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  1. Am I allowed to upvote more than once?
  2. Dude will NEVER take an L, will he? It's actually quite impressive.
  3. Might as well run it to 21 for old times sake. If you are going to stink might as well epically stink?
  4. Gotta love the “I know a guy who knows a guy so I’m smarter than you” message board personas.
  5. I saw on twitter last night that Janis was in and I was going to flip the game on one of the devices to watch him try to throw a knuckleball. Then I saw the score and went to bed.
  6. I know he doesn’t care what I(or anyone else it seems) thinks but it’s literally every post at this point. Yes, I’m aware ignore is an option.
  7. I honestly think he’s the president of the one member fan club.
  8. Just like the ss vs 3b on the other side it’s all about pursuit angles. Tough for the 1b to go straight(ish) back. And everyone on the diamond should go after it if able, assuming no bases need to be covered.
  9. That’s not how it works. An IF is supposed to keep pursuing until the OF calls him off. Who knows if that happened but the IF does not just stop to let the OF make the play.
  10. I got a j&j I got a j&j Saturday and still have some arm soreness today. Saturday I felt sort of meh but other than that no symptoms.
  11. Yeah I get it, and my motivation is obviously self serving but you’d think at some point all of these leagues would need to catch up and get that people are pulling this anyhow so why not just open it up?
  12. Once NFL out of market games go to streaming services we will be cutting the cord. I know the direct tv Sunday ticket deal is done in 23 and ESPN+ is rumored to take over. Watching the Ravens out of market is the only thing keeping us tied down. For all of it’s failures, MLB.tv is just about the best in the industry(save that you can’t use it in market)?
  13. Don’t mean to derail this thread, but when I was in college I was an umpire for beer and gas money and worked mostly high school JV baseball games, youth travel baseball also. The assignor called me at about 3:00 on a random Tuesday and asked if I could work a high school JV softball game because the assigned umpire couldn’t make it. I told him “I don’t know the rules”, he gave me a 35 second crash course and I worked the game. OH. MY. GOSH. Now granted both teams were flat out bad but I kid you not the score ended up being about 32-27. The number of walks in that game was off the charts. I co
  14. We picked up our 12 year old a Roku tv on sale for his room, it’s not 65” but it’s probably as large as the ‘main’ tv we had growing up. He only watches YouTube and games anyhow so it’s perfect right? 99% of the time I stick my nose in his room he’s laying in bed watching YouTube on his phone. Me: You know you can literally watch the same thing on that tv there right? Him: Yup Me: So why aren’t you? Him:🤷‍♂️
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