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  1. Yeah, damn, can't believe I overlooked Tucker. Bump me up to 7. I don't think Ngata, though. I think his peak was high, but didn't have the longevity. Once he left Baltimore, he basically became irrelevant.
  2. If Mahomes contract can be used as a comp for anyone, it's Lamar. That said, until Lamar wins a playoff game, he's looking at whatever the Watson contract would be. He's not eligible until next offseason, and there will inevitably be a few more QB contracts handed out by then. If I'm the Ravens, I'm locking down Lamar with a long-term deal as soon as possible. As we know, the cost only increases and even bad QB's raise the bar (looking at you Flacco), so the sooner we do it, the better the deal will be long-term. I'd rather sign him to a 10/450 now than have to sign him for 5/250 in two years.
  3. Yanda, Suggs, and then a guess that one of the other guys will, too.
  4. this is great and i was thrilled when i received the email yesterday. honestly, i don't mind watching from home. i won't be actually disappointed until they cancel the season and even then it will be a sad disappointed, not an angry disappointed.
  5. Bengals should because their backup is Findley. Basically, the list is a ranking of worst backup QB situations. Chargers have Herbert/Taylor and the Fins have Tagovailoa/Fitzmagic and even Josh Rosen, the forgotten man.
  6. They won't, just because they have RG3. The Athletic did an article analyzing the fit on every team. The Ravens were one where they said there wasn't a fit. According to them... Teams that should pursue: Jags, Bills, Broncos, Panthers, Bengals, Pats, Washington, Giants, Titans, Cardinals Teams that should consider: Seahawks, Falcons, Texans, Vikings, Chiefs, Bucs, Rams, Lions, Steelers, Bears Teams that should stand pat: Dolphins, Ravens, Browns, Raiders, Chargers, Packers, Colts, Eagles, Saints, Cowboys, Jets, Niners
  7. Went to my high school. Aspirando et Perseverando. Majors in 3 years or less, guaranteed!
  8. Went to my high school. Same one as George Springer and Hudson Haskins, so you know he’s going to be good.
  9. I doubt he can match Hurst's production, but I also don't think that production is something we will really miss. He didn't even pull 350 yards. The only reason we will miss Hurst is if Andrews goes down with an injury.
  10. Cleveland still hasn’t proven anything on the field, and the Texans have Watson and Watt, but not much else. Their offense will center on the pass, and I’ll bet on our secondary against a WR corp without Hopkins. These are two games that help us ramp up to the Chiefs, but I wouldn’t say either of them are tough. Not pushovers by any means, but the Chiefs are tough and these two are at least one step below.
  11. Unfortunately, it doesn't make sense to pursue him. Obviously, he'd be a plug and play upgrade, but given the amount of money he would command as a recent pro bowler and the investments we've already made to create competition for the position, it is unnecessary. If he had been released prior to the draft and we didn't invest two mid-round picks in the position AND sign Fluker, i'd say we should be all over it, but that ship has sailed.
  12. I think we are pretty much done, as well. Report today connecting us with Clowney, but that's only happening if we move Judon.
  13. dorfmac

    Antonio Brown

    I'm fine with bringing him on with minimal guaranteed money and the expectation that any slip-up, whether legally, relationships, late to a meeting, speeding ticket, etc. means he's off the team. He needs us more than we need him, so use that leverage to make it palatable for us to take the chance.
  14. Only person being insulted here is Orlovsky, and rightfully so.
  15. this is rich coming from the guy who ran out of the back of his own endzone for no reason.
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