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  1. I think he might get until next years ASB at the latest. By being on the 25 man, he's eating up a roster spot and will be blocking prospects from getting ML playing time. I think even the Angelos brothers have to see at this point. He's done and the chance that we won't have to eat the entire contract, is about 0.00001% I think they could keep him on the 40-man just to spite him and prevent him from playing elsewhere (although maybe he doesn't care), though that means he essentially gets a paid vacation as he can block a minor league assignment. Edit: Actually, I'm wondering now if they could keep him on the 40-man without him being on the IL or the minor leagues. Edit2: Or could the Os simply place him on the IL with a fake injury which is essentially "suckitis" and would Davis have grievance case
  2. Blach was crap He got the sack Up too long fans are glad he won't be back Yes bats were let loose They cooked his goose That left him hanging on the mound He was was looking at the sky Because balls were flying high Forget the relief 'cause its a lie Os waved bye-bye Goodnight About every batter was running wild Cause Blach was crap Yes Blach was crap Well Blach was crap Yes Blach was crap Well Blach was crap Blach was crap, crap Well Blach was crap, crap Yes Blach was crap
  3. If you look at OPS it looks like Nomar was a better player for a brief period in the late 90s early 2000s. But actually Cal's best 3 seasons were better than any of Nomar's top 3 seasons if you go by into WAR Cal: year OPS WAR 1983 .883 8.2 1984 .886 10.0 1991 .940 11.5 Nomar: Year OPS WAR 1998 .946 7.1 2000 1.033 7.4 2002 .880 6.8 The OPS+ numbers are pretty even, which factors into Nomar playing in the roid era. For Cal it is 144/146/162 vs 140/156/121 for Nomar. I suppose Nomar also had less WAR/season because he didn't play the full 162 like Cal did (he played 143/143/156 in the above quoted years, Cal of course played all 162). Nomar also had a good year in 1999, OPS'ing 1.022 (OPS+ of 153) but only played 135 games, but only a WAR of 6.6. He also had a phenomenal BA, hitting .357 in 1999 and .372 in 2000.
  4. We judge players relative to the era they played in. Back then shortstops weren't expected to be sluggers. Look at Mark Belanger. Yes I realize were notable exceptions like Ernie Banks. But look at who was the shortstop for the Yankees from 1957 to 1965. Tony Kubek with a career OPS of .667 (he did have a couple years slightly over .700 and one year of .789 but only in 45 games) Its why Cal was a better shortstop than Nomar Garciaparra
  5. Didn't Vegas peg the Orioles at 56 ?
  6. WRT to Nunez, lets take a look at the DHs on the AL division leaders or competing for a wildcard spot Yanks: Encarnacion OPS 824 in 36 GP, though he just went to the 10-day IL. Previously they had used Morales (OPS 562), Andujar (OPS 271), and I think Stanton (OPS 840 in 9 GP before he went to the IL) Rays: Meadows, OPS 878 Twins: Cruz, OPS 1030 Indians: Reyes OPS 768 in 30 GP. They also used Ramirez (OPS 625) for 16 games and Bradley ( OPS 600) for 15 games I'm not sure if the Indians even really have a full time DH, as they only ones listed haven't played many games. They could be rotating their positional guys in, but since I don't follow them I don't know. Astros: Alvarez OPS 1084 in 66 GP. I think they also use Springer (OPS 962) but would have to check on that. Athletics: Davis OPS 685. So Nunez with his 785 OPS would almost certainty start for the Athletics, and maybe for the Indians. Of course I would like to see more production out of the DH, particularly for the Os, our teams only do well when we have great offense, at least since Camden Yards opened up. But Nunez is only 25 and this is only his first full year (he got a half year last year). For all we know he could start putting up 850+ OPS next year.
  7. http://giphygifs.s3.amazonaws.com/media/I4Jmrcjnr8Zfq/giphy.gif
  8. It seems there is a timer on editing post, if you don't do it within an hour or so, you can't go back and edit
  9. Its difficult to find comparables for Villar for 2B who were signed as FAs. Closest I can find is probably DJ Lemathieu who was signed for 2/24 this offseason at age 30. His four year average was 3.5 WAR prior to signing. That $/WAR calculation might come from high end players like Cano and Altuve. Obviously teams are willing to pay a premium for a 5-6+ WAR player. Cano's contract for instance is $24m AAV and should have been valued at roughly 6 WAR. So $4m/WAR. Altuve is around that number as well. But its obvious it doesn't scale down tot 1-2 WAR players, in other words you don't seem teams paying $4m for a 1 WAR player or $8m for 2 WAR. I'm not sure what it would mean for a 2-3 WAR player like Villar.
  10. After looking at other 2B, $5.7m/WAR does seem rather high at least for players < 4 WAR. I haven't looked at SS. But consider Johnathan Schoop got $7.5m on a one year deal and Brian Dozier at $9m. Villar is going to get alot more than $5m on the open market. I would be surprised if someone offered him 3/30.
  11. Can't edit my post anymore, but I was wrong about the cost per WAR teams were willing to pay. Its actually more like $5.7 million for position players. https://community.fangraphs.com/on-war-its-linearity-and-efficient-free-agent-contracts/ So if Villar is valued at 2.5 WAR, his FA price would be 5.7 * 2.5 roughly $14 million.
  12. Villar will be ~3.5 WAR player this year and has averaged ~2.5 over the last four years. Granted he had a rather dismal 2017. But going by WAR, a 2.5 WAR player is worth roughly $20 million/yr on the open market, because teams have been paying roughly $8m/WAR/year. Of course the relationship isn't perfectly linear and there's the issue of supply and demand at the given position.
  13. So he could have been traded in the offseason or early in the year, if we could find a taker. Which only would have been possible had he been performing well. Davis may have done himself a favor by sucking so much. I guess thats the reality of the MLB now.
  14. Davis had only 9.051 years service accrued as of January 2019 according baseball reference. He had trade protection in his contract, but it was partial. Had he been hitting 35-40 yrs with a BA around 260, I bet we could have dumped him to someone, if we were willing to eat maybe half the contract.
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