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  1. Two quotes give me hope: I don’t base my decision on that,” he said. “I base my decision on the players surrounding me, the coach and wherever I feel comfortable at.” I want a coach that’s going to push me, the players surrounding me are good, and I just want to have a chance to win the tournament,” There so many factors at play here that looking at this rationally may be a waste of time but he would be a perfect fit on the wing in Md's offense. I can't help but think he is referencing GV's ability to set him up for jumpers with his ability to penetrate and GW's pushing him on defense. I have not seen a lot of Kansas but he would be in great shape for a "one and done" at Md-not sure he would be the same offensive option at KU and he certainly won't be set up at SJU. Also on Md's side is that nice UA contract waiting after he declares....:scratchchinhmm:
  2. I think you will see a zone as a change of pace but I think WF is a better coached team and will do a better job of handling it. Their guards are quicker and can penetrate, their perimeter shooting is better and their big men are more athletic. I think you may see more of a 2-3 as opposed to 3-2 where you can just run baseline and throw it over the top-something State never quite figured out. I hate to say it but Md really plays the zone well because of their perimeter size, they are real active and it then allows them to collapse down low to hide their size issues. When you couple that with some pressing/trapping other teams don't get a full clock to run their offense which again disguises Md's inside issues. GW can flat out coach.
  3. Terp, I have been following recruiting closely for 30 some years and have never heard of a head coach not attending a in home visit-I don't know why he would say that it's unheard of. As to being out every day in July-I think he quotes July which is camp season the busiest recruiting time of the year. That is important but kind of like you or I saying I'm at work every Monday and December which are really busy-it doesn't take into account the rest of the year. It's pretty well documented his disdain for recruiting and if you read good non partisan publications like the ACC Sports Journal you see it. I have even been at a roast where Jim Boehim kidded GW about it. Guys like Brick Oettinger, Dave Telep, and Dave Glenn have commented on it and they have been in the business 30-40 years and are friends of GW. I criticize him about recruiting but he doesn't need a team of top 50 players he does need that one top 20 talent to go along with GV-as GV alluded to last week. It's frustrating because he is such a good coach (he stole the game last night) and the kids listen and play hard but they just don't have that one talented kid that makes a difference.
  4. Basketball is a game of adjustments and Lowe is overmatched. Like Md they have some flaws but boy are they poorly prepared offensively. Against a 2-3 zone you want to move the ball with quick passes and they are just standing there like they aren't prepared for it at all. Of course GW knows this and will exploit it.
  5. Defensively Duke is simply a much better coached team than UNC. UNC must not have watched tape of the first Md/Duke game where Duke overplayed Vasquez and kept the ball out of his hands because it killed them-that and 5 assists the whole game (although a good portion of this can be attributed to Md's defense). I am less worried about Md's defense than executing on offense and if Duke is again able to keep the ball out of Vasquez's hands who will step up? I think Duke's "west coast" spread is a good match for Md to defend but they have to stay disciplined enough to deny penetration-they also have to "un-learn" the collapsing help GW has been using this year because the ensuing kick outs will kill you.
  6. Ruz, Getting a 3 like Vinson to replace Milbourne a year down the line is the ideal way to recruit. He has a year to get acclimated to the offense and defense before he is starting. On paper having an athletic Padgett and Vinson at 3/4 really helps their interior defense, weak side shot blocking is something GW believes in and they really can't do it now.
  7. 1 Bowie, Hayes 2 Vasquez, Tucker 3 Mosley, Kim 4 Milbourne, Padgett, Gregory 5 Williams, Burney, Dupree, Goins I think the most likely scenario is that the 13 players I mention above is the 2009-10 roster. CR, I would be shocked if that is Md's roster next year, GW knows he has to win and win now. It is certainly a veteran roster but I still don't see enough talent to make a difference in the ACC. Two more NIT's and GW is bought out and not many of us really want that. It's obvious they are still pursuing talent much as they did at the end of last year.
  8. Hayes, Tucker and Kim have the most to lose in terms of playing time. There were rumors Hayes would leave if Maze was brought in and I am sure he would hate to be on the bench SR year-just my thoughts.
  9. Mack, It's tough for me to say, but I think all options are on the table. In addition to those two they are looking closely at a JUCO point guard Fermin but that may be if Stephenson and Vinson don't materialize. I can't see GW leaning on someone who is happy so Hayes, Tucker, or Dupree seem lost likely-redshirting someone like Kim or Goines could also be an option. I really believe that GW's legacy is important to him and he want's to go out a winner. I can't remember a time when Md has been involved with so many top 50 SO and JR's-and had so many offers out 14 for 3 slots year after next-but they have to sign them!! They really need a PG in that class and they have missed on their first targets. I did hear a rumor that Alabama has a very sincere interest in GW if he decides to make himself available. 2008-09 Signees Name Rank Ht. Pos. High School James Padgett Top 150 6-8 BF/C Brooklyn (NY) Lincoln Jordan Williams Top 250 6-10 C/BF Torrington (CT) High Other Claimed 2008-09 Offers (Open Scholarships: 0) Name Rank Ht. Pos. High School Lance Stephenson Top 10 6-5 WG Brooklyn (NY) Lincoln Early 2009-10 Commitments None Claimed 2009-10 Offers (Open Scholarships: 3) Name Rank Ht. Pos. High School Roscoe Smith Top 25 6-7 WF Baltimore (MD) Walbrook Taran Buie Top 50 6-1 WG/PG Albany (NY) Bishop Maginn Tobias Harris Top 50 6-7 BF/WF Brookville (NY) Long Island Travis McKie Top 50 6-6 WF/BF Richmond (VA) Marshall Mychal Parker Top 50 6-6 WG/WF Charlottesville (VA) Miller Adreian Payne Top 50 6-9 C/BF Dayton (OH) Jefferson Terrance Ross Top 50 6-5 WG Rockville (MD) Montrose Chr. Will Barton Top 75 6-5 WG/WF Baltimore (MD) Lake Clifton Justin Jackson Top 100 6-6 BF Montverde (FL) Academy Stacey Poole Top 100 6-5 WF/WG Jacksonville (FL) Jackson Will Regan Top 100 6-8 BF/C Buffalo (NY) Nichols Victor Oladipo Top 150 6-4 WG/WF Hyattsville (MD) DeMatha Terrell Stoglin Top 200 6-1 PG Tucson (AZ) Santa Rita
  10. Worlds apart. #4 and #67 RSCI-combined. I have seen Stephenson but not Vinson, Stephenson is an elite talent that would transform the program. Vinson would be nice but they already have lot of guys that do similar things. Stephenson has the kind of strength, range, separation, and explosiveness I haven't seen at Md since Bias. Keep in mind that is just my opinion and I am skeptical of those (myself included) who watch a HS game and try to envision that talent at the next level. Stephenson did take on OJ Mayo as an 8th grader at Nike (I think Mayo was a HS sr) and the game is a classic, highlights are still floating around on YouTube. Pearman is not on scholarship so they are technically at the limit, if Vinson or Stephenson comes they will find space. http://rscihoops.com/
  11. The issue in my eyes is not GW's absence (and if he couldn't be there he should have at least followed up with a phone call) it's that the assistant showed an incredible lack of respect to his mother and made a totally unprofessional presentation. Take them to a clean room, do a powerpoint presentation, show them the campus-where their son fits in. It simply doesn't happen like this at other universities-and certainly not for top 20 level recruits-and when you badly need a point guard. BTW the rumor is that UNC is backing away from Marshall and looking for a more dynamic (Felton/Lawson) type-where does that initial impression leave MD? All he has to do to keep from this from becoming a story is pick up the phone and say I couldn't be here because I had a cancer benefit. Prisbell ran this story with the ridiculous Derron Williams illustration because there has been an outpouring of recruits, parents, and contacts complaining about GW. Those who follow recruiting know this has been an issue with GW for years, it's getting more play because of the obvious lack of talent and trips to the NIT.
  12. Things seem to be changing in CP: GW meets with DC Assault's Curtis Malone. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/02/18/AR2009021803348.html Anybody else think Malone wants to mend fences with GW in order to use UA to leverage more money from Nike (or perhaps go to UA)?? Color me skeptical but I think it has more to do with money than Malone's concern for the "kids". GW also seems to understand there is some sort of middle ground and he needs to be there quickly.
  13. The story strikes me as being written by investigatative journalists who know how to write but have a limited understnading of basketball history and don't quite get to the issue. What happened to the "I'm only going to talk about my team and the game for the rest of the season". I guess that lasted about two weeks.... GW is a much more sympathetic figure if he would just keep his mouth shut. He looks like a knuckle head picking on Malone when he himself has been arrested and was certainly willing to give Tyree Evans a fourth or fifth chance. Then he calls the GM of DC Assault a liar when in fact it was a recollection-he often comes across as a bitter. No one seems to get along with him-except other coaches. In defense of GW the first part is on Deron Williams is ridiculous. I cannot recall the timing but Md had Gilchrest who was ranked 40-50 (RSCI) same as Williams. So if you want to question GW's talent evaluation-5 other well known scouts made the same mistake. Now if you want to contrast Bowers and Boone it's a better story, anyone who would have seen both of them play would be a fool to not take Boone. The real questions on talent evaluation-chiefly guys like Hayes is never approached, likely because they are still active. GW totally loses me with these two quotes: Williams believes he lost at least two local players because of cheating and cited three other cases in which cheating took place. Williams declined to detail his allegations because he would be "run out of town." Who the hell would run him out of town??? Talk about a way to win your detractors over. It's not like he hasn't pissed everyone off anyway, to me this just sounds like BS. "Nobody has ever accused me of cheating in recruiting in my career," Williams said. "That is a good thing, supposedly. But people turn that around and say, 'He won't play the game.' You do it [my] way, and you are criticized for not cheating." But there is somewhat of a middle ground. I admire a man of principles who has to work twice as hard to compete with "cheaters" yet GW refuses to even try. Showing up to evaluate and recruit is not the same thing as buying players and the two are not mutually exclusive!! "Buying" kids is not new, it goes all the way back to the golden age of the ACC and the McQuire pipeline from NY to UNC. Larry Brown was one of those kids, he later perfected it winning a national championship with Danny Manning-Danny went to Kansas after his father who was a truck driver was hired as an assistant. Beyond that GW and in extention the journalists paint with such a broad stroke that you have to assume everyone else is cheating. In reality I have heard of nothing even gray with any of the current well recruiiting ACC programs (Wake, Tech included). I also have not heard anything about Pitt or Villanova which are killing Md. Where was the follow up question on the Hill/Adams deal. How does GW get away with the $450k quote when that was a year in the future? What in the world did Adams bring to the table and why did he and Moxley leave? Why was there no question on Md hiring Driesell and bringing Walker with him. Personally I would take Beasley over Walker. Then there's the whole deal on AAU ball. A guy like Jordan Williams got no exposure until he was seen in AAU. In theory it is no different than traveling baseball or hockey, in practice the teams are funded by the sneaker companies, and it is that money attracts guys like Malone. GW takes Nike's money yet he won't play their game. Nike pays a large part of GW's contract-I think in the $600k range so if he really wants to have principles don't take thier money beacause they are the ones that fuel the beast. Companion Q and A http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/discussion/2009/02/11/DI2009021102902.html
  14. Perimeter defense has been a recent issue because they have size but lack perimeter quickness. Hayes and Vasquez specifically have to guard against dribble penetration-especially this year with no established shot blockers.
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