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  1. Can’t believe Atomic isn’t even going to be able to hyper extend his joints patting himself on the back.
  2. Why are the legs tiny? Or the head giant? Agree with pac man as a comp.
  3. Believe what you'd like, its foolish to engage with someone who only hears what they want to hear anyhow. Just because I don't post doesn't mean I don't read what others post and link to. Carry on.
  4. I'm not "fake", just been lurking for years. You are a strain on the community and I'm not even sure why you are still permitted to post. It is one thing to have a different opinion but entirely different to be so pompous about it(not to mention how misguided you are regarding just about most things). As far as I can tell many here have you on ignore. Not sure why I don't. Flame away, because we all know you can't leave it alone.
  5. TWpj

    Attendance 2019

    I wake up at 4:15am everyday.
  6. I was there....it was as bad as it looks in that video.
  7. TWpj

    MLB.tv for Playstation 3

    I have heard the video quality is really good.
  8. TWpj

    MLB.tv for Playstation 3

    Does anyone know if spring training games are shown on MLB.tv?
  9. http://talk.baltimoresun.com/showthread.php?t=273135 /popcorn
  10. I would be interested in a league as well. I'm not good enough to know how to cheat online. :shrugs
  11. Millwood has been garbage for me two times the rotation while the other starters have bordered from okay to great.
  12. My 360 went up for the second time a few weeks ago, it was out of warranty, that was enough to pick up what appears to have been the last ps3 in the DFW area and get The Show. Holy geez I can't hit, AT ALL. I've figured out the pitching, but I am so impatient at the plate. All in all it's a bad ass game, though. I see what all of the hype was about.
  13. Only one still kickin
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