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  1. I just think of his contract as paying for the 1st overall pick in 2020, and it makes me feel slightly better.
  2. Lots of XBHs as well. The assumption used to be that those doubles and triples could turn into HRs with muscle added. It all depends on how the Las Cruces elevation helped him, I suppose.
  3. Still, that's a hell of a slash line for a 4th rounder. This guy played in the Ripken League as an 18 year old. That's kinda cool.
  4. He smashed the Cape Cod League last summer (382/450/500). Maybe that gives Elias and company confidence the bat can come around.
  5. I'm just glad there was a consensus #1 to take this year. Welcome to the organization, Adley! I hope your bat translates better than Mauer with Power!
  6. Trading Manny is nuts unless he makes clear he won't extend here. A Manny extension is priority #1, 2, and 3 this offseason.
  7. Is it fair to say that Jim Palmer was a 6'4" caliber pitcher?
  8. I'm relatively ambivalent. I think there's a great chance he's better at the MLB level than Miranda ever will be, so it's a win from a player value perspective. But, I don't really think it makes the O's a whole lot better. So I'm fine with the move in isolation, but I'll be disappointed if it's the only one made.
  9. I'd trade any single roster player not named Machado + prospects for Sale. He's a top-5 pitcher in baseball and better than anyone the O's have put on the mound since Moose. Why would anyone be worried about the Orioles giving up prospects? It's not like they've had a tremendous amount of development success. But, as has been said, unless the White Sox are infatuated with a particular Orioles player/prospect, some other team could offer better.
  10. Don't think I said anythign about payroll. I indicated that Angelos won't spend on organizational infrastructure because it creates no immediate return.
  11. What free pass is he getting? He's been very successful as GM of the Orioles. I care about the O's winning games, and they've done that consistently under DD. When that stops happening, I will start having a problem with him.
  12. No problem with Duquette at all, given the circumstances. He can't compete financially on any level, and has realized the organization is generally unable to develop, well, anybody. So he patches holes with cheapish stopgaps (which will often times fail) and tries to hold on the the big league talent he has (hence the CD overpayment). Any struggles still trace back to Angelos (and will until he sells). I know most here want to see the organization turn into one that finds and develops talent. But that takes financial investment in scouting, facilities, and coaching--financial investment that creates no short-term return. I don't see that as the sort of investment the snake wants to make.
  13. You say it wasn't a consensus. Is this based on discussions with scouts from MLB organizations?
  14. Consistent talent drain will result in precipitous falls like this. Here's hoping it doesn't happen again this off-season.
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