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  1. The MASN ruling going against them. Or at least that will be the excuse It’s a possibility the Orioles turn to a permanent small market strategy and don’t break $100 million payroll until the bottom third of the league starts spending that much.
  2. If there’s any doubt they shouldn’t touch it… better to let fouls go if they think it might be fair then to interfere with a live ball.
  3. I wouldn’t necessarily say he can only pitch 4 .. but starting in the fifth the reliever should be ready for the quick hook.
  4. Yeah he’s not going anywhere soon.
  5. Adolis Garcia proceeded to screw up a play in center allowing Manny "I"m not Johnny Hustle" Machado to stretch a single into a double. Garcia got a double later in the game, but still ...
  6. Boo .. announcers said it should have been a hit.
  7. Infield hit for Cedric then his speed prevents the DP and allows runner on third to score.
  8. Struck out against The Winter Soldier. Hopefully he'll get another PA
  9. We were in the playoffs just 5 years ago, something that is hard to do in baseball compared to other sports as only the top five teams make it. That is nothing compared to the droughts a lot of fan bases have gone through *cough*Cleveland Browns *cough* Fans who left because of the current downturn weren’t real fans to begin with Though I’m sure the Nats winning the Series took whatever casual fans they had left in DC/NoVa area. Only idiot diehards like me remain. Though speaking as a fan of the New Orleans Saints, we’ll before the arrival of Drew Brees / Sean Payton, this is somethin
  10. Nah, if they are cheap and push comes to shove can just do the same thing they did with Villar. But that would be a minor PR fallout
  11. Probably the only game we win against the Astros as we went deep into our bullpen but it was the right strategy by Hyde.
  12. No its not predictable. You don't know whether you are going to get Good Tanner or Bad Tanner. Tonight we got the latter.
  13. Gametime; 8:10 pm EDT Forecast: Pretty sure the Astrodome(excuse me, Minute Maid Park) A/C works and the roof isn't leaking Matchup: Some guy with an ERA over 6 vs. Greinke Lineups Orioles: Cedric Mullins, Trey Mancini, Ryan Mountcastle a bunch of bums Astros: A bunch of cheaters who still manage to play way better than the Orioles after they stopped cheating (I think) Orioles bullpen: Will be needed by the 4th inning
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