's no longer doing that anymore, but to just dismiss him as "not that good" discounts a very good 2nd half and I'd say a solid 2010 in the AL East (4.3 ERA in 32 starts). 2011 was a complete disaster, but he also came up in his first few starts without a major league fastball. I believe he topped out at 88 and was routinely throwing an 86 MPH FB. He can't succeed with that and lost his way quite a bit from that IMO. He
  10. If only you actually supported your opinions with analysis..
  11. When referring to a season of garbage, I was referring to his 6.32 ERA THIS season before his last 3 solid starts.
  12. Go ahead and ride your high horse when Matusz looks bad. And BTW, Jake has only done well the last 3 starts because he has commanded his stuff. They are different pitchers and have different keys to success, but if Matusz is on his game, he can be as good as anybody. Time to send him down and see if he find that change up and solidify his FB mechanics. He's had it in the past, we'll see if he can get it again.
  13. 3 good starts after a season of garbage warrants Arrieta a pass? Matusz had his ERA all the way down to 4.41 just 3 weeks ago and now everyone wants to give him the boot (including me). Don't count me in as one that trusts Jake. I've done it too much with Matusz and Arrieta, thinking they were going to turn a corner, only to see them be completely lost again. I believe in the talent of both still, I don't trust that either will be any kind of consistent until it last for longer than 5 or 6 starts.
  14. As frustrated as I am right now, I agree here as far as waiting it out. The talent is still there for each guy. Every single one has had solid stretches in the majors, and not just smoke and mirrors, but actual execution of good stuff (except for maybe Tillman). I'm willing to wait it out. I don't think we should sell low. In the Britton thread, I stated that we should give them all time down in the minors to regain confidence/mechanics and force their way back.
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