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  1. I wouldn’t go for free. The price of parking or the train from Glen Burnie is more than this team is worth. I’ll enjoy potentially the last season in Frederick instead.
  2. Will Sedlock come back to our organization?
  3. Moved to Maryland in ‘84 as a boy. Love the O’s but this stings. I want what these guys have and I feel it’s not going to happen.
  4. I can't stand anything to do with D.C. but this series is far from over.
  5. They will after they get Cole this offseason.
  6. Keep hearing rumblings that the Suns are moving.
  7. Wally Joyner who is a devout Mormon used.
  8. I find this statement to be strange bordering on weird. I’ve never met a Ravens fan who gives any kind of care to Dan Snyder or even thinks about the Redskins. My switch from the Redskins was seamless as my loyalties have always been to the city and not the franchise.
  9. Orioles, Ravens and Arkansas Razorbacks! (woo pig!!!)
  10. Roberts is pretty good. Brown bores me to tears.
  11. At least it's in a lifetime. I became an O's fan in 1984 and well....
  12. I love this! Let's not forget Paul Shuey or the Killer B's in Berken and Bergesen. Who can forget Vladimir Guerrero collecting one last paycheck before Cooperstown?
  13. I have a co-worker who just completely fell out of love with the team. 40 years as a fan, multiple Orioles tattoos including all of the retired numbers. Several years a season ticket holder. Just can't do it anymore and has switched his allegiance to The Rockies (for some reason). This is happening by droves and I'm not sure the culmination of a rebuild will get that back.
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