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  1. If Mark Reynolds played like he is now when he was an Oriole, he would be in tonight's starting line-up in Baltimore against the Royals... Reynolds left the door open for the Orioles to not re-sign him because of his inconsistent (at best) performance when he was in Baltimore. DD & BS had other options...
  2. Hope for the best... http://www.masnsports.com/school_of_roch/2013/03/markakis-to-undergo-mri-on-monday.html
  3. Alfonso Soriano is available if the Yankees want him...
  4. http://baltimore.orioles.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20130205&content_id=41425364&vkey=news_bal&c_id=bal
  5. I hope he does. If he does, before a question is submitted, take a breath. Don't let the frustration with the Orioles become a personal attack against Greg Bader. Let's do what we can to allow the opportunity for a dialogue to happen... I also hope whatever happened between you (Tony) and Greg can find it's way to calmer waters...Go O's!!!
  6. I'm not sure of all of the details that went into Bader vs Pente, but I was looking forward to hear more from a person in the FO... I totally understand the frustration as an Oriole Fan, but it would have been advantageous to have different approach with (most of) the questions being asked...Go O's!!!
  7. It wouldn't surprise me that Greg Bader has decided to not engage in this conversation because of the over-all tenor of this thread, most of the post. Oriole Fan should be frustrated with the results of the previous 14 seasons, but applying (to a certain degree) "catching flies is easier with honey than with vinegar" may have been beneficial...Go O's!!!
  8. Law said the Orioles are the "laughing stock" of ML, and spoke negative of DD and his hiring of "old" FO people. They would have been useful 10-15 years ago...Go O's!!!
  9. In no particular order... Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention Yellowjackets Pat Metheny Group Tower of Power Doobie Brothers Stevie Wonder Keith Jarrett ...Go O's!!!
  10. This is interesting. Former Orioles executive Jim Duquette just posted this on Twitter: #Orioles are definitely in on PF - it remains to be seen if they'll go to the "magic" number. But there's plenty of motivation to sign him. A few minutes later he posted this: Reasons for O's to sign PF over Nats-1.He's wicked good. 2. Get back fans that left them for the Nats. 3. Keep tv interest highr than Nats. Ken Rosenthal added this via Twitter: Will be interesting to see how serious #Orioles are on Fielder. Duquette had Mo Vaughn in BOS. Angelos stickler for conditioning. #MLB http://www.masnsp
  11. Teagarden is an improvement over Tatum. I'm not sure Teagarden is worth Henry & Miclat...Go O's!!!
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