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  1. From I recall, didn't seem like a knuckleball so much as an eephus pitch.
  2. But seriously, I wonder what our record was with Davis and without. It seems like it was ironically better with him in the lineup Edit: Ok, we were 7-9 with Davis, and'we're current 22-31, so that means without Davis we were 15-22. Record with Davis: .438 (7/16) Record without Davis: .405 (15/37) Edit2: Even better, in 2 of the games Davis had one PA or less, which were both losses. So really in games where he got at least 3 PAs, we were .500.
  3. I didn't appreciate how Hyde burned him by letting him face Voit again, with a fairly predictable result. Yes, game was lost at that point, but still he could have let him off the hook.
  4. After the Alex Cobb experiment, I think not
  5. I think there's only been about 30 or so players to lead all of MLB in homers more than once. And Chris Davis is one of them.
  6. I know the game is over and we probably don't make the playoffs now. Still not really an excuse for burning your relievers like Hyde has been doing.
  7. Hyde burned Wojo. Should not have had to face Voight again there.
  8. If the Yanks can get healthy, they will be incredibly dangerous down the stretch and probably into the playoffs. So probably root for the Jays over the Yanks to prevent that.
  9. Its good they had nice starts but I still think its early to judge, especially the pitchers. Daniel Cabrera's debut was 6 IP, 3 H, 0 R.
  10. I would like to see some splits for Sulster for his first inning appearance vs. afterward It seems to me the majority of his ERs have come when he gets trotted out for a second inning. This of course limits his usefulness in the bullpen, but if he could hypothetically post a 3.50 ERA if has limited to only a single inning, thats stil pretty useful and borderline setup material.
  11. I have no idea why Hyde thought Nunez at 3rd was somehow better than keeping Alberto at 2nd. Sometimes he makes real headscratcher moves.
  12. DJ Stewart had 22 PAs, and got 0 hits, 6 walks and struck out 8 times. It was enough for Elias/Hyde to send him to Bowie. Objectively speaking, D. Smith was a less worse player, on a per game basis.
  13. I referring to this year, on a per game basis. DSJ -0.4 bWAR in 21 GP,. DJ Stewart -0.3 bWAR in 8 GP. Chris Davis -0.9 bWAR in 15 GP.
  14. We suffered way more from having Chris Davis at first base, and DJ Stewart at LF, neither of which could hit, at all. As for lousy fielding, BBref has his Rfield at a whopping -2. Thats not even a 0.2 games swing. His WAR of -0.4 was more due to his lack of production at the plate - but in that department, Davis and Stewart were much worse. I've seen members of NFL secondary almost singlehandedly lose games for their teams. When a CB/S gets exploited to the tune of 150 yards/2 TDs thats a much worse problem than only having a marginal left fielder.
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