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  1. My eight year old son absolutely loved meeting players at Fanfest, so I decided to send an email yesterday to the Orioles, expressing our disappointment in the cancellation of Fanfest, which was confirmed by an Orioles Representative. I responded with other issues I had, between flash sales for games I had tickets for and the quality of the giveaways in recent years. Here is the response I received today: Thank you for your response, and taking the time to share your feedback as a Birdland Member. New this year, we restructured our season ticket plans to be Birdland Memberships which included benefits like MLB’s most flexible exchange policy, discounts on concessions and merchandise, and more. We introduced our Birdland Rewards program which it looks like you used to get access to a couple giveaway items. We also expanded on our early admission for members by extending it to 1 hour prior to the general public on all Friday and Saturday home games. We believe that this gave our members exclusive access to batting practice and the players that isn’t given to the general public. While we will continue to offer other flash sales and special ticket offers next season, we will continue to make sure that the Birdland Membership is the best value we offer. We certainly take the feedback that we received from the surveys throughout the year to make improvements for 2020, and we are working to expand our Birdland Rewards events to include options with player interactions. We have a new senior leadership team here on the business side of the organization who are working to create more engaging and personal experiences for all fans. While FanFest will not be coming back in its same capacity this offseason, there will be new opportunities throughout the year for you and your son to stay engaged. I would encourage you to stay tuned through our social media accounts, website, and email newsletter for updates as we have more details. I will pass your feedback along to the appropriate departments regarding promotional items and player appearances throughout the season. If you have any other feedback that you would like to share with us now or in the future please feel free to reach us at this email address ([email protected])
  2. I really think they should go with this hat
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