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  1. Maybe he was like converse of Roy Hobbs. Started out as a great hitter before his career got sidetracked. Edit: On the other hand maybe not. Of his 5 plate appearnces, 3 were strikeouts. Would Gregg Olson have hit better than 2018 Chris Davis ?
  2. People are already travelling all over the country - the airports and highways are not locked down like they were in China. We only have "shelter-in-place"meaning we can't gather for non-essential business. Even now, MLB would compose a small percentage of overall air travel. And especially since they use their own charter flights, there is less risk of them spreading it to the general population. Fans gathering in the stadiums obviously is a major problem. I'm not sure how they could manage this - could they reduce seating maybe enforcing a "remain at X distance"? These measures were never intended to totally stop the spread of the virus - they were just intended to slow ti down enough so that hospitals did not become overwhelmed. Once they're confident thats not a problem, I can see the order being lifted.
  3. Here's a schedule which could work with a mid-July start date: Breakdown of games Division opponents 6 games each ( 3 game series home -away ) (6*4 = 24 games) Other league opponents 4 games each (10*4 = 40 games). No interleague play - this is their off day as only 28 teams will be able play every day. Total 66 games, one off day every 15 days. means only 4 off days, so about 70 league days. Very easy to start in mid July or even August and be ready for mid-October. If they do want to play at ST facilities and have the games count, they should play the interleague games, with the possible exception of saving the "rivalry games" (like Baltimore-DC) for the "real" regular season.
  4. Played little league from fourth to sixth grade. Was never very good at bat, and couldn't pitch, but a decent fielder. I remember a few things like one time at third base I nabbed a hard line drive out of the air . Also one time playing catcher I gunned down a runner trying to steal second. There was a guy at third and they tried a double steal. Throw was there, but he trucked me and the ball came loose. About seventh grade you start switching to the 75' diamond and it started getting serious with travel teams and it was too much. Didn't play organized sports until high school football as a freshman.
  5. I can't imagine the Angelos' are in much of a giving mood after losing the MASN court battle with MLB. Unfortunately the little guys will pay the price.
  6. Had two monster games in the '97 series against cleveland Gm 3 7.0 IP 3 H 2 BB 15 SO , 1 ER Gm 6 8.0 IP 3 1 H 2 B 10 SO, 0 ER Now for the kick in the nuts, both those games were no decisions for Mussina and losses for the Orioles (lost 1-2 and 0-1, respectively)
  7. Maybe the Orioles can win the World Series in OOTP baseball sim.
  8. For minor league baseball players, particularly younger ones, I'd imagine that number is substantially higher. Like 80-90%.
  9. 30k /year is about $15/hr. Very easy to exceed that waiting tables. I'd also argue an US Army E-1 probably makes about the same, when you factor in they don't have to pay for housing, medical and a substantial proprotion of food.
  10. Plenty of PCR machines running idle or used for other purposes. Think 23andme. US government hasn't taken the step of requestioning them yet. I think at least they need to suspend government-funded biomed research and repurpose it towards testing. I worked in a research lab for many years that should be able to carry out these tests.
  11. The whole country probably needs to do what California is doing.
  12. The economy is driven by people. When people who can't work or buy things, the economy tanks.
  13. And he slashed 304/358/525 in 42 games after he came back, at age 35. Even better next year 327/388/582 in 130 GP. Has survived over 20 years after initial diagnosis.
  14. If they don't play do teams have to pay their players?
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