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  1. ^^^exactly. I mean, do we not know how stats work? This isn’t a predictive stat, it reflects what had happened to that point, which was highly influenced by Miami. I’m sure the stat would reflect very differently after these last three games.
  2. 500 yards of offense, I don’t think today is the day to be calling for a new OC. Def some problems with execution or specific play calls, but at least at the stadium, it never felt in doubt.
  3. as far as jackson goes, passing game was obviously poor today. oline didn't give any time, and while we can't really see the coverage given the way the game is filmed, i have to assume that our receivers weren't getting open or providing opportunities. brown was hobbled by his ankle, andrews shoulder, and then the rest of the guys haven't been reliable threats all season, why would that change today? to be honest, i think that there is one positive, and that's hurst getting four catches. the only way he won't be a bust is if those catch totals become consistent.
  4. Jefferson injury may lead to more pressure in acquiring Ramsey. He's a lockdown corner, but also has significant history playing safety.
  5. time for devlin hodges, out of samford?
  6. Rudolph is out cold. Great sandwich hit by the defense, but on the replay you saw his lights go out as soon as he took it.
  7. Out of the 5 INTs in the past two games, the one at the end of the first half has been the only one that's Lamar's fault. He's gotten really unlucky with two tipped balls into the air and then this one that Boyle flubbed.
  8. Doesn’t challenge the PI then calls a bS challenge on that non-fumble? Terrible harbaugh.
  9. The Browns are the Browns until they actually prove that they aren’t the Browns.
  10. And despite everything you're pointing out - all of which is valid - we were still within one possession of beating the best team in the AFC, and possibly entire league. That's why I feel pretty good about it, at least.
  11. Didn’t think we’d win this game anyway, but I’m not feeling too bad about it because we saw we can hang if our coaching doesn’t suck so bad and a call or two goes differently.
  12. Looking for some bright spots today, Ingram and Judon are really the only two.
  13. If we limit Robinson and Kelce, there’s no way he gets that kind of yardage. Unfortunately, we’re not doing that, especially Kelce across in the middle.
  14. KC is the easy choice here, but I give the Ravens a better shot than at first glance. Hill out, Shady starting at RB, weak defense - all things that favor the Ravens. If they can limit Demarcus Robinson and Kelce, there isn’t much that’s threatening.
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