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  1. If you can't get excited about Hays, Mullins and Mountcastle, not to mention the healthy returns of Mancini, Santander and Iglesias, throw in Rutchman, Hall, Rodriguez, Kjerstad, Diaz and Henderson in the pipeline, I suggest a Viagra washed down with that orange Kool-aide Too Tall (and I) are drinking.
  2. How soon we forget Amber Theoharis
  3. Big Al

    Please esplain

    Opening day should always be the first Monday in April. With the first pitch thrown in Cincinnati.
  4. Move the Gnats back to Montreal.
  5. I now live in Norfolk, walking distance to a Tide (light rail) station which also has a stop at Harbor Park. Walking to the station, catching a train and attending a game is wonderful experience. Stop all this nonsense about changing affiliates or moving to another stadium.
  6. My first favorite baseball player. I was devastated when we traded him to Oakland for Reggie.
  7. That was possibly one of the worst broadcasts I've ever seen. The whole Van Pelt Baltimore accent bit was bad enough, but why did they need to show both Van Pelt and the booth while completely ignoring the game at hand?
  8. Big Al

    Buck Stuff

    We should give Buck a lifetime contract and let him leave on his own terms.
  9. Big Al

    180 days...

    I hope not. I hate the Sunday night opening games. 1st pitch should always be 1st Monday in April in Cincinnati. With a number of games commencing soon thereafter. And you should open presents on Christmas Morning, not Christmas Eve.
  10. As soon as Encarnacion's HR cleared the fence.
  11. Decision would be much easier if Caleb had shown progression rather than regression with the bat.
  12. Jesus loves him more than he could know.
  13. We had to beat that other offer he received of $151 million.
  14. If they really want to get it right, they should have access to every possible angle.
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