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  1. I will play devil's advocate. I like that the Yankees and Red Sox are always televised nationally. I get all 162 Orioles games anyway, so I don't care if they are on national TV. When the Orioles are in a division race into September, it will be more interesting to watch Yankees or Red Sox games than Cardinals or Indians.
  2. I believe those seats in the upper deck in LF are an expanded press "box". Many stadiums turn some seats into overflow press seating for the postseason. Someone please correct me if I am incorrect.
  3. Maybe it is bad for MLB revenue, FOX ratings, etc. But for the sport of baseball, this series is great. Maybe some 7 year olds in Texas decide to pick up a baseball glove instead of football pads. I know when people say bad for baseball, it generally refers to MLB; however, MLB has to be less than 0.1% of baseball played in the USA. Anything that brings the sports more exposure in a smaller market is good for the game in general.
  4. The Rays have been mentioned lately in the media for their low attendance numbers. The stadium and its location have been described as possible factors. While these are definitely issues, I think it just takes a few decades to build a solid fanbase. Tampa Bay got MLB in 1998; however, unless the residents were young kids, they had already had a favorite team. Some people obviously will jump ship to the local team, but I think that many of the Florida residents/transplants kept their former allegiances. Someone who was 8 when the Rays came in, is only 20 now. A 20 year old doesn't have the disposable income to be part of the season ticket base (and is probably in college anyway). I think judgment should be withheld until that group of young kids is able to become part of the fanbase. I know it isn't a popular opinion with the media, but I think it takes 25-30 years to develop a solid fan base as an expansion team in any sport.
  5. The kid may need rest and I am not a conspiracy advocate, but it is a known fact he is on an innings limit. Are the Washington Nationals exploiting their fans? Nationals Average Attendance: 23,426 6/4 vs. Reds: 33,774 -Not Strasburg's debut, but there was speculation it would be and Nats front office didn't really comment until a few days before 7/27 vs. Braves: 40,043 -Scratched A few more late "scratches" this season and the Nationals will add near sellouts without giving their fans what they paid to see. Strasburg is pretty much a guaranteed sellout. If I were a Nationals fan, this would get on my nerves. I hope the fans aren't being yanked around, but it wouldn't surprise me
  6. Does anyone have a link to a manuscript of the speech? Or did anyone watch this? I was watching to the point where he was arguing a balk call with a manager in the minor leagues (PCL?) where he said he was glad someone else in the league had been reading the rulebook also. However, when he got to the conclusion, my power cut off and I never heard the end. If anyone could summarize I would appreciate it.
  7. I like it. When the O's are good again, it will be our song the way people relate Sweet Caroline to the Red Sox. But at least we have had the tradition for decades. Unlike those bandwagon pink hatters, who have had their "tradition" since the late 90s-early 2000s. It is a silly tradition, but it is our tradition. Also 100% guaranteed if the Orioles change they will blow it, and everyone will want them to bring it back anyway.
  8. I'm not sure. I was assuming they could convert Olympic Stadium for a three game series with a month's notice. I thought it would be cool for them to Montreal, even if only for three games. But if they could only expect 4 digit attendance maybe it wouldn't be worth it. If not Montreal, maybe they could have gone to another non-MLB market. (I don't know if BC Place still converts in Vancouver.) It just seems like series like this would be a good chance to show off MLB to people who don't get to see it live. The short notice probably makes it difficult though. Edit: Wanted to add that I realize Vancouver is a hike and a half from Toronto and Philly, but they could use another close non-MLB market.
  9. They should have moved the series to Montreal, at least making an attempt to keep them as some sort of Jays home game. But I'm sure MLB thought it was too soon to go back.
  10. Even more annoying than three weeks in a row of Mets, was it is back to back days of Mets-Phillies because they were on FOX today. MLB should let FOX, TBS, and ESPN draft one series every weekend. Change the order every week. When ESPN gets into Friday baseball during a Yankees-Red Sox series: Fri - Yanks/Sox on ESPN Sat - Yanks/Sox on FOX Sun - Yanks/Sox on ESPN or TBS I'm pretty sure this has happened before. Two out of three games happens all the time. There should be only one national game per series.
  11. I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way, but I think a lot of these athletes are pretty arrogant to be angry when they are getting booed. They are providing a service, and people don't like what they are paying for. If anyone who has worked in a restaurant has had a bad day, they know what it is like getting yelled at by a customer. And they are getting paid much less. But they still trying their best, and still showing up every day. A lot of people ignore this type of criticism, but are defending a professional athlete making six or seven figures. Booing is almost the only form of criticism an athlete gets directly from the public. And I feel a little but for the guys, it sucks getting booed when you are trying your best. It also sucks for other people who try their best at other jobs when a customer goes crazy on them. I am not necessarily condoning either type of behavior, but much worse happens in the service industry without a second thought. Luke talks about "livelihood". If booing is the worst part he is really lucky. I think we are privileged to be able to drive to Baltimore on 81 given nights of the year and watch the best baseball in the world. But the players are more privileged to be paid to play a game.
  12. charliec107

    Nats Opener

    Good thing the Nats have the generic red and blue colors so visitors don't stand out. Another note... Didn't catch much of the game, but on the pregame show Ray Knight said Zimmerman is better defensively than Brooks Robinson.
  13. charliec107


    Does MLB really need divisions in the first place? Why not just a balanced schedule for each league, and the four best teams go to the playoffs. The owners currently in the Central and West would love more visits from the Yankees and Red Sox each year. The fans of the O's, Jays, and Rays would love less visits from the Yankees and Red Sox each year.
  14. USA, #1 seed in the elimination round. Canada/Russia will have to face off in the quarterfinals and we can't face the winners until the gold medal game. Our first game will be against Belarus or Switzerland. Hopefully team USA can make something happen. Any medal would be sweet.
  15. The Capitals ans some other teams allow you to pick them back up at the end of the game. Some teams throw them out. I think others clean them and donate them to cancer charities. I think others might give them to the player as a sort of trophy.
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