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  1. I know what you mean, but feel good about the fact that you just acquired one of the best pitchers in the game. Don't think '07 was just a fluke - we saw flashes of brilliance in '05 and '06 as well. Still, I do know where you're coming from. But us O's fans have suffered for so long, we needed this
  2. This is great news. It doesn't get any more credible than this. I can't wait until we find out who we get tomorrow.
  3. Wow. That's it, deal's done as long as everyone passes their physicals.
  4. Maybe we could clone him and get the best packages from LAA, SEA, and LAD
  5. MLBtraderumors.com rumor backed up by a post on an mlb.com forum? Uhh, ok.
  6. I wouldn't trust a damn thing that came off of mlbtraderumors.com.
  7. As much as I'd like to believe the thing about the mother booking flight arrangements, I'm not sure that I do. There's likely only one person who handles the flight arrangements, and he's claiming that she's leaking inside information. If word got out about stuff like that, one would think she wouldn't last in that position very long. But, again, I hope it's true
  8. That's why you simply wait until everyone's slowed down to a point where it's obvious they're about to come to a complete stop. Not that hard.
  9. That would make sense, but I'm 100% sure no cop will ever pull you over for doing this
  10. Even worse, some people seem to be afraid of turning left unless they have the green arrow. I have to deal with an intersection like this everytime I come home from Rockville, and I'll be behind someone in the turn lane, looking at the green light, looking at the opposing traffic and seeing NO CARS, and then sit and wait because the jackass in front of me is too scared of going through the intersection. Maybe it's because they can't see around the car in the opposite turn lane, but that problem could easily be avoided by pulling out into the f'ing intersection like you mentioned. People complain about aggressive drivers a lot, and I agree they are a problem. But I think the cause of aggressive drivers are what I call passive drivers - people who are careful to a fault when driving, thus slowing traffic down and leaving people like me utterly pissed off.
  11. It's not only not the same, it's totally different. Killing and speaking out against something are two completely different things. They aren't causing physical harm. And I doubt they're actually AT the funerals, probably just outside the funeral home somewhere on public property where they, sadly, have the right to protest. I'm not trying to defend these people, just pointing out that they are doing this with "good" intentions. I still hope someone torches their church with all the members inside someday though.
  12. The thing with them is they ARE just idiots. One could call them hate mongers, but in their heads they truly believe they're doing good. I saw a special on them and they were just completely oblivious to the fact that they were hurting people. They thought that by showing up to funerals of fallen soldiers they were helping to spread a good message, that they were doing the surviving family and friends a favor. As far as religious extremists go, I'll take these obnoxious idiots over those who think blowing themselves up in a crowded area will send them to heaven. That said, one of these days this group is going to piss off the wrong person and they'll have a lot more to fear than the "wrath of God".
  13. True, but it'd be nice to feel like they accomplished something you know? Does The Greek make another appearance in later seasons, or is he gone?
  14. Just finished it, I had a slow day yesterday It definitely picked up but so far I've found in both season's one and two the show takes awhile to get started, then after it does it gets pretty good. I actually found myself caring about the dock boys by the end, especially for Frank who was really just a hardworking guy struggling to keep up with the change in the country's economy (less exports, less work). Omar's probably my favorite character among the gangsters, can't wait to see him go after Stringer. One thing that does bother me a bit though is that they never seem to solve the big case. It may be more realistic this way, but in season 1, Avon got off pretty light, Stringer didn't get busted at all, and the crew is still operating. In season two, The Greek gets away. And speaking of The Greek, why is it significant that the FBI agent that was thought to be working in San Diego was actually moved to counter-terrorism? How does that explain why he's helping out The Greek? I've got season three downloading right now and should have it finished pretty shortly, I'm really looking forward to it.
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