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  1. Pujols is right up there with Davis for biggest FA busts. I think he had maybe 2 good years right at the beginning of the contract, unlike Davis, but then he was basically replacement level or worse for the next 8 years. And the Angels gave him $240 million.
  2. It’s possible to pitch a no hitter and lose, and a few actually have
  3. Career OPS is .733, with a .778 last year and he's posting a .653. OPS+ is 86 compared to 94 career. Rfield of -2 indicates below average fielding, total bWAR of 0.1 suggested he just slightly above replacement level. Its still early, he does pass the eye test for me and has been pretty good situation hitter, but if those #s hold its disappointing for any FA 3B even one we signed for only $800k.
  4. So what’s the penalty for pulling a pitcher early before he’s faced three batters ?
  5. Ok DJ, hit one out and this thing is tied up
  6. So I’m assuming Middleton will have to go on the IL as he was pulled after only one batter ?
  7. He's been our MVP so far, well maybe tied with Means.
  8. Franco is pretty much what we expected, maybe a slight disappointment. His situational hitting is actually pretty good though and he is 2nd on the team in RBI with 17
  9. Wow, now Galvis ! He must have been ticked he didnt get the last one
  10. Maybe we can combo Kremer and Zimmerman and have them go 3 innings a piece every 4 days instead of 4.5'ish every 5 days.
  11. Agree, I think its time for the Os to start keeping their homegrown players and not jettison everyone thats reaching FA before 2023. You cannot assume all the prospects are going to work out and start producing at the same time and its possible you have guys like Means who peak early anywa, so you run into the problem "what if we had just kept our good players".
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