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  1. There is no floor in any one year, but it applies to average over multiple years Article is from 2015, but still relevant https://www.bucsnation.com/2015/3/13/8208069/nfl-salary-cap-floor-explained-its-basically-irrelevant
  2. Well there's MLB.tv, though last time I tried it, it was a video feed only, so no broadcasters or stats overlays. Though I suppose you could also listen to the radio at the same time.
  3. Here's the breakdown by 2018 numbers Player GS IP ERA Keuchel 34 204 3.74 Jackson 17 92 3.33 Shields 33 204 4.53 G. Gonzalez 32 171 4.21 M. Gonzales 3 12 12.41 M. Gonzalez (2017) 22 133 4.31 All but G. Gonzalez played in the AL. Now here's the 2018 Orioles still on the roster who may start in 2019: Bundy 31 171 5.45 Cashner 28 153 5.29 Cobb 128 52.4.90 Hess 19 103 4.88
  4. I'd bet that rotation would be better than the Os have right now.
  5. Money that Davis is going to get for not playing is money that could be going to someone else. If he got injured its one thing. But if he just stinks, I don't see how he really earned the contract. Also MLB injuries are almost never career ending except for older players. Look at Jones, took a team friendly deal, is still fairly productive, got nowhere near what Davis got, and will probably have to take a big paycut if he wants to play in the MLB again. So I will be a little salty if CD is allowed to walk away with 100% of his contract without having to at least go through the motions of being an MLB player. Honestly, if I was the owner/GM/manager, I'd just keep trotting him out there until he's had enough, or his roster spot / batting spot actually meant something which its not apparent on this team it actually does.
  6. Not Vegas per se, but the counties south west/north. I think like an hour drive. Only legal in sparsely populated counties.
  7. I agree Manny is about the same offensive output as Cal when you consider the eras Cal was much more valuable defensively and had way better intangibles
  8. For the majority of his career, and most productive years, Cal played in a era of infrequent homeruns He was in his late 30s in the late 90s-early 00s during the HR boom, which subsided somewhat but not back to the levels it was in the 80s-early 90s when Ripken was at his peak https://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/bat.shtml For example, last year there were 1.15 HR per game In 1991, one of Cal's best years when he hit a career high 34 HR, that number was 0.8. It was below 1 from 1981-1994 for the exception of one year. Its been above 1 for most years since 2001
  9. Yup, I would. If the O's started showing signs of a being competitive again, then yeah I would entertain simply cutting Davis and eating the whole bad contract. Otherwise I would be a total hardass and force him to play baseball if he won't take a buyout. Would be a message to anyone that wants to sign a big contract here - don't expect to be able to take the easy way out if you start stinking up the joint. I don't think Davis is going to be some barrier for the O's being good again. You're talking one man on a 25 man roster.
  10. No I don't think they should do that ... the Os should wait for Davis to come to them.
  11. Can't edit my post anymore, but would like to amend my statement about violence and sports ... Oakland has had its fare share of violence around the Coliseum (in fact there have been stabbings near the BART station, not necessarily sports related but still), but my point with respect to the Giants is that stuff can happen anywhere.
  12. Oakland Coliseum is in a pretty iffy neighborhood (go to Google Maps and look at street view around the stadium, lots of homes have bars on the window) , but if you park at the Coliseum or ride the BART, you don't really notice it. I was just at the A's last home game this Sunday, and have been to other games there and never once felt unsafe. Oddly enough, the violent incidents out here involving sports have involved the Giants who are smack dab in one the richest neighborhoods in the US.
  13. And the consequence would be? The Blue Jays talked to DD while under contract, which despite how they tried to throw titles (CEO, VP, Grand poobah), wasn't really a promotion - they wanted him effectively as GM. And the MLB did fork all about it nor did the Blue Jays seem to suffer any blowback from the rest of the league in general.
  14. Can you explain this "risk"? Risk of what? Being a bad baseball team? Barring some miracle, I think thats a foregone conclusion, for the next several years. If there are signs that the Orioles are actually going to contend, then I would entertain simply cutting Davis. Otherwise, I would just keep trotting him out at DH and he can simply take three strike calls down the middle and be more of a embarrassment than he already is for all I care, until he says he would take a buyout in order to leave.
  15. In many of those cases, (Red Sox, Dodgers, Yankees) you had had teams that were contending and trying to field the best possible team, and didn't want to waste a roster spot on a non-productive player. Also alot of those teams are big markets. In the Orioles case, they are nowhere near contention, owe a huge amount, Davis isn't injured, and aren't a big of a market. They can keep him around for another year, maybe two while in a game of chicken in an attempt to encourage a retirement/buyout.
  16. Yes, best outcome is Davis continues to play poorly, then hangs it up and we can avoid having to pay at least some portion of his contract. The Dunn comparison would be a justification for keeping Davis on the roster, to the public (media/league/fans). Ostensibly, you are supposed to field a competitive team, at least with the assets you have, and when someone plays as poorly as Davis has, it gets hard to believe they are doing that. But the O's can say "well look at Adam Dunn, hit .159 one season, then 41 homers the next!". Of course, they can only play that card so long. I just think it sends the wrong message, that if you sign a huge multi-year contract here, proceed to look like you don't even belong in the majors, then say you hate playing baseball, we are going to give you the easy way out and cut you and owe you 100% of what you signed for. I don't think there are any precedents to this situation. Yeah you have guys like Howard who've signed big deals, then looked disappointing/mediocre, but there were still at least some semblance of a major league baseball player.
  17. If he can rebound next year, might be worth something at the deadline.
  18. What's there standard for qualified? Adam Dunn hit .159 in 496 PAs back in 2011. Interestingly enough, next year he hit .204, but also hit 41 HRS for an OPS of .800 This is why I think we should just keep Davis at least for another year or two. I don't think we should give him the easy way out and just cut him and eat the full salary. If he really doesn't want to play anymore, he's going to have have to accept a substantial buyout. We aren't going to be competitive for the forseeable future so aren't risking much by at least keeping on the roster.
  19. If Davis really feels that way, they should keep playing him. Potentially you could embarass him into retirement / negotiated buyout. (I alluded to this strategy earlier in the year) Of course, you never say that out loud to anyone, except to maybe a very tight inner circle.
  20. If we want Gausman and Schoop we can get them when they hit FA in 2 years. We won't be competitive before then so it won't matter.
  21. Baltimore doesn't have a chance to sign Manny because it doesn't make sense to have one player tburning $30m/year in payroll or whatever Manny is going to make when its optimistically 3 years before they are competitive again. Manny is therefore going to be way more valuable to a team that is already competitive or at least very close to it. This isn't really a problem a hard cap would solve.
  22. Actually I'm not watching much at all either (living on the West coast makes this hard anyways, even if I had MLB extra innings / mlb.tv), so couldn't tell you
  23. Updated 7/1: PA/AB 43/38 H/2B/3B/HR 7/2/0/3 BB/IBB/HBP 3/1/1 BA/OBP/SLG/OPS 184/279/474/753
  24. If you can catch the CalTrain baby bullet, its only an hour. The bigger issue is the TV market.
  25. No one's moving to San Jose anytime soon, not even the A's where you have quite a bit of loyalty there already. The MLB considers it Giants territory.
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