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  1. Frankly, I don't really care about who did or didn't use steroids anymore. I suspect that a substantial percentage of players were using, whether that means 25% or 75%. I also think that players today are probably still using, they just are smarter about it, ie using designer drugs that are currently undetectable. With regards to Palmeiro, I think it's pretty hard to defend him or believe his story. - He tested positive for stanozolol. - Stanozolol was the same drug that Canseco had accused Palmeiro of taking in his book. Coincidence? - He took a polygraph test which he passed but was never asked, "Have you ever knowingly used steroids?" Hmmm.... - Canseco came to the Rangers towards the end of the 1992 season. In 1993, Palmeiro set his career high for hr with 37. He had hit 8, 14, 26 and 22 hr in his previous 4 seasons in Texas, which were his age 24-27 seasons. Coincidence? - Many observers who wanted to believe Palmeiro's innocence pointed (yes that's a pun) at Palmeiro's adamant denial before Congress. But anyone who works for the FBI or something similar will tell you that his exxagerated finger jabbing was a likely sign that he was actually being deceitful. - Why would any professional athlete take anything (in this case an IM injection) which wasn't through the team doctor? Either they are really stupid (which is an argument some on here seem to support) or they want to take something that the organization will not recommend. I understand why an athlete would take PEDs. I don't really blame them. There's a lot of money at stake, athletes are naturally going to look for any edge, etc. I'm not condoning it, but I understand the temptation. But if you're caught, just be forthcoming and admit it. The public is very forgiving. It's when the athletes deny, deny, deny (Clemens), say that they only took it once or twice (Pettitte), deny knowingly taking them (Bonds), don't remember what they actually took (ARod), forget how to speak English (Sosa), don't wish to talk about the past (Big Mac), threaten to sue Canseco (Palmeiro), etc... that the public gets annoyed. At least that's how I feel.
  2. I don't really have anything new to add to the discussion, except for (possibly) this: I've heard many talking heads talk about Warner's huge yardage totals in the 3 Super Bowls that he's now played in. But I almost never hear anyone mention the costly pick 6's that he threw against NE and Pit. I know that interceptions aren't always the fault of a qb. Passes can get tipped by a defensive lineman or bounce off a wr's hands or a wr can run the wrong route. But those two int were thrown directly to the defender. If he doesn't throw those two picks, it's very likely that he's a 3 time SB winner. That said, I could see it going either way with Warner and the HOF, and I wouldn't care either way. (Now, I never understood how Warren Moon got into the HOF. He accumulated some nice looking stats in a run and shoot offense and never did anything in the playoffs. BFD.)
  3. It's true that Cincy has often been a dysfunctional organization and the defense has often been subpar. But Palmer has had very good offensive talent around him for the most part. How many teams have had a wr nucleus the caliber of Chad Johnson and TJ Housh over the past couple of years? Rudi Johnson was also a very good rb until recently. His offensive line was also very good until this season. I've seem Palmer play many times over the past few years. He is definitely very talented. I can see why he was the #1 pick coming out of USC (as opposed to Alex Smith, don't really understand what made him a #1 overall pick, except that he plays qb and there really was nobody else). But there's something missing. If his team needs a game winning td drive at the end of the game, I think Palmer more often than not won't get it done.
  4. I would take Tom Brady over Ben. But I don't think I would take anybody else. Here is a brief rundown about how I view some of the "elite" qb that would be in the discussion. - Brady: Like I said, he is my number 1 choice. Funny thing though, I was never really a believer after some of his early success. I kind of viewed their 2001 Super Bowl as a fluke, and I definitely didn't think Brady really performed that well in those playoffs. First there was the "tuck rule" against Oakland. Then it was Bledsoe who came in for an injured Brady and led them to a win against Pitt. And he didn't really do much in the Super Bowl. The defense won that game and he completed a few dump off passes to set up a game winning fg at the end. But he made me a believer afterwards. They usually haven't had much of a running game. He made Deion Branch and David Givens look pretty good. (Look at what those guys have accomplished since leaving NE.) And you just can't go to 4 Super Bowls and win 3 without having a great qb. - Roethlisberger: Aside from Brady, who's done more in their first 5 years? The guy has two rings, been to 3 AFCCGs, and is 8-2 in the playoffs. He has more wins in his first five years of any qb ever. He played behind an offensive line that was one of the worst in the league this year. Ward is overrated at this point in his career. People knock him for his Super Bowl performance against Seattle, but he was money in the AFC playoffs that year. And with regards to the Super Bowl, he was the youngest or 2nd youngest qb ever to start in the Super Bowl. Of course, he was going to be nervous. And he's led his team to comeback victories many times. We saw what he's done against the Ravens. And to get an idea of how young Roethlisberger still is, he's less than 3 years older than Flacco. As much as Flacco accomplished this year, how likely is it that he's going to win two rings over his next 3 years? - Peyton Manning: I posted in another thread a month ago how I thought he was overrated. He has a losing record in the playoffs. He has played with a young Edge, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne etc., but his offenses have often been shut down in the playoffs. - Brees: The guy puts up numbers. But he also plays in a dome. Look at his "splits" on the road. His numbers are far less impressive. And remember that he was still in SD in his 5th year. If you look at his first 5 years and compare those to Ben's, it's not even comparable. - Mcnabb: I fault the Eagles FO for never giving him a good running game. Westbrook is a nice player, but he has often been injury prone and is more of a pass catching threat than a running threat. He's also rarely had above average wr. Remember, he was sometimes throwing to Todd Pinkston and James Thrash. But one thing I do hold against Mcnabb. I rarely see him lead his team to a comeback victory late in the game. - Romo: Please. The guy fumbles way too many times and/or throws picks at the worst times. Look at the Ravens game earlier this year. He should have just managed the game after they were leading 7-0. But his mistakes eventually let the Ravens back into the game by half time. He threw the pick 6 at the end of the game against Pittsburgh. He threw the pick right before halftime against Phi that allowed Phi to start pulling away. He couldn't get it done in the playoffs against NY last season when they were missing a couple of cornerbacks. And so on and so on and ... - Rivers: Not enough of a sample size yet IMO. I guess he could be great. But he hasn't really made his mark yet if you ask me. He had the 1 standout win against Indy last year and came back gamely to face NE in the AFCCG. But he hasn't really done much else in the playoffs. - Eli Manning: Good qb, but he gets a lot of help. Great defense, great running game, very good offensive line. I admit that he didn't have a stellar group of wr after Burress shot himself. I'd still like to see how he does over the next couple of years before making any final judgement. - Warner: They guy has come up big in the playoffs, no doubt. But whenever he was good, look at the weapons he had. With the Rams, he had Bruce, Holt and Faulk. This year he had Fitz and Boldin. What happened in between when he played with ordinary wr? He was a journeyman back up in between. He's also turnover prone. I've noticed that a lot of people said he played really well in this Super Bowl. Really? Sure, he put up 377 yards and led the Cardinals temporary comeback. But he threw that pick 6 just before halftime. He fumbled the ball at the end of the game. He was lucky another fumble was overturned in the first half. Look at how often Roethlisberger gets sacked. But he rarely fumbles in those situations, and definitely hasn't in the playoffs.
  5. I like the deal, assuming that Williamson is just a throw in type. And here's why: - I was never really impressed with Olson. Normally, I understand the logic that we need pitching more than an outfielder, etc. But I really don't think that Olson will ever amount to much more than a backend starter. The guy has an upper 80s fastball, a decent curveball and ok changeup. Unless he morphs into Greg Maddux, I just don't think his stuff is good enough to get major league hitters out consistently, especially in the AL. I read where a couple people typed that they hope that Olson doesn't become the next Schilling or Maine. He never had anything close to a young Schilling's ability. And I do think Maine outdistances Olson as well in terms of stuff. - Now Pie could be Corey Patterson II. But at least Mcphail should be very familiar with him. So he obviously likes his potential. And his speed should at least help make the Orioles a bit more dynamic both in the field and on the bases.
  6. oriole_way

    How is Suggs?

    My apologies. Must have misread it I guess. It would be great if it snowed. Don't know if it would help or hurt the Ravens too much but I'm a big fan of watching NFL games in the elements. Makes it seem surreal.
  7. Most of these were lame. But I got to give props to the Musa Smith pic. He does look somewhat like LL Cool J. (OK, I'll admit that the Leftwich-Gary Coleman and the Suggs-Ogre pics made me chuckle a little bit.) I'm not sure how to post pics, but there was a time when Ben Roethlisberger kind of looked like Donald Gibb (Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds, was also in Bloodsport). I'll post links: http://www.midwestsportsfans.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/p1_ben_pensive.jpg http://www.hkcinemagic.com/fr/images/people/thumb/Bloodsport-DonaldGibb_JCVD_6c6cfa530be9210ba4445ddcc7235db6.jpg And off topic, but does anyone think that Jason Campbell (Skins qb) looks like a young Lionel Ritchie or the Eriq La Salle (dude from Coming to America, ER)?
  8. oriole_way

    How is Suggs?

    Actually the Steeler wr aren't that fast. Holmes and Washington have good speed but they aren't burners. Ward is kind of slow. Also, cold weather will harden the field and favor players with speed, or at least it won't affect it that much. (This assumes that ice doesn't form.) It's a muddy, boggy field that hampers speed.
  9. Just a little quibble. The Ravens actually run a lot of play action already. (Which they should, since they obviously run enough to set it up.) I also didn't mean to say Flacco needs to step up his game. What I meant to say is that the coaching staff is likely going to have to give him a few more chances. So far, they have not. Now, they may give him more chances and it may backfire. But if they don't give him a few more chances, they are likely going to have to win nearly every other phase of the game.
  10. The problem is that the Ravens defense is going to have to nearly shut out the Steelers offense because the Ravens offense just isn't going to score very many points. And I'm not saying that because I think the Steelers defense is that great. I'm saying that because of the nature of the Ravens offense. It's clear that the coaching staff isn't going to open it up for Flacco. The game plan is going to be run, run, run and occasionally take a shot deep. And while I admire McClain's tenacity and like the unbalanced line, the running game just isn't going to generate very many points against Pittsburgh's defense. Not only will the Ravens defense have little margin for error, the Ravens are going to also have to win the battle of special teams and turnovers, and connect on a long pass or two. If one of these things go in Pittsburgh's favor, the Ravens will lose. Can the Ravens win? Sure. I would have thought the same thing about the Ravens chances going into last week's game against Tennessee. And the Ravens won. But looked what happened: - The Ravens held the Titans to 10 points. - Chris Johnson, who was gashing the Ravens defense, got hurt in the 2nd quarter. - The Ravens forced 3 turnovers (and committed none). - The Titans missed a fg (granted it was a long attempt). - Mark Clayton caught a severely underthrown 37 yard hail mary type pass to set up a fg. In general the entire offensive output consisted of 3 plays, a long pass to Mason (a beautiful pass), the catch by Clayton, and the pass to Heap on the "delay of game" play. - The Titans botched two snaps which ended drives in Ravens territory. And the Ravens still only won by 3 points. Now the one thing that is glaringly different (compared to the Titans) is that the Steeler oline has been a weak point all season, until last week at least. The Titans had a strong o-line this year. So maybe the Ravens will be able to generate a consistent pass rush on Ben. They will need to. Unfortunately, the Ravens lack dynamic edge rushers except for Suggs, and he's injured. So we'll see what happens in this phase of the game. But other than that, hope for a repeat recipe of what happened last week at Tenn. I think that the Steelers will be comfortably ahead by the 4th quarter. By comfortable, I mean that they will be ahead by 2 scores (greater than a td). And I don't see Flacco being able to overcome that at this stage of his career. (And it could be a lot worse. I wouldn't be surprised if the game is out of hand.)
  11. When it comes to dirty play, how come nobody minds when Terrell Suggs dug his hand/forearm into Ronnie Brown's facemask two weeks ago or when two Ravens players (Lewis and Suggs) had Chris Johnson draped by the legs and clearly had his forward momentum stopped when Ed Reed came in and prevented Johnson from falling to the turf and then bent him backwards? Somehow I think that if the Titans had done to Le'ron McClain what was done to Johnson, the board would be up in arms. :scratchchinhmm:
  12. Pardon me for my error. I meant to type high school, but instead I had a mental lapse and typed college. Of course he's entitled to his opinion. The only reason I typed anything in response was because I have more respect for Tony than most of the other posters on the board. I don't know him personally. This opinion is solely based upon reading some of his previous posts, the work he puts into the site (especially the minor league side), and the fact that he has served in the army (in whatever capacity that may have been). If Tony had told us long ago that he thought Teixeira was a "bum" or that we shouldn't sign him because, "there's a reason teams kept trading him and moving him and part of it was the fact the guy is all about himself," I could understand. In fact, I would applaud him for stating his opinion even though it would go against the many Orioles fans who desperately wanted him to sign with us. To say it after he signs with the NYY seems a bit petty, even if what Tony says about the guy is accurate. That's my opinion. I guess you never entertained the notion that his "dream come true" comments about playing for the O's could at least partially be a public relations tactic or negotiating ploy. And I guess you discount the fact that the NYY offerred more money and that they offer a much better chance to compete annually. Or that maybe he didn't really want to play for an organization that many feel has been dysfunctional for quite some time and hasn't even posted a winning record for over a decade. Forget about the money even. Do you conclude that highly touted local high school basketball players that are recruited by Maryland but choose to attend UNC or Duke instead are front runners? Do you think that local football players that choose USC or Florida over Maryland made a punk move? If you state that your conclusion is an easy one, I would say that it is an ill-conceived conclusion. Reread my original post. It was not meant to be inflammatory. Obviously it hurt your feelings. (That's my easy conclusion.) And if you call yourself an editor, you really shouldn't need to use CAPS and emoticons to express yourself.
  13. I get it. Most O's fans probably wanted Tex to sign with the "hometown" Orioles. Even though I didn't think it really make complete sense to go after him (considering the dollars and years it was going to take to sign him), I still wanted him to sign with the O's. But he didn't. Life goes on. Most players don't sign with their hometown teams. But saying that he's a "punk front runner" growing up? Pulling your son's college application because of this? Honestly, I'm surprised that you typed this post. It's a bit dramatic.
  14. Seems like a lot of big talk to me. If you were really serious, you would not only not go to Orioles games, you wouldn't purchase MASN, you wouldn't buy any Orioles gear, etc. Not only that, you wouldn't support MLB in any way, meaning not watching any Orioles games anywhere (ie free TV), not posting on OH, etc., since any support for the Orioles supports PGA, whether it's direct or indirect. But whatever. If typing that rant made you feel better, good for you.
  15. I fully admit that I really don't know anything about the minor leaguers apart from what others post, like Stotle. But from what I've read, I'd love to get Ackley. If he drops because he's at first base, I look at it as a blessing in disguise. If the guy can rake and his bat seems like a pretty sure bet, great. You never know, he could develop more power, or maybe he can eventually shift off first base, which would make him even more valuable. The other options (mostly pitchers) seem like they have much higher bust potential.
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