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  1. Why couldn't Severino attempt to steal 1st on that strikeout that went past Gomez ?
  2. LOOGY's are pretty much dead with the new three batter rule
  3. Well if we shutout the Nats he would get credited with the loss right?
  4. So does this start at 5 ET, then the next game starts immediately after?
  5. Yes, go with the hot hand. If he starts getting shelled, replace with Akin.
  6. He definitely seems clutch, regardless of his stats. Though I guess there are stats for clutch too.
  7. I don't know about fans of the Sox, or that particular year. As a New Orleans Saints fan however, I can tell you that the playoff losses in 2011, this year against the Vikes, and two years ago against the Rams stung pretty bad. Not so much against the Seahawks in 2013 (the year they won the Superbowl), or that fluke against the Vikes in 2017 (most thought the Eagles were the team of destiny that year anyway). It would come down to if they felt the Red Sox were competitive enough that year to win the series.
  8. OTOH, I think the offers for someone like Cobb will simply be too low. The playoffs will be too much of a crapshoot for teams with 8 teams instead of 3 + WC. I would be tempted to say it would take something like a team willing to eat part of Davis' contract for any signficant roster to moves to be made. it would suck if the O's are playing well, even maybe fighting for a playoff spot, then Elias pulls up the rug.
  9. Yeah, I mean a starting rotation of Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander and David Price would be absolutely unbeatable in the playoffs. Especially when the other team is starting Chris Tillman, Wei-Yei Chen and Budd Norris. Oh, wait... How about Means / Cobb for Game 1/2 starters. (Although the Yanks have owned Means recently, so maybe not the best Idea.)
  10. Its bullcrap. If they called the Nats-Yanks game after 5, if they are going to cut doubleheaders to 7 innings, they should call this one. I sense some shenanigans in MLB front office.
  11. Wow they had an auto tarp unrolling machine in 1985? And in 2020 we're back to a dozen guys pushing it by hand?
  12. Maybe Wojo gets the decision after all?
  13. Didn't Hyde do just that last year, early in the season? Can't remember who was pitching. Edit: He did. It was Davis Hess against Toronto. 6.1 IP 0 H 1 B 0 R https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/TOR/TOR201904010.shtml
  14. I guess Hyde has the right strategy pulling the starter early even though no runs were allowed... though there were signs Wojo wasn't haven't the best day and Stras seemed to be pitching well up until that walk to Valaika.
  15. I mistyped, but equation should be correct 0.7pg = 0.7 * 10^-12 g. 1.2 billion molecules of DHMCT. Howeve rI don't know the sample size. 1.2 billion seems like a lot, but a sample of 1 gram of water contains 6.02*10^23 * 1g ./ 18.03 g/mol (MW of H20 = 3.34 * 10^22 molecules of water, thus the molar concentration would be 1.2 * 10^9 / 3.34 * 10^22 = 3.6 *10 ^-14 = 27 parts per trillion ( I think)
  16. Was the 0.7 picograms what was present in the sample? I wonder how big the sample was? DHCMT has a molar mass of 334.88 g/mol. So 0.7 g has rougly (6.02*10^23) * (0.7 * 10^-12 g) / 334.88 g/mol 1.2 billion molecules of DHMCT.
  17. K this is why Nunez shouldn't play the field
  18. Wonder why we went to the bullpen early, especially with the double-header tomorrow. Means only allowed that one homer.
  19. In the other thread trying to compare current vs. past Os lineups, the issue of OPS+ was brought up. That got me to thinking, what does OPS+ mean (aside from the statistical definition)? Well the mlb.com explanation (http://m.mlb.com/glossary/advanced-stats/on-base-plus-slugging-plus) basically says that if your OPS+ is x, that means you were better (or worse) than league average by x - 100. So if your OPS+ is 150, that means you were better 50% better than league average. So I'm wondering if your OPS+ is > 200, which a few players have achieved in a single season, such as Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, etc (https://www.baseball-reference.com/leaders/onbase_plus_slugging_plus_season.shtml), that means you were 100% better than league average. Does that mean you basically had the productivity of more than two average players? If so, in terms of the lineup, theoretically if you had the option of replacing the OPS+ > 200 player with two league average OPS+ 100 players(and have ten people batting, though still only nine still playing the field, kind of like little league), would it make sense to do it. Of course the answer, is an obvious "no". But what if, instead of just their at bats, those two players actually gave you an additional "outs". In other words, you replace that one HoF player who had the ridiculous OPS+ > 200 season, with two OPS+ 100 players consecutive in the batting order. I'm not quite sure how this would work, maybe instead of having 27 outs, the other team would have to record 30, like maybe four outs in the second, fifth and eighth inning. Or maybe whenever the first of those two players came to bat, their team would get an out subtracted from their total (going negative if no outs, though maybe limit this once an inning in the case of a bat around) So even in that situation, does it still make sense to keep the OPS+ > 200 player, as opposed to having two league average players (OPS+ 100), if you got additional outs somehow?
  20. You have to factor in the guy on 2nd being called out, without the team getting a double play. So in those situations, the runner on first either stays there, or possibly advances to second. Like what happened the other night vs the Rays - Mullins throws Choi out on deep fly ball. If the Rays had another runner on first, he may have advanced to second or worst case stayed at first. Which obviously increases the chance of the Rays scoring a run in that inning.
  21. Prior to last year Ruiz logged less than a half a season of game.s His OPS+ last year in 127 games was 81. Last year Hans Alberto's OPS+ was 98. Prior to that he played 80 or so game sin the majors, finishing OPS+ of 35, -20 and 33.
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