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  1. I do have friends who treat every portion of their life as a "winner takes all" high stakes political debate. It is exhausting and frustrating and few people like them. I do hope there is a place for just talking sports with out that other nonsense....because I don't come here to have my viewpoints challenged. I come here to rest and enjoy the limited free time I do have.
  2. I have opinions on all of this, and in the end, no one will care. Not sure why the political wing of MLB is of such concern to the OP. The rigged financial landscape of the game and the product the Orioles have placed on the field for the majority of my 36 years as a fan is far more offensive. Expanding the playoffs to 16 games is a greater tipping point for this frustrated fan.
  3. It's a GOOD thing the SEC Network didn't show that game when Kjerstad tore the wings off of a butterfly, pushed a little old lady and spat on the ump! That Heston is a BAD dude. Martin on the other hand....Nobel Prize.
  4. Born in Arkansas, raised in Maryland - lifelong and passionate fan of both the Hogs and O's. I'll admit my homerism took over when the O's picked Kjerstad #2. I've seen Kjerstad play on the SEC Network probably 30-40 times during his 2+ years in Fayetteville. Really really liked him Freshman year, fell off a bit Sophomore and started making great progress as a Junior. Nice fluid swing built for OPACY, underrated defense, intense but not a jerk, seems to be a great teammate. Taught by the best of the best in Van Horn and Arkansas' incredible coaching staff. Absolutely inane for folks to compare
  5. There are many athletes who are now seeking to use their "platform" to advocate for whatever. Sports should be a relief, a pastime and entertainment. When the players (i.e. entertainers) interrupt their profession and use their platform for "cause XYZ" then it becomes an even greater annoyance. Yep, I've been making it just fine without sports.
  6. Kjerstad has a slow power bat? Exactly how many games have you seen of him?
  7. From the beginning I thought Kjerstad had the batting makeup of Will Clark, a lot of fellow Hogs fans feel that way as well. WOULD NOT be surprised if the O's select Arkansas infielder Casey Martin at either 30 or 39.
  8. Fantastic article on the Hogville (Arkansas fan site). https://d1baseball.com/columns/drivelines-anatomy-of-a-prospect-arkansas-heston-kjerstad/
  9. Kjerstad hit 6 homers this year and cut down on his Ks before COVID. Our last two #1s played each other in the 2018 CWS.
  10. As the only Orioles and Razorbacks fan on the planet I am thrilled with this pick. I've watched numerous games with Kjerstad since he came our way from Amarillo, Texas. Beautiful fluid swing, not a lot of holes, plays in an elite conference. Built perfectly for OPACY. Decent fielder. Also works with an outstanding staff in Fayetteville. Woooo Pig!
  11. I haven't followed this thread but what happened to Emerson Hancock?
  12. I wouldn’t go for free. The price of parking or the train from Glen Burnie is more than this team is worth. I’ll enjoy potentially the last season in Frederick instead.
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