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  1. A bank robber who robs one bank is going to get a lesser sentence than a bank robber who robs ten banks.
  2. As I understand it Boston wasn't relaying to the batter unless a runner was on second.
  3. Yes, this is who I thought. Drafted #7 in 2000 draft. Rockies offered $4 million, but he wanted $4.95. Actually Boras wasn't his client then, but it was Tommy Tanzer. Goes unsigned and re-enters the draft next year, slipping to second round. Padres offered $1.2 million. Tanzer was fired and Boras hired a few months into negotiation, but they still can't agree. Boras wanted over $2 million. Goes unsigned, enters into the Independent league, where he bombs going 2-6 with a 6.57 ERA. Padres pull their offer after seeing the poor perfromance. In 2002, drafted by Tampa Bay in the 13th round. Offers up to $200k apparently, which he rebufffed. Reenters the draft, drafted in the 24th round by the Reds in 2003, who offered him maybe a few K. Then drafted in the 36th round by the Yankees, who never even offered a contract. According to Wikipedia, as of 2009 he was working in Costco tire center making $11.50/hr. Dude literally won the lottery, didn't feel it was enough money and rolled the dice for a even bigger payday, and came up snake eyes. Twice.
  4. Who was that Boras client who was drafted high, kept demanding a big payday which he never got, and ended up waning out of baseball in a few years, missing out on millions of dollars ? I think this was early 2000s.
  5. If Ovechkin comes up just short of Gretzky's career goal total it might.
  6. Still a two to three weeks away from that, but they'll need something by the end of June at the very latest. This is probably hardline negotiation tactic. But the owners are not going to want to play a season if they can't make money. In 2015 tickets and concessions accounts for about 37% of revenue for a typical MLB team according to http://camdendepot.blogspot.com/2016/01/where-mlb-receives-its-revenue.html They play with no fans and that revenue is now 0%, they will only have TV money. Maybe players owners split the difference - players take a 15% paycut for this season only, and also prorated prorated over 82 games, contigent on fans not being allowed back into the stadium. Effectively a 57.5% paycut. If ballparks are allowed to reopen, they get that 15% back.
  7. I think you mean to say the Angels drafted Trout out of high school at pick 25 as a comp pick for losing to Texeira
  8. Ok, I think I'm starting to get it. Let's start with baseball, make it as "cricket" like as possible. - No foul territory - There's one inning, everyone on the team gets to bat exactly once, and tries to score as many points as possible before being called out, at least in some versions of cricket. In other versions, there is a limited number of hittable pitches you are allowed before dismissal. - The pitcher (bowler in cricket) must bounce the ball prior it reaching the batter. (Though if this is true, why don't they simply throw a the feet every time making it really hard to hit?). As you said, he also can't throw like a baseball pitcher - the arm has to be straight during the delivery. Although I've read this is biomechanically impossible, and apparently now the elbow angle can be up to 15 degrees. - Same rules regarding being out by a fielder catching a ball without bouncing. ("dismissed" or "losing their wicket" in cricket terms). However, in cricket this is more severe as you only get to bat once - Same rule regarding being "thrown out" after hitting the ball on a bounce, and failing to reach base before a fielder can deliver the ball to another fielder who is there. (wicket in cricket) - One strike and you're out (In cricket, if the ball hits the wicket without being struck, or maybe even if it is struck?) - If you get hit by the pitch (bowl), you are also out. This is why cricketers wear pads while batting. - You may elect to run or not run after hitting the ball. - Instead of having to go all the way around the bases to score, you get one point for a single, two for a double, three for a triple and six for a home run. And maybe four for a ground rule double. You have to carry your bat while running, so no bat flips. - There 's always one teammate on base who also has to run at the same time as you, who can also be thrown out. He also has to carry his bat while running. There.s no other baserunners. I suppose we should make him start at first base, then maybe he has to go around the bases counter clockwise. Although this leads to somewhat of a complication with the bases, maybe it would make more sense to do away with first and third and make them run to second instead - although this would make scoring very hard - so maybe do away with the bases and just use the pitchers mound. If we do this, there's no point in having infield dirt - which is why cricket fields are mostly grass.
  9. I've read the rules of cricket like 10 times and still don't really understand whats going on. The only thing I get is catching the ball before it hits the ground is an out, like in baseball. Also how hard is that ball? And how fast is it going off the bat ?
  10. I'm wondering, if they told him to just try to throw right over the plate every time would have fared better. If you can't pick spots, might as well just try to overwhelm guys with speed. And maybe develop a changeup to throw off the batter.
  11. Maybe pickup, but did play at a organized level with high stakes? (By high stakes I mean something like HS Varsity) As for Duke/Stanford, Coach K, at least, takes alot into consideration when picking players. He's passed on more than a few top prospects because of reasons other than basketball ability. For basketball, at least, if you are freak of nature with natural athleticism like say, Shaquille O'Neal, yeah maybe you can be somewhat "lazy" in a sense, and still get into a good school. But our metric of "lazy" and what it means in the NBA to be "lazy" are vastly different.
  12. When i saw this post I immediately thought of a Mike Myers SNL sketch ~1992 Lowthar Of the Hill people
  13. Going by BBref, George Brett was a slightly above average third baseman defensively and a phenomenal third baseman offensively. Buddy Bell was a phenomenal third baseman defensively and very good third baseman offensively. WAR says Brett was the better player for most years they played. I was thinking of the situation with Ripken, though not exactly comparable - how he kept lose Golden Gloves to Trammel/Fernandez/Guillen/Vizquel. But many considered him the best shortstop in the game (or at least the AL) even if they didn't think he was the best defensive shortstop. What made them great is the combination of offense and defense.
  14. In 1995, his K/9 with the Oriole was 10.0, which was the best he posted since his 2 game rookie season. On the other hand, his HR/9 was an abysmal 2.9, which was > 3x worse than his career average of 0.9. His BB/9 was also 5.5, almost 2 higher than his career average of 3.4. In comparison, his last year with the Mets in 1993, his K/9 was only 6.1 and he posted 2.93 ERA, but with BB/9 of only 2.7. Looking at his starts, it does seem like Regan may have pulled the trigger too early a few times. I see some starts where he pitched 3 or 4 innings, giving up ~3 runs. I can't find Pit/IP, but I can find Pit/GS. With the Mets, it was between 90-105 most years. In 1994 with the Os it was 88, then 76 in 1995. (I guess you can compute Pit/IP from IP/GS and Pit/GS, but I'm too lazy for that).
  15. In 1995, Fernandez posted a 7.34 ERA in 8 appearances for the Orioles, 7 of which were starts. After he was released and Philly picked him up, he posted 3.34 ERA in 11 starts, going 6-1. Following year, at age 34, 3.43 ERA in again 11 starts before he got hurt. His two seasons (really two half seasons) in Baltimore was a total anomaly in his playing career, and there was some reason he couldn't be effective here. Sadly a common story with Orioles pitchers.
  16. Red Sox forget how many outs there were and started jogging off the field after Pie grounds out. 🙂 Maybe what comes later is karma?
  17. Watching this now. I forgot Rich Hill was ever on the team. Of course, seems like he was on like 10 teams so why not the Os. Adam Jones injured attempting to rob Youkilius of a homer. Varitek hit by pitch bogus call. In the 5th inning now, O's trail 9-1.
  18. Maybe he didn't become a baseball fan until his later years? Its like me with basketball. I root for the Clippers because I didn't get into basketball until i was like 30. By then I had moved twice.
  19. Maybe he was like converse of Roy Hobbs. Started out as a great hitter before his career got sidetracked. Edit: On the other hand maybe not. Of his 5 plate appearnces, 3 were strikeouts. Would Gregg Olson have hit better than 2018 Chris Davis ?
  20. People are already travelling all over the country - the airports and highways are not locked down like they were in China. We only have "shelter-in-place"meaning we can't gather for non-essential business. Even now, MLB would compose a small percentage of overall air travel. And especially since they use their own charter flights, there is less risk of them spreading it to the general population. Fans gathering in the stadiums obviously is a major problem. I'm not sure how they could manage this - could they reduce seating maybe enforcing a "remain at X distance"? These measures were never intended to totally stop the spread of the virus - they were just intended to slow ti down enough so that hospitals did not become overwhelmed. Once they're confident thats not a problem, I can see the order being lifted.
  21. Here's a schedule which could work with a mid-July start date: Breakdown of games Division opponents 6 games each ( 3 game series home -away ) (6*4 = 24 games) Other league opponents 4 games each (10*4 = 40 games). No interleague play - this is their off day as only 28 teams will be able play every day. Total 66 games, one off day every 15 days. means only 4 off days, so about 70 league days. Very easy to start in mid July or even August and be ready for mid-October. If they do want to play at ST facilities and have the games count, they should play the interleague games, with the possible exception of saving the "rivalry games" (like Baltimore-DC) for the "real" regular season.
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