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  1. If only they brought him in earlier like everyone wanted to. I fear it is too little too late, but we have gotten glimpses of the team we have wanted to see all season, and that team would have no problems getting top half of the table (or at least midtable). I put our current chances of staying up at 15-20% and had that Aguero offside goal been correctly ruled and we won that 1-0, I would double that, but that is the trouble when you leave it so late. Still think we can do it, but smart money is definitely on the Mackems at this point.
  2. Neither. I cannot physically make myself root for division rivals during the course of the season. There are two exceptions to the rule is late August and after, when the playoffs are on the line, I can be deluded into thinking that I want one division rival over another. The other exception is the Rays. I don't mind the Rays winning against the Yankees, BJ's or RS.
  3. I did not think the elbow was as bad as they are making it out to be. Coleman grabbed and was holding Cisse's arm. Cisse swung his arm to get free twice, and then got mad when Coleman hung on for two swings, and got him with deliberate elbow in the chops on the third attempt. Clear red card. However you could argue that Coleman gave away a foul in the box (penalty) by holding onto Cisse's arm. Glad Pardew is out, but before I get excited I want to see what they do for a new manager....ahem head coach. I am pretty sure its going to be a foreign coach, as I don't think many English managers would want to work in the setup that Newcastle has, which is a very continental European approach. DeBoer would be my preference, but I doubt Ashley would flip out the cash and assurances needed to interest him to leave Ajax. Its a shame because with the current young core at the club, a development savvy coach coupled with a few additional Newcastle-esque purchases, could really propel the Toon up a level. Likely that Ashley brings in a cheap replacement who would be swayed by the prestige of the Newcastle job, although that prestige is not what is was, and is going in the wrong direction due to the ongoing soap opera that is created by ownership.
  4. I thought Pardew should have been replaced over the Summer. He is an average Premier League manager, and his tendencies and philosophies do not really mesh with most of the Newcastle first team. There has been a lack of development of young players over the past several seasons and we tend to make the same mistakes repeatedly. One thing I will say about Pardew is that when first team players hit form, under Pardew he is good at keeping it going. On the flipside when things do not go well, he has struggled to be able to shake it up effectively. Preferably I would want a better manager, but if Newcastle keeps selling our best players, there is not much of a point, which is more of an indictment on ownership than management. All that said, he has really lucked out in that there appears to be a plethora of young players breaking through and turning into good premier league players this season and all hitting form at the same time. Ameobi, Perez, Aarons, Abeid, and Dummet all look like legit players. Couple that with new signings starting to find their feet (Cabella, Janmaat, etc) and good form from people like Sissoko and Coloccini and is the reason for winning 5 on the bounce. Another thing that is promising is there looks like there is another crop of young players (Adam Armstrong noticeably is England youth international and playing for the U-21's at 17) knocking on the door for the first team and several good players (De Jong, Cisse, Tiote) are out injured and should theoretically return at some point this season and can hopefully contribute. So long story short I am not a Pardew fan, but I don't see the point in replacing him if we keep selling the best players and rebuilding the squad every season. Pardew can get mid table and push Europa (in a weak league) but he is never the guy to mount a sincere challenge.
  5. Yeah- I'm not sure if the middle of the pack has caught your typical top 6 or your typical top 6 have yet to figure it out yet, but league is very competitive this season, outside of Chelsea. Burnley is a lost cause. I could see Leicester stabilizing some, but still going to be a struggle for them to stay up and QPR is playing better than their results. Villa look pretty bad as well. Hull could be in trouble as the Europa League kills teams with those Thursday games. Should be a fun November- January period coming up and things should start to take shape. I am hopeful that Newcastle can keep it up as they are relying on some young good players to get it done at the moment, but form can fade as fast as it appears in the first place.
  6. Have not posted in the footy thread for a while due mostly to my ambivalence (Newcastle off to a poor start), but I suppose now is as good of a time to poke my head out as any fresh off winning at Spurs, at City, and Liverpool at home. Never a dull moment in Geordieland. Not sure what to make of this season so far. It looks like barring major injuries, Chelsea is going to run away with the league. After that Soton is 2nd and West Ham are pushing for top 4? While I think this will regularize over the next couple of months, it makes for interesting narrative at the moment. I think the promoted teams may be the weakest bunch I can remember for a while and the Championship is a packed lot as well.
  7. I read that Wor Jonas's cancer has spread. Terrible season thus far but its not like we were not asking for it shipping off Ben Arfa and M-Biwa on deadline day, not replacing Remy, and Pardew still at the helm.
  8. Nothing wrong with the football leagues. We were in the Championship none too long ago. Do you rate the 2 lads we signed last week? I know Lascalles from fifa, but cannot say I have ever actually seen him play.
  9. Just saw the second part of this: I was talking with a West Brom fan and a Villa fan the other day. WBA are optimistic that they can push on this Summer after a few decent signings including some Nigerian dude who has a penchant for the spectacular and they broke the bank for. Villa conversely are preparing for life in the Championship after signing a bunch of retreads. I know West Ham signed Ener Valencia who hit a hot streak in the World Cup for Ecuador. Closer to home, Newcastle has had a very aggressive Summer Shopping session. We brought in Siem De Jong from Ajax (their captain and scored a couple of nice goals in the Champions League against City), Remy Cabella (another highly rated Frenchie and attacking midfielder), Daryl Jaanmat (Dutch right back in the WC) as a replacement for outgoing Debuchy, Ayoze Perez (leading scorer in Spanish second division and Spanish U-21 international) Emmanuel Riviere from Monaco, and Jack Colback on a free. De Jong, Cabella, and Jaanmat should go right into our starting 11 and we should be better off for having them. With Everton in between forwards, Southampton team getting destroyed, and our improvement I could see us jumping up several spots from last season and even pushing top 5 if a few breaks happen (we bring in another goal scorer- rumors abound, Cisse bounce back, and not selling anyone else, and Ben Arfa getting out of the doghouse). Also a couple of youngins have really impressed me at Newcastle. Keep your ears open for Adam Armstrong and Rolando Aarons who could both get a shot at first team minutes this season or next. Armstrong has a good youth international record for goal scoring and both Manchesters have been poking around. Aarons is a Jamaican winger who got onto the first team bench a couple of times last season and passes the eyeball test from what little I have seen of him. I put at us at 5-8, but you never know with Newcastle. The only thing you know for sure is that the fans will turn up.
  10. Debuchy is better than Sagna, although Sagna going to a rival hurts. The best part (from my perspective), for what we sold Debuchy brought in the starting Dutch right back (Janmat) and Emmanuel Riviere (who not too long ago had links with Arsenal). Arsenal are sitting pretty at the moment imo. Sanchez will help out with goals and cover for when injuries occur with Walcott, etc. Bring Song home.
  11. Busy busy busy window thus far. You know its a big money Summer when even Newcastle is spending money (brought in 6 players already). Recap: Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas, Matts Hummels, Alexis Sanchez, Herrera, Ener Valencia, etc all coming to England. Kroos, Suarez, Mandzucic, and Rodriguez all switching to LA Liga. Less than a month to go until the season starts.
  12. Dang it. I had a nice long response all typed up and my computer decided that firefox no longer wanted the window open. Much better last night from the US than first time out vs Ghana. They were really 2 horrendous defensive errors (to the highest degree) away from winning last night 2-0. I thought the game was fairly even, but the US definitely had really good stretches where they really bossed the game and took it to Portugal who looked off of it. The first botched clearance was school yard bad defending. How does that happen at this level? And then to come all the way back to let one runner in the box get on the end of a cross after you have turned around the first mistake......is just plum terrible. The World Cup is funny. If you knew nothing of the players from before and you were watching the US, you would think Jermaine Jones is the class midfielder and Michael Bradley must have been a last second inclusion to the squad. I have always thought that Bradley is played too high up the pitch at times by the US. His strength is his engine more than his creativity and flair. I get it that the squad is limited, and there really is not anyone else besides Bradley to play #10 role, but you have to realize that is not his MO, in my opinion and at a higher level, he can struggle. That is why I think leaving Donovan off the roster was a bad move. And even if it is a bad move, it is impossible to blame Klinnsman as his vision has worked, other than 2 stupid blunders. My only other thought, I really think that Germany- USA is a draw. Why risk injuries or a bad result when a draw benefits both teams? I think Germany might think the USA is not the stiffest competition, but if the US cuts out the mistakes, I think the teams are pretty similarly constructed, albeit with Germany much more highly skilled, and anything can happen.
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