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  1. I can see the following. He probably will not be back with the O's next year because they have so many outfielders coming up from the farm. If he were traded now, he might have to have his life and team disrupted twice- once now and over the summer being a free agent. He can cut that down to once by playing this year with the Orioles. As a free agent, he would have the entire off-season to decide what to do and where to go. He might even stay with the Orioles on a lesser contract to finish his career there, or go to Philly, which would mean not having to move.
  2. Trying to throw in stopgaps in hopes of getting real lucky into the playoffs. The owner set the strategy. Buy low, sell high. Look everywhere for good players.
  3. We were not winning with these guys. Enough said.
  4. Having them play the rest of the season is not worth starting the clock early. They are playing at the level where they can not be far overmatched and can continue to develop their skills. It is a good time to run a lot of the AAA and AAAA players thu the big league to give them a taste, maybe uncover some inexpensive surprises to be used for a few years and to showcase them, so they might add some value to trades.
  5. I just got an email from my Orioles agent and the sale for long time 13 game plan members will be 10-2 on Wednesday 3-7. The message was sent out last Wednesday- it seems I never get it. I hope we get one of the big 3 FA pitchers aboard by then !
  6. The fat lady has sung and sat down. Time to clean house. Time to draft well and sell off several too-expensive toys and go with young guys. We finished in last frigging place.
  7. What is missing from this discussion is that both the Yankees and the Red Sox are better than us, have young players and have a better farm system (with better and more players coming up in the near future). We play in the same damn division as them and we have to become better than one of them and competitve with the other to get into the post season. The measuring stick is not how do we squeek into the wildcard, but how we get a winning record against those two. We play more games against stronger teams than other teams. We play 20 games against NYY and BRS who are among the top 4 teams in the AL and (unfortunately) 4 games against the Nat's who win more than the NYY. So we start off with a disadvantage for the wild card compared to teams in other AL division. The road to the post season goes thu NY and Boston. Right now, we have one and a half starting pitchers and we need 5. Maybe we might get one 4/5 guy from our farm system and one 4/5 guy from the FA market or a trade. We lack ~2 guys from the 1-2-3 slot. We either wait for the future draft picks and luck, or we trade our only valid trading chip. Goodbye Manny, nice to have known you.
  8. Play the rookies. Give all the one year rental guys the rest of the season off. It will not affect their FA job seeking next year and they can avoid injury. Give JJ every other game at short, it may be his last year. Let Jonesey relax and have a bunch of days off. Get Sisco behind the plate. Give all the AAAA players a shot at some more games in the big leagues. (That might help some older marginal MBL players want to spend time here- and you never know when they might be useful.) We now sit at 13th from the bottom with 2 teams 3 games behind us- so there is a chance to pick 11th, and there is not much chance of picking earlier. Look forward to the draft.
  9. It is time to think about next year. I have tickets to 4 more games and want to see how the rookies and young guys do. Let JJ play the last few games of his career and start at home.
  10. MLB news has an interesting quote from the evil empire's manager after their double loss to the Indians...... ".......Bauer hurled six solid innings in Cleveland's 2-1, Game 1 victory to set up Merritt, who limited New York to a run on five hits over 5 1/3 frames in Game 2. It marked the Indians' first sweep of three or more games in The Bronx since April 7-9, 1989.................................The victory improved the Indians' American League Central lead to 7 1/2 games over the Twins, who are hosting the White Sox on Wednesday night. The Yankees trail the Red Sox by five games in the AL East, pending the outcome of Boston's contest with the Blue Jays, but they continue to lead for the first AL Wild Card spot.'''''''''''''''''''''' "We're in charge of our own destiny. We have to win games," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. "It's impossible not to look at the scores. It's right there. I'd have to really have my head in the sand not to see the scores of games. We have to worry about ourselves."............................" When they admit that they are looking over their shoulder and gulping, and that is a good sign. They have 7 games against us and 4 against the Red Sox and 3 against the Twins. We have 7 games against the Yankees, 3 against the red suks and 3 against the Indians. There is a lot of reason for hope !! The Twins are fighting for a wild card game but the Indians are 7 games ahead in their division and might be coasting into the playoffs. We can control our destiny against the yankees and might even have a slight advantage in other games against the better teams.
  11. Sorry, my mind froze after about 20 words. It sounds like instructions on how to assemble a child's play pen that was made somewhere in the far east.
  12. That is the reality for every team, almost all of the time.
  13. I think they do it. It is in their history.
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