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  1. Tied the record. i thought Orlando was going to make it too, which would have set it
  2. Someone start a “the next five games are brutal” thread so we can continue to rattle off wins through the super bowl
  3. Ravens Mafia showing Buffalo how it’s done by jumping into the stands to chug (pour on his face) a beer
  4. Why are we throwing on third and one?
  5. You know, it’s actually a great feeling to know we are playing like trash and still winning at half. Hope we can keep it up.
  6. Rub. It. In. just do it with RG3 please.
  7. Can’t help but feel uneasy going into this. Riding such a high wave the past few weeks, and being a Baltimore fan all my life, I’m just accustomed to the bottom dropping out sooner or later, I guess... I hope I’m proven wrong!
  8. From up top I saw a bunch in the upper levels. Regardless, it was loud, which is always awesome.
  9. And it wasn't even full. Still a lot of empty seats, which I'm sure will all be full come playoff time. I think the loudest I saw on the screen was 101.9DB, but who knows how accurate that is.
  10. We got rid of our lower tickets and bought four seats up top. Like it a lot more up there - people are more fun and you get that top down view to see the plays develop. so yes, go to the game.
  11. My take on Kodak Black holds up well.
  12. PSLs were made a joke last season when they announced that season ticket plan where you get Whatever leftover seats
  13. I don’t see this as bad as the Haynesworth incident, especially in hindsight because there was no injury whereas there was for Haynesworth’s stomp. That said, I’m not mad about it. I get where the league is coming from, I just wish they dealt with other incidents as swiftly and decisively where appropriate, too.
  14. Cincinnati update: liquor stores are few and far between and grocery stores sell diluted vodka.
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