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  1. No way, as far as I'm concerned, if you have a platform it's incumbent upon you to use it for good. Whether that's sports, entertainers, politicians, corporate leaders, social media stars, etc. Making the world a better is ALL of our jobs and we need to leverage what power we have, large or small, in that effort. Plus, politics is directly infused into all aspects of our lives - as long as there is a government running our society, politics exist in every facet. I hope the Hangout stays, but sometimes the venn diagram of baseball and politics overlaps and these become baseball issues. Thi
  2. The white fragility and victimhood here is astounding. If OH goes down, so be it. If OH stays up, then even better. But trying to play the victim of social efforts to improve our society is the ultimate "snowflake" move. This entire thread is an exercise of performative woe-is-me nonsense, especially the "my son is a cop" schtick. Policing is the mechanism by which the state is able to maintain and enforce the systemic racism that is in place. Any cop that can't look in the mirror and ask themselves what they can be doing to be better at their job for everyone doesn't have the integrity t
  3. Washington Football Team it is! Must be having a difficult time wrestling away the trademarks. Usually, you just pay the patent owner and it all gets resolved pretty quickly. I know that Apple has to do it pretty regularly for naming trademarks and web domains and it never seems to be that hard. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29524343/washington-nfl-team-use-washington-football-team-now-sources-say
  4. Yeah, you definitely misread my post. I know you have a personal vendetta against Atomic, but they are right on this topic across multiple threads. Zeroes is the one that I was referring to because he is all in his feelings about “political correctness,” which is really code for saying “I’d rather be a jerk because I’m too selfish to think outside of my own perspective.”
  5. I mean, if at this point someone is still defending the Redskin name, they are either racist or ignorant. Either way, it’s a bad look. You can have whatever opinion you want, but there’s a personal responsibility to accept the baggage that comes along with it.
  6. Yeah, honestly @Tony-OH should rename this section of the forum to “Washington Football Team” or something similar until they have a new name. Then you can boycott the forum and spare us your bigoted sympathies.
  7. Agreed re: uncapped year. Snyder took what was given, and got wrongly slammed for it. Agreed re: probably not enough for him to sell. Agreed re: should definitely be enough for him to sell. That said, with all the other smoke around the team right now, there's no way that this is the extent of it. The rest should/will put it over the top.
  8. https://outline.com/CdyCuU Here's the first shoe to drop. A lot of people are going to see it and think "this is it?" which is upsetting. Just because a bunch of overzealous media members were hyping the story, this isn't going to rise to the level people were expecting. But it is a huge deal, and should definitely be enough to warrant a sale of the team.
  9. Hold on while I shed a tear for a bigoted billionaire... Uh oh, looks like I'm fresh out. Sorry, Dan.
  10. Add conspiring with media members to keep things quiet in exchange for preferred access and potential Rooney Rule violations to the list. Gosh, I don't think anyone has been under the impression that Dan Snyder is a good person, but wow.
  11. Not sure what the rules here are with regards to unconfirmed rumors, but the following is a summary: Dan Snyder abusing drugs and alcohol on the job Snyder paying off refs, some in excess of 2million, and he's not the only owner doing it Snyder and Jay Gruden pimping out cheerleaders during that scandal a few years ago where there were no repercussions/league turned a blind eye Jay Gruden benching Kapri Bibbs for sleeping with the same women for the game in which Bibbs replacement missed a block and Alex Smith almost died Snyder and Gruden holding sex parties
  12. If even 10% of what's being alluded to on Twitter is real, this is going to be insane. However, like a lot of things on Twitter, reality doesn't often match the hype...
  13. Yeah, damn, can't believe I overlooked Tucker. Bump me up to 7. I don't think Ngata, though. I think his peak was high, but didn't have the longevity. Once he left Baltimore, he basically became irrelevant.
  14. If Mahomes contract can be used as a comp for anyone, it's Lamar. That said, until Lamar wins a playoff game, he's looking at whatever the Watson contract would be. He's not eligible until next offseason, and there will inevitably be a few more QB contracts handed out by then. If I'm the Ravens, I'm locking down Lamar with a long-term deal as soon as possible. As we know, the cost only increases and even bad QB's raise the bar (looking at you Flacco), so the sooner we do it, the better the deal will be long-term. I'd rather sign him to a 10/450 now than have to sign him for 5/250 in two y
  15. Yanda, Suggs, and then a guess that one of the other guys will, too.
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