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  1. No I don't, but for a team with a record barely above 500 to be given a shot, while teams with better records didn't even get in, takes a little polish off the trophy for me. On top of that, you have another round (the wild card game) which the Braves didn't have to get past even though they were worse than both wild card teams. The NFL has a similar problem They've had two teams with losing records make the playoffs recently, because they played in terrible divisions. But at least with the NFL, better teams generally tend to win the playoffs, so whilst theoretically a 7-9 team like
  2. Baseball has a somewhat unique aspect in that its pretty boring up until the point where its not. But its really hard to tell when that point is coming. Basketball you might as well not bother watching the first three quarters. The NFL can sometimes be like that as well But with baseball, the winning run could very well be scored in the first inning, and then not much happens the rest of the game.
  3. The Orioles have looked good over stretches too. Winning the Series is more about getting hot at the right time. Almost any team could be thrown into the playoffs and have a shot. I bet that if instead of a wildcard, they had a lottery to determine who gets that slot that team would have about as a good a chance as the team that qualified.
  4. As much as I hate to do this, I will have to pull for the Cheatstros. The Braves won 88 games and wouldn't have even been the 4th best team in the AL East. The fact they got a free pass in the playoffs despite being mediocre most of the year because they happen to play in a crap division doesn't sit well with me.
  5. Watching the Yanks suck in the postseason yet again, even if only to the almost equally hated Red Sox, I find quite entertaining,
  6. Saw he OPS’d over 900 in 37 games for the Braves back in 2016, but that apparently wasn’t enough to keep him on the roster
  7. .750 OPS rWAR /162 of 2.5 depending on how much he DHs, which if we retain Mancini shouldn’t be too often.
  8. I'm starting to hate the Blue Jays just as much as the Red Sox and Yankees. this has been what, the 5th or 6th time this season they've made it look like Varsity vs. JV.
  9. This is our playoffs. We can't get be champions. But we can (almost) ensure the other guys aren't.
  10. I almost feel like there's a conspiracy in the entire justice system to tease Angelos They'll play along with the whole charade, before they pull the football away at the last second, yet again.
  11. Not really dumping on it - it just didn't have the feel of Camden Yards with the warehouse and the architecture. And food at Camden was better IMO - and I had the expensive club level seats. But few parks do. Whatever they call the SF Giants stadium now (Bank of America? too lazy to look it up) is pretty darn good, though of course is the view and the weather which is hard to beat. And I don't hate the Nats at all, and in fact rooted for them in their run in 2019. It is alot better than Oakland Coliseum, I can tell you that. The only good thing I can say about the Coliseum is
  12. I was there on Lavor Day. Looked great to me. Even better than Nats Park which lacked character.
  13. With that almost botched catch at the end? Given what transpired last year ...
  14. Paging @OFFNY, please pick up the Orange courtesy phone ...
  15. The choking bullpen is killing me. The starters, outside of Mesns, are killing me. Ths bottom half of our order is killing me.
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