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  1. Last year when the Orioles signed Antonelli, I emailed a buddy of mine saying to print the playoff tickets. When the Orioles made the playoffs, he emailed me back the ticketmaster link where you could print playoff tickets from home if you bought them. He went into detail into how I could print the playoff tickets myself and how I needed to register with ticketmaster first. The joke was on me.
  2. Oh gawd. Put the keyboard down Romeo.
  3. That's one theory. The other is that George Marshall refused to sign anyone other this white players and stuck it to the NFL. Tough to prove either one
  4. The team was given that name out of pure racism. It's come to be acceptable so I guess it doesn't matter anymore.
  5. I'm not for putting him in either. Good coach, though.
  6. Ok, I got your point now. I think if it was any other game other than the Ravens ring ceremony than I would probably be fine with the Orioles holding their ground. They would just be hurting their own fan base if they didn't do something to accommodate.
  7. I buy my Ravens parking pass directly from the Maryland Stadium Authority. I'm in the Orioles player lot. Where do I park? Where does the Eutaw lot park?
  8. I don't think it's a big deal but the refs would've certainly awarded the 49ers with a touchdown.
  9. Here's my opinion on professional athletes: I don't have their money so I don't want their problems. I don't care how great of a person Cal Ripken was or what happens to Steve McNair off the field. They're to be judged in a different light by those who know them. What I do care about is their accomplishments on the field and how they represent Baltimore on the field. Off the field, I just don't care. I have no interest in meeting or hanging around them. I've got my own **** to deal with.
  10. Are you in the car now? I wouldn't mind the drive down but I ain't driving back. Yes. Beyonce isn't there for the halftime show; don't be fooled. She'll be giving out Baltimore handshakes to the upper level. It's not too late. You should just go.
  11. Tomorrow can't come soon enough. I need to be on Bourbon street. I hope to be licking butter off a hooker's ass come midnight on Friday.
  12. Don't you have some more empty, worthless threads to start in the Orioles section than to condescend Ravens' fans? No one here cares about what Ray Lewis more so than they care about any potential distraction to the team. Ray Lewis can drink adderall laced Bavarian Elk piss for all I care as long as it doesn't affect the teams focus. Which it won't.
  13. There you go. There's nothing in this stuff. Just a claim from a quack to help sell a product. Unfortunately, Ray got caught up in it and there's probably other players who have followed his lead.
  14. There's no evidence that this spray actually contains the hormone. The owner just claims it does.
  15. I think I'm going now. Got a friend who is really trying to push me to go
  16. We're sort of wrestling with the same thing since it looks like I'm not going to NO. I'm trying to organize a pseudo bar crawl through my neighborhood ending at my house. Everyone would prepare a dish from either NO or Baltimore with a cocktails. Or I'm not doing that at all.
  17. Who cares? It's weird but so are a lot of things. Like SilentJames. We've all had make believe girlfriends who we claimed died of cancer before.
  18. Eh, I don't know about that. In that span, they almost lost to Miami twice if it wasnt' for a fumbled snap in the red zone by Miami and a missed punt. The Bills had a victory before Fitzpatrick threw to a wide open McCourty for a pick 6. Jacksonville had them beat before jumping offsides in the closing seconds on the 1 yard line. I'm not taking away any from New England but that 10-1 stretch saw some pretty ugly football by them. I'm still expecting New England to win but I think they are the much easier matchup than Denver was. Defensively, they don't matchup well with the Ravens partic
  19. Who gives a ****. He's the same guy who trashed Kerry Collins for no freaking reason when Manning got hurt I'm glad his snake is dead
  20. I think his MRI results today are going to answer your question. He had over 800 yards rushing on 120 attempts and now he's looking at missing next season. That's not the prescription for a long NFL career.
  21. Guys who play outside of the pocket are going to going to miss games due to injury. I think what might make a difference with RG3 is that he has the arm and accuracy that many of those guys don't possess. Griffin is going to have to give up some of that playmaker ability if he wants a long career. However, I think he's got the talent to do it. Donovan McNabb is a good example of a mobile QB who couldn't adjust his game to the pocket because he lacked accuracy downfield. I don't think Griffin will have that issue.
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