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  1. Played little league from fourth to sixth grade. Was never very good at bat, and couldn't pitch, but a decent fielder. I remember a few things like one time at third base I nabbed a hard line drive out of the air . Also one time playing catcher I gunned down a runner trying to steal second. There was a guy at third and they tried a double steal. Throw was there, but he trucked me and the ball came loose. About seventh grade you start switching to the 75' diamond and it started getting serious with travel teams and it was too much. Didn't play organized sports until high school football as a freshman.
  2. I can't imagine the Angelos' are in much of a giving mood after losing the MASN court battle with MLB. Unfortunately the little guys will pay the price.
  3. Had two monster games in the '97 series against cleveland Gm 3 7.0 IP 3 H 2 BB 15 SO , 1 ER Gm 6 8.0 IP 3 1 H 2 B 10 SO, 0 ER Now for the kick in the nuts, both those games were no decisions for Mussina and losses for the Orioles (lost 1-2 and 0-1, respectively)
  4. Maybe the Orioles can win the World Series in OOTP baseball sim.
  5. For minor league baseball players, particularly younger ones, I'd imagine that number is substantially higher. Like 80-90%.
  6. 30k /year is about $15/hr. Very easy to exceed that waiting tables. I'd also argue an US Army E-1 probably makes about the same, when you factor in they don't have to pay for housing, medical and a substantial proprotion of food.
  7. Plenty of PCR machines running idle or used for other purposes. Think 23andme. US government hasn't taken the step of requestioning them yet. I think at least they need to suspend government-funded biomed research and repurpose it towards testing. I worked in a research lab for many years that should be able to carry out these tests.
  8. The whole country probably needs to do what California is doing.
  9. The economy is driven by people. When people who can't work or buy things, the economy tanks.
  10. And he slashed 304/358/525 in 42 games after he came back, at age 35. Even better next year 327/388/582 in 130 GP. Has survived over 20 years after initial diagnosis.
  11. If they don't play do teams have to pay their players?
  12. The Dragons and Wildcats will not be able to play home games with any crowds. I'm thinking a decision will come within the next day. Sucks because I really was hoping the XFL would survive. The response seemed more positive than the AAF though and they were just really unlucky so McMahon may give it another shot next year.
  13. Looks like thats where its headed. its looking like they will call the games off. ST so its no big deal
  14. MLB statcast is active and reporting NY-WSH game in the Bottom of the 1st. I'd assume yes.
  15. Hot dogs are basically just low quality sausage. Don't see what the big deal is.
  16. I'm guessing Cal gets a pass for his last season here?
  17. I came to think in The Natural that the director was alluding that Hobbs died after hitting that homerun and rounding the bases, because of they showed the bleeding from his stomach. The scene with him having a catch with his son was kinda his version of heaven. Or maybe the life he could have had he not played.
  18. They've endured lockouts before, but I'm wondering how this factors into players contracts. Would they still have to pay the players? A compromise might be postpone it for maybe a month. In 2001 they did this for a week, I think, after 9/11, (too lazy to lookup).
  19. By "level them up" you mean go on hot streaks? I mostly play offline against CPU. Yeah the hot streaks can really boost a player. On the other hand a cold streak can really kill them, so its a double edged sword. My record is about .560 now with the Blowfish on 85. Previously I had won the championship with the Sirloins on 80. My pen is very deep, on the other hand its hard for my starters to last more than 5 or 6 innings. Kind of like the Orioles. You gotta go looking for it. Not advertised widely unlike EA games. I actually wanted a baseball game but my last experience was The Show on PS3 but didn't like the controls or the presentation. So I did some research. It can feel arcadish at times but actually feels more like baseball than anything else I've tried.
  20. I remember the first time upping the difficulty in Super Mega Baseball from 50 to like 75. I really sucked at the plate. Now I play at 85 and my good players have averages in the .300s,, with one better than .400.
  21. If a good chunk of that is against the Yankees and Red Sox, that will be all the upside I need
  22. A good partner might be the Angels again. They have deep pockets and could be looking to make a run this year, after having just signed Rendon and resigned Trout, and with the Astros mess providing a window. But there starting pitching last year was nearly as bad as ours, and in the offseason the only major SP acquired have been Julio Teheran and Dylan Bundy as far as I know. If Cobb performs and they are above .500 by June I could see them making a move. It would probably just be a salary dump like Cashner but the more cash we get off the books now the better position we'd be to sign FAs starting 2021.
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