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  1. The obvious solution, without a salary cap, is to put another team in New York/New Jersey. Hell there's probably a market there for 3-4 teams. One for each burrough plus New Jersey. That should even things out a bit.
  2. This whole thing is getting annoying, but I just can't keep away. Its like when you hear a lame Styx tune on the radio, but you can't bring yourself change the station.
  3. I really wish baseball free agency consisted of an open auction that lasted an afternoon. I guess then agents wouldn't be able to justify their exorbitant fees.
  4. Perhaps if you made it dependent on the team's win total. Say if we don't reach playoffs in the next 3 years. Then Teixeira could opt out.
  5. I wonder how they do that. School semesters don't align nicely with the baseball season , and its a bad idea to pull kids in the middle of the semester. Possibly I can see January - August (Spring training and the majority of the season). Then September - December at home. But thats only 4 months home and 8 months away. I suppose they could do January - May away, June - December home, which is a more even split, that would be 7 months home, 5 months away.
  6. Jim Palmer ERA+ Career 126, best seasons 169, 156, 154 http://www.baseball-reference.com/p/palmeji01.shtml Mike Mussina ERA+ Career 123 best seasons 163, 157, 145 http://www.baseball-reference.com/m/mussimi01.shtml Numbers seem pretty comparable, accounting for the era in which they played, probably an edge to Palmer though
  7. Griffey was supposed to be the guy that got to 62 but McGwire was the one to actually do it. I remember during the race in '98 when the Rams and Cards were both playing at the same time and they were showing McGwire's at bat at the stadium, and in the huddle even the *quarterback* (Warner, I believe?) was watching him bat.
  8. I'd say McGwire for the 90s over Bonds and Griffey. The race to 62 in '98 was probably the defining moment of the era, outside of potentially the cancelled season in '94 or Ripken breaking the ironman record.
  9. How would Babe Ruth have "personifed the style of play and character of the era" He was hitting 50+ homers when no one else was even breaking 20.
  10. Yup, this would solve most of the problems. I like it the way it is and the fact that the outcome has a benefit I think has increased the competitiveness of the game.
  11. Soriano doesn't bat as well when he's not leading off. It *shouldn't* matter, but for him it does. If someone is convinced they aren't going to do as well under certain circumstances, chances are they aren't. This is one of my problems with Soriano. He doesn't bat like a leadoff, but if you don't put him in that spot he doesn't bat well. I'd much rather have a good lead off man, and spend the money on improving other areas of my team than spend it all on Soriano.
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