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  1. I hope they win the series, especially if its against the Yaks
  2. Would suck for the Nats if they lose either Strasburg or Rendon this offseason. Those two guys should be franchise players. They only have $137m commited according to spotrac and that includes Strasburg who will probably opt-out so they might be able to do it but wouldn't be able to sign anyone else of significance for a while.
  3. Heck yeah. Easier path to the playoffs. Don't have to pay a DH. Mets and Phillies essentially replace Yanks and Red Sox with 1/10 the competence. Braves perennial playoff choke artists. Miami Marlins a joke of an organization.
  4. The AL East has sent a team in the WC just about every year. Every team in the division has won a playoff round (WC or series) in the last five years. I don't think any other division can claim that.
  5. Market size isn't a problem, but I'd argue the division is. AL East has five organizations that are at least competent. No other division is really like that.
  6. Well they could have all 30 teams play each other the same number of times, then whoever has the most wins is league champion, and skip the postseason altogether. Like English premier league
  7. Kolton Wong is ballpark. Those other two guys were like 20 years ago. It looks like St Louis got a discount by buying out arb years for Wong. Next offseason he's going to get a significant raise from someone if he doesn't tank next year Closest I could find is Lemahieu at 2/$24m. That should be a ceiling for Villar. At least the time of the signing, Villar woulld have a claim to more power and baserunning speed, but lower average and OBP. And nowhere near the defense.
  8. Do you have any comparable for Villar? He should be rated about 2.5 - 3 WAR which means even a deal at $10m/year would be cheap.
  9. 2018 lineup was trash. Earl Weaver would not have won 50 games with those guys. CD got regularly playing time this year with a new GM and manager. He was told straight up he is making it to ST next year. This decision was apparently came from a high level. The 2012 Orioles scored exactly 7 more runs than the allowed and managed to win 93 games. Won the wildcard before losing to the Yanks in the division series in 5 games. I don't think you do that without a good manager.
  10. Its like an SAT analogy question Showalter:JImenez:Britton :: Martinez:Scherzer:Strasburg
  11. Buck is an old school manager and Epstein is an analytics guy, so unless Buck is willing to change his approach its hard to see it.
  12. I'm not convinced that the Davis situation means that Elias does not have full control. Continuing to have Davis on the roster and him getting playing time wasn't really that big of a deal this season. I suspect that Elias was hoping that the money could be recouped somehow, such as Davis voluntarily hanging it up with some type of negotiated buyout. At this point, however, I don't expect that Chris Davis would ever walk away voluntarily under any circumstances. So they will have to release him when his spot on the 40 man becomes valuable enough that have to use it protect someone from the rule 5 draft. I don't think there's players we have that are at risk of getting rule 5'd, until at least next offseason.
  13. It was mostly about winning, although I suspect it was also who was on the team and fans expectations. http://www.hockeydb.com/nhl-attendance/att_graph.php?tmi=8871 Attendance was pretty dismal in the 70s. When the start winning in the 80s, you can see it pick up. The Caps first playoff appearance was in 1983, they drew 12k that year. The following year they only draw 11k, but continue to make the playoffs every year and attendance starts increasing reaching a peak of 17251 in 89-90. They actually made the Conference Finals that year. Then Abe Pollin won't pay Scott Stevens so he leaves for St. Louis. The Caps make the playoffs next year, but atteandance is down slight to 16608. It continues to decline in the early to mid 90s, reaching a low of 14k in '94-'95, despite the Caps making the playoffs every year. But they never get far, always losing in he 1st or 2nd round. It may have been that fans became a bit fatigued of simply making the playoffs with a first or second round exit. Or it may have been the lack of a legit superstar or poor marketing. Attendance rebounds a bit back up to 15k the next two years ( '95-'96, '96'97), Caps continue to at least make the playoffs, but lose in the first round. In 1997 MCI Center opens, but attendance doesn't appear to be affected much and actually declines to 15275 from 15761 the year prior. That year they make the Stanley Cup Final but get swept by Detroit. In 98-99, the year after the Cup run, they drew 17k compared to 15k the year prior. After they miss the playoffs that year, attendance drops down to 14k the following year, they get the playoffs but lose in the fist round two years straight, attendance is between 14-15k. They sign Jaromir Jagr in 2001, attendance picks up to 17k, despite missing the playoffs. Next year attendance dips to 15k, they make the playoffs but have a first round exit. '03-'04 turns into a disaster, Jagr is traded, they miss the playoffs, attendance declins to 14720. '04'-05 players are locked out and season is cancelled. After resuming play in '05-'06, Ovechkin's fist year, attendance reaches a low of 13905. Next year it pretty much holds steady at 13929. In '07-'08, Caps finally make the playoffs and draw 15472, the following year its up to 18k and hasn't been below that number ever since. While winning alone may not draw crowds, it is very hard to draw crowds if you don't win.
  14. 18 runs combined through 9 innings and only 3 for the next 5 innings.
  15. I think he might get until next years ASB at the latest. By being on the 25 man, he's eating up a roster spot and will be blocking prospects from getting ML playing time. I think even the Angelos brothers have to see at this point. He's done and the chance that we won't have to eat the entire contract, is about 0.00001% I think they could keep him on the 40-man just to spite him and prevent him from playing elsewhere (although maybe he doesn't care), though that means he essentially gets a paid vacation as he can block a minor league assignment. Edit: Actually, I'm wondering now if they could keep him on the 40-man without him being on the IL or the minor leagues. Edit2: Or could the Os simply place him on the IL with a fake injury which is essentially "suckitis" and would Davis have grievance case
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