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  1. When does Vegas come out with WS / playoff odds? Maybe if those guys are unsigned by then, a "friend" can lay down like a $100k bet which would pay for the FAs themselves.🙂
  2. Athletics hot dog deal is a total ripoff. A drink and a dog is like $10, and they don't even give you any chips. The burger deal is far better and you get a bunch of fries.
  3. Fair point, but the Rays scored only 769 this year so not that far off. Add Rendon, dump Davis, we see improvement from some of youngsters and a few new faces who wouldn't break the bank and then its all down to pitching.
  4. The 2012 Baltimore Orioles, who made the wildcard and took the Yanks to 5 games in the division series, scored 712 runs and allowed 705. The 2019 Baltimore Orioles scored 729 runs and allowed 981. So our 2019 offense as much as it got knocked was hypothetically good enough to make the WC and we basically have the same guys, minus Villar. But we will have more younger guys in the lineup and maybe players like Santander or Severino have breakout years. I suppose improving the starting pitching wouldn't be enough - our bullpen was pretty bad too so that would need to be addressed. I don't see a whole lot of options in FA beyond second chance guys. I guess we would have to hope Castro and Givens just play better.
  5. You're right it would probably take more than those three guys. I thought Bumgarner and Keuchel were more within reach because Washington said they can't resign both Rendon and Strasburg and the Nats probably pick Strasburg. Cole is being targeted by the Yankees who haven't lost a bidding war that I can recall. A big gamble even if we had the resources. Even with a Dodgers like budget you'd want to see production out of our young guys before going on a free agency splurge.
  6. Rendon ~$30m Bumgarner ~$30m Keuchel ~$20m Solid top 3 rotation of Bumgarner, Keuchel and Means. Cobb gets healthy or we find another option. Rendon and Bumgarner are money in the playoffs. Orioles opening day payroll currently stands at ~$60m according to spotrac. Adding another $80m pushes that to $140m.
  7. Counterpoint - that was a highly unusual play, just one of thousands that occur over a 162 game season. Its true, all those stats mentioned do not perfectly capture the value of a baseball player. But the stats still has value.
  8. Low ratings, but huge market. In terms of total viewers (the 000s number), they actually 8th, just barely ahead of Cleveland Edit: Thats the Dodgers, not the Angels. Angels are middle of the pack in terms of total viewers.
  9. Service clock, not age. Means is rookie contract until 2022 and wont' be FA until 2025.
  10. The team itself is an asset whose value is expected to increase, as well. That must be factored into the ROI. If I can buy something for X amount now, and 10 yeas later sell it for 2X, thats a 10% ROI yearly just from appreciation alone. $50m yearly profit on a $1b purchase would be 5% on top of that, so thats roughly 150% ROI over 10 years total. I think thats a pretty healthy return if you consider sports franchises a low-risk investment. And $200m was the baseline. They alos get 52% of local revenues, so the floor is probably more like $250m.
  11. If this baseball reference article is correct then basically every team is guaranteed roughly $200m in revenue. And you can add 52% of other local revenues (ticket sales/concessions, and I think the local TV contract) https://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Revenue_sharing I know that they have other costs besides player salaries, but unless this article is way off base, basically every team should be able to sustain about $150m in payroll and still turn a healthy profit for the owner.
  12. https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/PHI/PHI191909242.shtml Brooklyn Robins 14 Philadelphia Phillies 7 Game Duration: 1:30 Robins pitcher pitched a complete game despite giving up 7 runs. The Phillies used two pitchers. From what I can tell it looks like the Phillies starter finished the 5th inning, so no mid-inning change.
  13. Both pitchers pitched a complete game. The Phillies didn't even pull their pitcher after he had given up 4 runs in 3 innings. Three strikesouts and three walks for both teams, combined in the entire game. Some games now exceed those numbers in a single inning.
  14. This actually leads me to another question - why do relievers even need warmup pitches at the mound? They've should have already been warmed up in the bullpen. So maybe with my hot swap idea, if the manager is using LOOGY or other one-batter reliever, two pitchers would actually exit the bullpen - the LOOGY and then the next pitcher would come out with the manager directly from the dugout.
  15. The problem for me wasn't shaving off 5 minutes or 10 minutes or whatever from the total game time. The problem was late in game where a lefty comes to the plate (who doesnt hit well against lefties), the manager pulls him in for his LOOGY. Regardless of the outcome, said reliever then gets pulled for the "real" reliever next batter. Especially when there's runners on, on the batting team is behind by a run or two. Tension gets built up in anticipation of the team maybe rallying from behind. Then the manager does his slow walk out the mound. Signal to bullpen, reliever starts jogging in from the outfield (usually). Commercial break and a 2 minute warmup, Only to repeat the entire process for the next batter. Lame. LIke another poster said, this wouldn't be a problem if said reliever were to just run out from the dugout, with no warmup period allowed, and no commercial break. If they want to allow that as an exception to the 3 batter minimum, then fine. A "hot pitcher swap" rule.
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