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  1. But baseball evolved, in large part because of players like Wagner elevated the game to such a degree, that they set a new standard by which others were judged. Yes, it you simply teleported Richie Martin back to 1905, he would probably be an All-Star. Didn't Ted Williams admit he wouldn't have hit .400 if he had to play in the league after 1960? If you wanted to make the case of Ruth as the GOAT - his single season and career records have long since been eclipsed by more recent players. And if he were to play today, he would in all probability be a Manny Ramirez power-only DH type, with 40ishHRS and .250 average, at best.. But at the time he was hitting more home runs, than many entire teams. So he in essence paved the way for later guys like Mantle, Maris, Aaron, McGwire, Bonds and Sosa.
  2. A little different situation, as he was a HS draftee and had more spent time in the minors, but Joe Mauer made the Twins roster in 2004 at age 21. And OPS'd 939 before injuries sidelined him for the year. Posey was a September call up the year after he was drafted, but hit horribly (OPS 235 in 17 PAs) at age 22 Brian McCann also had a decent year at age 21, OPS 754 in 59 GP for the Braves in 2005
  3. An extreme solution would simply be to apply something like the rule 5 whenever a guy is sent down. The team would then have to either keep the player up in the bigs or lose them to another team. But If the waiving team decides to surrender the player, they should get draft pick compensation. And like the rule 5, the player would have to stay on the 25 man or the original team gets them back. And no abusing the IL
  4. Even if Rutschman balls out during ST, proving he's the best major league catcher the Os currently have, he's not going to make the team because the Os are rebuilding. Situations like this should be addressed at the next CBA
  5. If his ERA is floating around 4 and a bigger market that needs pitching help are in the hunt (the Angels being a good potential candidate ) , I can see them taking a flyer. It wouldn't be much more than a salary dump and we'd most likely have to eat half of it and wouldn't get back much in return.
  6. Which would be more than enough for Elias to pull the trigger
  7. Right up to the minute Elias gets dragged into this mess
  8. Where was it written in the MLBs official rules that you couldn't use cameras to steal signs? I'm aware of memo circulated prior to the 2019 season .. did the Astros/RedSox steal signs last year? Or were all the violations prior to last year?
  9. If you could prove definitively, that there was a conscious effort by individuals to lose on purpose, yes all involved should suffer harsh penalties. By "losing on purpose", I do not mean "not doing everything you can to win". For example, making certain decisions involving the roster, etc. which you believe may not give your team the best chance to win, does not qualify. Like if you play Chris Davis when someone else on your roster, would likely play better. We might believe Chris Davis stinks, but its not like we are telling Chris Davis to go out there and take three strikes.
  10. Can Davis even be on the 40 man but not the 26 man without being on the IL? I thought only players who could be optioned to the minors could do that. At this point I don't think timing really matters wrt to DFA'ing Davis. Sure there would be bit more press on some times compared, but so what. Its will have been a long time coming when it happens. The story should be on why did the Orioles wait so long.
  11. Meh, it doesn't need to be that complicated. Just cut him. Its great that he lead the league in homers twice, which is pretty darn elite company, and was part of three playoff teams. But I don't think he deserves an organizational position based on that alone. If you want to pick anyone from that period, I'd probably pick Adam Jones. I'd even consider Tillman, Britton, even Weiters before Davis.
  12. Things I hope get settled in the next CBA 1) Enact a hard cap, as well a salary floor. No more having a few big market teams spending 5x as much as smaller markets 2) Player should reach FA sooner. Stashing guys in the minors, so you can get 6 years of cheap service time, then finally when they're like 29 and half their career is already over they sign their first FA contract always kind of seemed wrong to me. 3) Max contract length of six years. No more super-mega contracts. I think if you give the players back a salary floor, as well as being able to reach FA sooner, they would be willing to compromise on a hard cap and max contract length.
  13. I'd argue the opposite actually, but probably for next year, as the Os just drafted him. The expectation for Rutschman is that he becomes the Orioles starting catcher in 2-3 years. So as long as he performs in the minors the Orioles are not going to look.to give him serious competition through trades, the draft, or free agency that are anything more than stopgaps. However, if he doesn't perform then that plan could change. Therefore there is more pressure to perform to secure his eventual spot in the MLB roster. Yes, of course the Orioles have other catching prospects but not with the same level of talent. Its kind of like an NFL player drafted in the first round, vs later round guys and UDFAs. The fringe guys are ecstatic just to make the roster, where as the first round guys are under more pressure to start and make plays.
  14. Someone like Diaz plus Mancini and the O's eat half the contract. Might be a team out there willing to do that. Forgot about Davis no-trade clause. Maybe he doesn't want to move like Cashner.
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