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  1. It would be wonderful if, for one decade, UNC, Duke, the Red Sox, the Patriots, the Yankees, and the Steelers had continuous losing seasons. So much humility would be learned, so much hubris slighted - the world would be a better (or at least more just) place for the average American sports fan.
  2. I didn't understand GT's gameplan at all against Ohio; it looked awful (almost as bad as the Ohio St. cheerleader's outfits... what the hell is going on with those?). Ohio State is very talented but they have no depth - combine that with GT's advantage in size and talent inside and they should have been going to the paint all the time to rack up points, boards, and fouls. If GT forced Ohio State go to their bench that game would have been much closer. Admittedly, I didn't watch the game for its entirety, but whenever I did it seemed like Iman Shumpet would go up court and take a rushed 3-pointer or some low percentage jump shot instead of actually running an offensive game plan and getting their bigs the touches they needed.
  3. If you set aside MSU's injuries, those players like Summers who shot so well wouldn't get as many touches - and the MD defense would adjust to Lucas's presence. I don't think MD is way better than MSU generally, but I do believe MD played well enough on Sunday to beat MSU six or seven times out of ten. Also, I think the ACC was way underrated this year due to a (perceived) lack of top 25 talent - basically the result of UNC's fall from grace. The conference was chuck-full of very good top-50 teams that didn't quite make the rankings; it wasn't nearly as down a year for the conference as many believe it to be.
  4. I don't think MD played all that poorly. The press defense was entirely appropriate with MSU's best ball handlers (that sounds a little dirty) out. MSU just shot ridiculously well. It's frustrating.
  5. Well, as of right now I hate Michigan State. And the three point shot, generally.
  6. I said they aren't that good. They won this game today with offensive rebounding and way above normal 3-pt shooting.
  7. What a frustrating game. Michigan State played their best game of the year today. They just aren't that good... No. Iowa to the Elite 8?
  8. To paraphrase Dave Chappelle: I wish I had more hands, so I could give this thread four thumbs down!
  9. I think you're creating a straw man here. I don't think very many people at all are positing that Bergesen is going to be a complete failure in 2010. And anyways, how do you measure "success?" ERA? Wins versus losses? All these are statistics just like the "peripherals" you reference. The difference is the consistency of those numbers over time. As it turns out, the "peripheral" numbers tend to predict future performance better than the traditional pitching metrics. I believe it is very reasonable to expect a diminution in Bergesen's performance in this upcoming season.
  10. Thanks, I'm new to a lot of the baseball analytical tools commonplace to most around here (or at least to many). Is there any website or other publication you would recommend as a good source to read up on this kind of stuff? I would wonder how MLB teams across the league compare in terms of $/WAR efficiency? Though I do not believe this is the offseason for the Orioles to make any big signings, I also don't think we can always ignore what the Yanks or Sox are doing. Shouldn't we approach FA with a zero-sum mentality? There are only so many wins available, and our in-division opposition adding (at least in projected terms) wins through signings certainly hurts our chances, does it not?
  11. I think it's completely fine to be upset when the top two rivals in your division make big moves to improve their teams in the offseason. Especially after a decade of losing. I'm curious, when people say this or that FA is not "worth" a certain amount of money, what metric is being utilized? Is there a league average of $ per WAR or something?
  12. Yes, generally, I believe we overrate our pitching prospects on this board. Especially when considering their potential loss in a trade. Of course, this is just human nature... probably related to loss aversion/the endowment effect.
  13. To the OP, I "trust" that AM will build a team that is competitive (above .500 baseball), but will need for some lucky breaks to win the division/wild card. This is not an indictment of MacPhail, merely an acknowledgment of the realities of playing in the AL East. To the derailed thread... if we assume that run differential is of preeminent importance to a team's win/loss record, then all this arguing over the superiority of pitching to offense (or vice versa) is extraneous. Run prevention is of equal importance as run scoring to a team's success. The question thus becomes, not whether pitching is more important than hitting, but whether improvement in run prevention may be more efficiently effected than similar change in run scoring. This efficiency is (or should be) what is up for debate and there are a myriad of factors which may enter into its estimation. For instance, does it cost more to improve pitching/defense via free agency than it does to improve hitting? Does investing in hitting prospects (through drafting, scouting, etc.) pay off more consistently than investing in pitching prospects? Another important issue is whether run scoring or run prevention are more or less stable than one another. It may be the case that run prevention tends to vary more dramatically than run scoring from year to year... in such a case it may be, generally, a better bet to invest in offensive production to improve. Of course, it's not that simple - nothing is. But that's just my two cents.
  14. Wow, do you have to be a dysfunctional womanizer to be employed by Baseball Tonight? Will Ferrel said it best as Trebek on SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy: "And the show has reached a new low."
  15. This thread truly belongs in the "Minors" section. :clap3:
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