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  1. This is just ridiculous. For all the claims of having thick skins and not caring about being internet tough guys, there sure are a bunch of people getting their feelings hurt here. Tony, I don't contribute to this site other than monetarily because I don't feel like I have the baseball knowledge to add anything new. I do however have this site open every day I'm working and check it several times to see what is happening. I suppose by default I can't be part of your community because I live so far away that I can't meet any of you in person. I have to say though that you have become a parody of a paranoid dictator seeing enemies in every corner. You have said that a good measure of whether we are loyal to this community is if we feel creepy by going to Stoner's site. Well I feel creepy seeing you belittle and ban anyone that may not share your sense of loyalty. Your analogy of foxhole guys and non foxhole guys is so hyperbolic that it really makes you look like a borderline megalomaniac. I don't have a reason to take sides, and since I know that I'm not coveted by you or Stoner as a poster and wouldn't be missed if I died tomorrow, I feel like I am in the perfect position to play the role of Tibetan monk and self immolate in protest (thus feeding my own brand of megalomania). I understand that you have issues with Stoner. I understand that he did something shady, and I also see where he owned up to it, apologized and tried to move on wishing you continued success. Perhaps I don't get it. Your world seems dichotomized into black and white, but mine is a perpetual gray. I've been around these types of boards starting with the local BBS's. I've seen boards like this fracture when someone believes they own it. I know you started it, you do the upkeep and format changes, and I'm sorry to break it to you but you don't own it. A board is owned by the people that contribute to it, and if you treat everyone with the type of disdain you've shown, you and your core 3 or 4 foxhole guys will be the only ones left here talking about how disloyal the world is. No one owes you loyalty, you earn it through your actions and your actions to me say everything I need to know. No need to ban me because I'll go ahead and cancel my membership. If anyone wants to contact me they can do it through email at jrhodehouse at gmail dot com.
  2. We just took the kids on a whirl wind tour of all 5 National Parks in Utah in 5 days. Man what a great trip.
  3. I am a liberal in one of the most conservative States in the nation and I get really upset when I talk politics with my neighbors and they are so uninformed they embarrass themselves. Then I see how uninformed some of "my" voters are from other States and I figure you could make voting harder and you would probably eliminate the same percentage of voters from both parties so it would make no difference in the end.
  4. I would allow them to come for the game, and then provide them with a sack and a broom handle with a nail on the end of it. I would then remove all of their modes of transportation back north and instead require them to walk while picking up trash the whole way home. They need to be taught a stern lesson in humility.
  5. There are so many restrictions on some things, and so few on others I find it hard to solidify any opinion based on precedence. There are restrictions in place to buying a firearm, and yet none to procreate. I've said it before and I'll say it again, when I become God Emperor, I will make sure that the vas deferens of all male children are clamped at birth and you'll have to pass a strict test to get the clamps removed. We walk a fine line between police state and anarchy. To me I think that there should be, at the very least, a photo id requirement to voting. I would be happy with having stricter requirements on lots of things, and as it was mentioned, the founding fathers made the assumption that the vast majority of the governed are too stupid or unqualified to have a say in how they are governed so maybe they would agree with tighter restrictions. I do think that by not having many restrictions on voting we at least nominally protect the rights of the most disenfranchised when the reality (at least in my mind) is that we do nothing of the sort. I think there are so many misinformed voters on both sides of the political spectrum that the candidates pander to those that are at best clueless, and at worst, puppets to a far more nefarious cause. All in all, we should just ditch the system of government we have in place and make me God Emperor immediately. Don't worry, I'll take care of everything.
  6. I agree with McLovin. Ask a doctor and do it ASAP. Just to put the fear of God into you I have a story. My brother in law had ankle surgery (I know it's not the same thing) and about a month later got back to traveling for work. On his first flight back to Virginia he had a blood clot break away from his ankle and lodge itself into his lung. After a visit to the ER in Virginia he ended up back here in Utah in the hospital for about a week on blood thinners and a 24 hour watch. He had to have his blood tested once a week for 6 months while they regulated his coumadin and he will be taking it for years to come because he has to travel for work. The docs told him his biggest mistake was not getting up and walking around during his flight. I would discuss this with your doctor at length. Also, see if they can't get some leeches and bleed you before you go. You can never be too careful.
  7. lordbrook

    Short rants.

    That is the best reason for going.
  8. They all have weaknesses, but they can all mitigate them in some way. As long as Wolverine avoids intensely powerful electromagnets and Magneto, he's fine. If Superman was vulnerable to Ununseptium then I could respect him, but there's far too much Kryptonite on the open market for me to take him seriously.
  9. Superman cannot be the greatest superhero because he has an enormous weakness that he can never overcome or prepare for. All it takes is a tiny bit of Kryptonite and he's a goner. What other superhero has a flaw so monumental that it has become a synonym for "weakness to be exploited"? Give me just a tiny bit of Kryptonite and I could kick Superman's ass.
  10. I was telling a friend of mine the other day about my one and only trip there. He told me my tone sounded more like I had visited Mecca than a stadium. My advice would be to go early, walk around everywhere, sit in different seats and take lots of pictures.
  11. Hmm. I'm really good at fixing things. If I could make a living as The Wolf, that's all I would do. Whether it's a computer, car, or appliance, I can most likely fix it.
  12. Boy. I've never heard anyone with that name, but on reading the thread title, I immediately thought boy's name.
  13. Manjar. I should have left the autocorrect entry from my kindle fire. (Mammary)
  14. I find much of what he did in life reprehensible, but I get no joy from his death. I am usually indifferent to someone dying, unless I have a personal contact with them of some sort. I feel more emotional about my dog dying than I do the vast majority of the human race because it's a destiny we all must accept. What is rare for me though is to see that society is better off because of the death of someone, and in those cases I take joy. I was happy as a pig in sh** when I heard about Osama, but I just don't feel happy that anyone as young as Brietbart has to go to an early grave.
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