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  1. The pick is just worth more than a ST player. Harbaugh was complimentary of bethel, so it wasn’t anything personal.
  2. Some of us have Mark on our fantasy teams
  3. That last drive is a prime example of why we are so much better off w Lamar than Flacco. None of that would have been possible with Joe at the helm.
  4. That game was awful. Joe is the worst.
  5. I feel like his interviews are awesome. He's witty, sharp, and intelligent. I'd be interested to hear why you don't think he interviews well?
  6. This nails it, and sells short the upside. I mean, he left a handful of plays on the field this past Sunday and still had 400 total yards passing/running. On the good days where he makes those plays? Holy cow.
  7. Too bad we can’t trade Correia back for Myles Jack since he’s no longer with us.
  8. But that could happen to any QB on any play getting sacked in the pocket, too. No one is in denial of the possibility, but the rest of us aren’t waiting around for it to happen just so we can say “I told you so” on a message board. You got to let Lamar play his game, and when he accounts for 400 yards of total offense, you got to give him credit instead of lamenting things that didn’t happen just because they *could* happen eventually.
  9. https://theathletic.com/1281876/2019/10/10/patrick-mahomes-russell-wilson-mvp-stats-breakdown/ Some additional fodder... Team pass-rush rankings Here we look at which teams are producing sacks and QB hits at the highest rates. Note that these numbers may vary from pressure rankings you see elsewhere. Pressure is subjective. Sacks and QB hits are not. Rank Defense Sack + QBH rate 1 New England Patriots 28.23% 2 Pittsburgh Steelers 28.06% 3 New Orleans Saints 25.77% 4 San Francisco 49ers 25.50% 5 Cleveland Browns 25.00% 6 Carolina Panthers 24.42% 7 Minnesota Vikings 23.65% 8 Jacksonville Jaguars 23.20% 9 Green Bay Packers 23.15% 10 Philadelphia Eagles 22.48% 11 Los Angeles Chargers 22.44% 12 Baltimore Ravens 22.16% 13 New York Giants 21.71% 14 Houston Texans
  10. ^^^exactly. I mean, do we not know how stats work? This isn’t a predictive stat, it reflects what had happened to that point, which was highly influenced by Miami. I’m sure the stat would reflect very differently after these last three games.
  11. 500 yards of offense, I don’t think today is the day to be calling for a new OC. Def some problems with execution or specific play calls, but at least at the stadium, it never felt in doubt.
  12. as far as jackson goes, passing game was obviously poor today. oline didn't give any time, and while we can't really see the coverage given the way the game is filmed, i have to assume that our receivers weren't getting open or providing opportunities. brown was hobbled by his ankle, andrews shoulder, and then the rest of the guys haven't been reliable threats all season, why would that change today? to be honest, i think that there is one positive, and that's hurst getting four catches. the only way he won't be a bust is if those catch totals become consistent.
  13. Jefferson injury may lead to more pressure in acquiring Ramsey. He's a lockdown corner, but also has significant history playing safety.
  14. time for devlin hodges, out of samford?
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